How To Optimize Online Advertising Campaigns

How To Optimize Online Advertising Campaigns

Optimization is one of the most boring words
in online marketing. But I’m going to explain to you how to properly
optimize online advertising campaigns in this video so you can cut the red and grow the
green or the profits in your online advertising. Let’s get it. So, optimization is such a complicated word. I think it’s scares a lot of people away. But a the end of the day, what we’re doing
in marketing is we are playing with numbers. Pure and simple. It’s a number’s game. Thrown up thousands and millions of ads per
day. And we’re hoping to make some profits from
it. It’s all in numbers’ game. One and 100 people or whatever the percentage
is will end up buying your product. Most people will never spend any money with
you. And being able to look at those numbers and
put the odds slightly in your favor so that every dollar you spend equals $2 out or equals
profits. Allows you to tap to the one of the vastest
amounts of wealth there is possible. it’s what’s made me a millionaire in my business. I’m working with zero employees. All I’m working with is data. And I’m going to be walking you through and
showing you some examples of how I optimize ad campaigns in this video. So, overall, what you need to understand everything
about the optimization comes down to this statement. Cut the red, grow the green. All we’re looking at is cutting out what’s
not working and doing more of what is working so that we can make money. And you do that over and over again. Enough times you end up with a profitable
add campaign where you put $1 into the machine and out into your bank account comes $2. So, let’s go to my computer and I will show
you exactly what I’m talking about here. We’ll go over this slide. So first off, you need to understand your
own numbers in your business. What numbers are meaningful to your business? Are you collecting email addresses? Are you getting leads? Are you trying to get people to purchase a
product? Are you trying to get people to make a phone
call? What number is important to you? Know your numbers and know what cost per email
address or per opt in or per lead or per phone call or per sale is reasonable for you to
work with? Generally speaking, for most businesses, you
want to work off the 2 to 1 R-O-A-S. So if your product cost $3, you don’t want
to spend more of a dollar marketing in. Also, in affiliate marketing, generally speaking,
you’re looking for 100% ROI. It’s great to just speak profitable. But as you optimize, you want to be able to
spend $1 to make 2. That’s good, okay? That’s where you should be generally with
marketing. So let’s dive in to things. Now, I do what’s called keeping an optimization
diary. So, when I’m trying to figure out how to market
a particular niche. What I do is I just literally diary about
my efforts of marketing my products. So, I’m going to go through a couple of different
examples of marketing my own product which was ebook at the time called Internet Jetset
back in 2017. This is the last time I kept in optimization
diary because I was just trying to get this up and going. I detailed every optimization I did so I could
look back over things and work towards getting that marketing profitable. Again, this was a product that I just created. I wrote e-book. I did the whole marketing funnel. I never done that completely before. So, I don’t even know if I could sell this
product. So, it was a long process to get this profitable. It took me months. I was really in the cut trying to make this
work out because I want it to be able to spend money to make money. You’ll see, I kind of detailed things by the
add networks I used. Exoclick is an adult ad network. Internet Jetset was my product. Now, here’s an example of the sites that my
ads were showing up on ExoClick. Now, ExoClick is a fairly cheap ad network. They’re very affiliate friendly. It’s almost all affiliate’s advertising on
their platform. Very lose on their strictions. They show on lot of porn sites and torrent
sites and… So, I wanted to test my advertising here just
because I wouldn’t run in to any problems. I could make any claims, say anything I wanted,
marketing wise. Just to see what worked. And then I could tone things down for when
I went to bigger network such as Facebook or Google or YouTube. So, here I am advertising. And what’s interesting though is I’m looking
here at the click…Okay? Now, if you notice each of these sites Talk
With The Stranger, Pixel Host, they detail my cost right here, okay? So you can see the amount of money I spent
with each of these sites. Just about a buck, right? So, I wasn’t spending a lot of money per site. Overall, I spent 20 bucks before I actually
looked to optimize this particular advertising campaign. And the beauty of optimization is that if
you know how to optimize well, you don’t need to spend that much money. In fact, the better you are at optimization
and spotting trends in the data in making sense of things, the less money you actually
have to spend in order to make a campaign profitable. Now, there is an art an a science to optimization. On one hand, you are looking at… You’re looking for statistically relevant
data. And on the other hand, there is a bit of an
art to things. You’re looking at categories. Or you’re trying to make judgement calls on
why something work and why some site didn’t work. So, understanding the data is hypothesized. And you can tell if something works of if
it doesn’t. But making sense and figuring out what to
do next generally requires some sort of artistic or creative thoughts. So, here I am with this $20 dollars worth
of spent, okay? What I am looking at; Because I don’t have
any conversions yet, we can see there aren’t any conversions here because I haven’t gotten
any sales from this advertising. So, the only metric I can actually look at
is clicks. And within that, what I want to optimize for
is the cheapest cost per click. Now, when you’re an affiliate, you’re optimizing
generally by the cheapest cost per conversion. You want to spend less to make the same amount. Where as in this case, since I don’t have
many conversions yet, I want to spend less to get more clicks. So, that’s what optimizing around. What I’m really optimizing around is I’m optimizing
around cost per click or the click through rate. So what we notice here is some of these sites
I’m getting, my overall average, total amongst all sites is .27%. If you can see that right here. That’s my overall average amongst all sites. But this is… But there’s a problem here, is a lot of the
