How To Rank Higher In Google: (CTR) and Freshness-2019

The potion and what I’m sharing with you.How to rank higher in Google. It’s not only click-through (CTR) it’s not only freshness But to achieve the ranking boost, and rank higher in Google and to be able to stay there it’s a matter of freshness and CTR and that’s the huge takeaway from today. Intro: How to rank higher in Google with CTR and freshness 2019 SEO Testing results revealed! Welcome my name is Chris Palmer. If you’re brand new here, welcome to Chris Palmer SEO. In today’s video I’d like to discuss how we have cracked the code finally on how to get better rankings in Google by, Utilizing a Absolutely phenomenal finding and I want to share it with you. And what that is is applying Freshness to rank higher in Google but, not only freshness but click-through rate or (CTR) along with freshness is the magic to ranking higher in Google now. I wanted to point something out because it seems like people are More inclined to pay attention and listen When it’s when it’s being demonstrated by a person of authority Okay, what I want to show you is this is if you take a look at Brian Dean’s homepage This is a prime example Of what I’m gonna be sharing with you -Brian Dean is doing Chris Palmers teaching- If you take a look at his homepage this section right here that I’ve highlighted this Changes every single day every day. Now. This is an added freshness We have ran tests and we know I know right you can run your own tests but I know that freshness to a page will Give a slight a little teeny teeny weenie little bump in the SERP, right! Now what I have found, all right, and this has just came about , we have been doing some testing. When we first started going these were the rankings, okay? And I I was sharing this part with you because Brian Dean does the freshness now What’s great about Bryan Dean is he gets the click-through? so we are working with a lawn professional, in the United States with lower search volume, but This isn’t a huge this isn’t someone that’s getting hundreds of thousands of Clicks CTR I however if you think about Brian Dean changing his freshness. He is getting click through so each and every day this is maybe automatic or it could be anything but he’s changing this but along with the CTR he is able to achieve and Receive a boost Now as you know, if you have been following me for any bit of time. , I shared with you a Test that I ran with CTR with click-through rate Now with the CTR along just like freshness freshness doesn’t give you the type of boost Light like CTR will but what we found and like I shared with you before and I’ve ran other tests since then CTR will give you an Extravagant boost, however, you fall just as fast But we have cracked the code I mean I don’t know to rank higher in Google and it’s it’s the It’s the mixture of both if you can apply the let’s bring these downs to each other here so I can show you um And this is really the results so we have our before we have our after nothing too crazy But here’s why it makes sense. If you’re applying these CTRs and click-through rate things of that nature What I’m getting at is the the potion and what I’m sharing with you is it’s not only click-through It’s not only freshness But to achieve the ranking boost and rank higher in Google and to be able to stay there it’s a matter of freshness and CTR and that’s the huge takeaway from today. So I mean, that’s all that’s it that’s the video really so if you have any questions about any of this about SEO testing or if you have any Questions at all that could help you rank higher and get more traffic for your website Leave them in the comments below and I look forward to showing you more testing and more SEO knowledge in the future You have a great day. Click through rate and freshness SEO testing 2019.

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