How to Rank Videos High on YouTube & Google

How to Rank Videos High on YouTube & Google

how to rank videos high on YouTube hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to bring out all the big guns
show you how you can rank any keyword in YouTube search results I created this particular video how to rank YouTube videos Fast in this video
session I’ve shared with you how you can fully optimize your videos according to YouTube video creation guidelines so therefore all the things that you will
learn in the video session that I’m gonna share with you now will be based on optimization
optimization techniques shared in this video so after you watch this I strongly encourage to go and watch this video as well if you don’t know how to fully optimize your videos now that we understand how we can optimize our videos how can you let your competitive keywords because in
this video I’ve shared with you how you can rank long tail
keywords and do so within minutes that means let’s say how to rank YouTube videos fast as you can see it’s been online a while cause I’ve got some views but what I’m saying to you is this long tail keyword when people
search this they see me and if you want to rank your long tail
keywords as such simply watch this video session that’s for the long keywords but how about competitive keywords keyword that will bring you triple the amount of visitors your YouTube videos well first thing we must understand youtube ranking factors are different compared to Google web search so therefore if you watched videos that somehow shared some secret with you and told you that you can actually rank your videos in Google web search well that’s actually not true although you can rank them web search it’s all automated if you wanna see your
videos in Google search then what you need to understand is keywords that you are targeting because Google web search may place video results here out of 10 organic results maybe one or two will be video that will depend on the
keywords keywords like reviews how to’s
tutorials and so on Google is smart it’s algorithms know what is relevant in it’s results set meaning if you search locally searched terms perhaps Melbourne Australia and so on then it’s gonna show local results a lot here right so if you browse around Google search box just understand that Google web search is not going to show your
videos unless you target proper keywords and the way to find them is simply play around with Google search box to
see if there’s one video results that means take
a look at the title of that video results in organic web search and then create
a video accordingly to those keywords in that video and if you watch all the video optimization techniques that I’ve shared with you on my YouTube channel then you will outrank them and have your video in Google web search as well now that we know there’s a difference
between YouTube ranking and Google ranking let’s bring out the big guns okay I’m gonna share with you insights that you gonna think I’m presuming you will be
thinking like wow like I didn’t think of that before regardless of your online industry keywords within the URL portion sends a strong signal to Google ranking YouTube is no exception therefore you may want to consider
creating a channel perhaps a new channel and name your channel in such way it includes your keywords within your channel name now that I shared one tip with you well what’s next the way that you can see your video here is you need to get views to your video because everything stems from those
views as far as ranking highly competitive keywords in Google YouTube Search another factor is user engagement with your videos things
like how long did your viewers watch your video did they watch it till the end did they watch it only 25 percent of your video duration and then did they leave did they watch 50 percent 70 percent 100 percent surely 100 percent is much better as far as ranking in Youtube another part of user engagement is comments likes if people like your
videos okay let’s go have a look if people like your videos surely you don’t
want people to dislike your videos but unfortunately there are some people who may dislike your videos but as far as YouTube ranking is
concerned that actually doesn’t matter what
matters is the engagement people are having whether it is like or dislike and surely if you create useful videos you will get likes but if you see a dislike don’t be discouraged because that’s one of the things you really can’t help latest Google changes by incorporating Google+ actually lessens the chances of people disliking like they did last year for example so you must get views to rank highly competitive keywords cause when you get them you have an opportunity opportunity to get
likes and even comments to your videos now I’m gonna show you how you can minimal cost to you get those views as well now this video URL this is important I’ll share
one trick with you let’s say you have a video and you created the description as I’ve shown you in the other video tutorial what you can do is place that URL of your video within the text
description of the video itself why is that important well that’s
important because YouTube also looks at the shares people are having with your videos are they sharing surely if it is worth to watch people will share so therefore if you get views people will share your videos so there are two types of shares one is that people come and watch your video they share it through the share option here so the URL that we’ve seen before
is that this is what people do they share it to their
social profiles when they do Google knows that it keeps a track of it another part of share is when you place your own URL what will happen his there are a lot of video scrapers what that means is there is many
computer programs that are automated that come to YouTube URL’s and take the video detail and a places on some external site but when they do that URL will show up on their external site basically you getting relevant backlink to your video giving you more chance of you ranking in Google search YouTube Search so now how in the world can you get views to your videos well all the videos and I’ve shared with
you in my channel all the insights all can be done for free one
exception being your highly important keywords to rank in YouTube you should definitely promote your videos through Google AdWords for video why is because it is the cheapest one of the cheapest ways
for you to get those views as you can see 5 cents per watch per view okay to me that’s reasonable for me to stop getting those views because once you rank your keywords in YouTube Search once you do that it stays there all the time so that
means your initial investment will help you in such way that once you rank it you spent
10 dollars 20 dollars get those get those engagement and then you basically automate everything cause it keeps working for you after that so I strongly encourage to consider advertising with Google Adwords advertise your videos okay now when you do what I can share with you is the fact that everything you do online for Google rankings or YouTube rankings revolves around the keyword that you select and target therefore when you create an ad for your video select keywords probably select keywords that are very tightly related to do video that you’re promoting cause
when you do then your cost goes down you get relevant targeted traffic but you can also play around with the
options as you can see many many different
options I’m not gonna go through them because
that’s another ball game altogether but what I can teach you and show you and share with you is clever methods as far as keywords you should know that already select keywords properly another one is this placements what you can do is identify YouTube channels that are related to your online industry and when you do simply take note of their URL regardless
of who your competitors are I’m sure there will be some take note of those URL’s and when you create your video ad in the placement option simply put that URL in there and when you do
that what will happen is when people go and
watch their videos on their channel your ads will show up
on their channel your ads will show up on the right hand side as well so you can
precisely target you know very relevant visitors to your video okay you may even think of it like stealing your competitors viewers so to speak but at the end of the day it isn’t stealing it’s just clever marketing so for you to be able to rank your keywords
in YouTube Search we’re talking about
highly competitive keywords that will keep on bringing potential
customers to your YouTube channel viewers you regardless of your goal whther its to get subscribers or indirectly target certain keywords so that you get people coming flowing to your main website
regardless of your goals on YouTube as I’ve shown you YouTube rankings are different to web search
rankings you can target keywords in your channel name you can fully optimize your videos as I’ve shown you in this video targeting long tail keywords if you’re targeting long tail
keywords and you don’t want to target highly competitive keywords then just follow this approach and that’s good enough but if you want to rank highly competitive keywords you must get those views as I’ve shown you simply promote it spend 5 10 20 50 bucks get those views get people engaged in with your videos
likes comments and so on they will share your videos be clever place your own URL within the
description of the video to get backlinks from automate your backlink never buy backlinks that’s against Google guidelines and everything that I shared with you is
within Google guidelines simply follow it through that’s all you
need to do you can also it’s okay to share your own
videos in your own social profiles that’s not against YouTube guidelines either okay as long as you do everything probably and always stay away from funny tactics that some people want to teach you if you wanna see your online business grow through YouTube channel simply follow the guidelines of YouTube and implement the insights that I’ve shared with you because then you will grow your online business and do so properly I’m really really thank you very much
for your visit and I really really thank you for learning with me and if you
enjoyed this video on how to rank videos high on YouTube please do give me a like it will be uploaded soon in to my YouTube channel also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel also check other video tutorials that I made available for website website owners like me and you thank you for learning with me take care happy rankings take care bye bye


    All good things keep coming by @rankyaseoservices so here's another edition to useful edition to my collection for website owners who are promoting videos through #YouTube and also #Google learn how to get more from your videos:

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