sites that I’m spending money on (Look, I spent 17 cents here. I spent 13 cents here.) are getting absolutely
zero clicks, okay? Now, this is a problem. Okay? And a lot of these sites, you’ll see 0%. Here’s a site where I spent $2 on. And I didn’t… I only got one click. So, my average cost per click is 3 cents. Whereas my average cost per click on this
site is $2. So that’s a big problem because I want to
be paying only a few cents per click. Whereas on this site, I’m paying $2. So, what I… And on this site, I’m not even getting clicks
but I’m spending almost $2 as well on PXL host. So, I want to get rid of all of these sites. And what I do is I basically exclude all of
these sites. –, imagep2p because I’m spending
money and I’m not getting results from it. I’m not getting enough clicks. So, I get rid of all these sites to save my
costs. That’s optimization. Because I can tell I should be paying 3 cents
per click and on these sites, I’m paying way more than that if I’m even getting any clicks
at all. So, that’s optimization in action. I hope that makes sense. Now, this second example of optimization is
an example from one of my YouTube advertising campaigns in 2007. Now, what you’ll notice here is also once
again, I spent roughly about $20 dollars before I decided to go in and optimized. At this point, I don’t need to spend a lot
of money to optimize. Sometimes, I do, sometimes I don’t. But generally speaking, I like to get the
data quick. I like to spend as little amount of money
as possible before I go in and start tweaking things in my advertising campaigns. So, what you’ll see in this advertising campaigns
is I’m advertising on 3 different sources. I’m advertising on 3 interests which are in-market
audiences. The first audience is advertising & marketing
services. The second audience is SEO & SEM Services. And the third audience is Web Design & Web
Development. Okay? So, we have the 3 audiences within YouTube
ads that I’m advertising on. Now, what you’ll see is… You know, I don’t have a lot of data here. But we do see some clear trends. We see… I’m looking at my view rate right here and
we see, I have a .18% view rate. I have a .46% view rate. And I have a .26% view rate. Now, the one that stands out is obvious, okay? This number right here is much higher than
the others. And it’s because it is in this category. SEO & SEM Services. So, what that tells me immediately is that,
this market, this specific audience works much better than my other audiences that I’ve
been… That I’m advertising on. For whatever reason. Now, they seem very similar. Advertising and marketing services. Web design, web development, SEO & SEM services. They seem very similar. But one performs twice as good as the others. That’s very telling data. And what that leads me to… What that leads me to do is actually cut the
other audiences until I further test things out. So, I would focus all of my efforts on this
one audience and getting that profitable. So, that’s optimization. One again, in action. Let’s dive into the 3rd example of optimization
in action. And I hope some of you are getting it. If you’re getting this, type in “I’m getting
it” in the comments below. Again, the reason why I’m optimizing by view
rate here is because I don’t have enough data on actual conversions. So, if I don’t have enough data on sales yet,
I’m optimizing based on clicks, if you’re on YouTube, it’s views, etc. Anything can be optimized. Now, in this 3rd example of optimization. What I’m doing is I’m actually optimizing
by demographics. I’m looking… I’m in YouTube ads and I’m looking at the
ages of the people I’m advertising to. So, when I’m starting off advertising to. So, when I’m starting off advertising, I was
advertising to people of all age ranges. You see 18 to 24. You know, 18 to 65 plus. And even people I didn’t know about. So what I’m seeing on here is my average cost
per conversion across all age ranges is $5.02, okay? That’s how much I’m spending to get people
to opt in for my email list. But what I’m also noticing is that, amongst
18 to 24 year olds, I’m spending $17 dollars on an average to get an email address. That doesn’t make sense. Again, I’m still not making money from sales
yet. But I am looking at something that will indicate. You know, I’m looking at… If I’m collecting email address is cheap. And that doesn’t work out. So what I would do is I would turn off 18
to 24 year olds so I could spend more money with people on other age ranges. Okay? That are working. What I’m also noticing is that I’m not… Is that I’m not making money with people who
are of an unknown age range. I’m making, you know, I’m spending money. I spent 15 bucks and I made zero dollars. So, that’s something I’m going to be turning
off… I’m turning off the unknown age category. Now, the reason why… What you may notice here if you zoom in is
people 65 and over, I haven’t made any conversions with. They haven’t entered any email address. But the reason I’m not turning this age range
off yet is because I haven’t spent enough money with that yet. I’ve only spent a couple bucks. So, I’m actually going to… In this case, I’m going to wait for more data
to come in before I decide to turn off this entire age group. That’s where I’ll just wait. But what I do know is that these ages are
working very well for me. Okay? I know that 35 to 64 year olds are performing
very well for my particular product. As you can see, it’s only costing me about
a buck or 2 bucks to collect an email address amongst these age ranges. And what’s interesting about this data is
people who are in their 50’s or 60’s are… They’re… It’s costing only… You know, it’s costing even less than 2 bucks
to get their email address. And that’s why I’m hopeful that the 65 year
olds will… Or people older than 65 will be a good marketing
segment for my product. And that’s why I haven’t decided to turn that
off. I’m just turning off 18 to 24 and unknown. So, this may have been a bit heavy for you. But hopefully, this gives you a bit of an
idea of optimization. Now, if you enjoy this video, if you enjoy
learning about optimization, let me know in the comments. If you want to see more videos, like this. Let me know in the comments and I will do
more videos like this. But on note, I try not to do too many of these
videos because they’re a bit complicated for the average person to understand. And I don’t even know if people on YouTube
will like seeing this videos. So you really have got to let me know if you
want to see more videos like this. Now, if you like to learn more about affiliate
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