How To Make Money Online With Video Ads (NO ONE Is Talking About This!)

How To Make Money Online With Video Ads (NO ONE Is Talking About This!)

– If you are somebody
that’s always wondered how this video creation
helps make money online? This video I’m gonna show you step by step move by move on how to make it happen. (upbeat music) So let’s begin. Now, this framework ultimately is divided into three main sections. Now, the main reason why most people never create video, they
never create content is because they don’t understand how the shooting of the
video as simple as this one actually lead up to monetization? Why should i create video
and post up on YouTube why should i take time
off from a busy schedule, creating a Facebook video? It took a lot of time before
I pieced it all together that’s when everything
changed, that is how I scaled my business
from seven, eight figures that is how I built a
following of millions of people on social media, on Facebook. So let’s talk about what
these three phases are. Now, this first portion over
here is for cold audiences audiences that don’t know who you are they’re not problem aware,
they’re not solution aware they’re not product aware,
they don’t know you exist. In the middle over here is people that are somewhat aware,
they’ve watched your videos in the past and I’ll label
this as warm audiences and right at the end over
here are hot audiences, people that know who you
are, you built a relationship with them, you’ve
established trust and now they’re aware of you and
what it is that you offer how you can actually help them and now they are a lot more open to
buying it investing from you. Now, the difference between
YouTube and all these other platforms like
Facebook and Google is that YouTube is not really
a social media platform it is a search engine. For a really long time,
I spent my time focused on energy, building up
my audience on Facebook so I build it up to over two
million people on Facebook but I for really long
time I neglected this because I didn’t understand
the power of this. They begins with this YouTube
video that is Keyword Rich where your title is based upon topics that people are searching for. You wanna create videos
based on what keywords people are searching for, so
that there’s the odds of you getting discovered
on YouTube is a whole lot. Then, you’re gonna take this YouTube video and you could create a
version for Facebook, IGTV, 15-second version of it that
goes on Instagram stories that gets people on Instagram to watch the full version on YouTube. So, ultimately this is how you
farm the different platforms so now, one pillar content
goes onto all these platforms, creating this omnipresence
which is what you want for your audience, you want
your audience seeing you across all these different platforms ’cause different people hang
out in different platforms so this is meant or cold audiences. Now, when you start posting these videos nothing will happen,
you won’t get any likes, organic reach is an all-time look, faces that made it, pay to play game. So on this first level, this is where if you are running Ads
to these cold audiences you would run Ads based on video views or engagements as the primary objective. Now, the whole purpose of creating content for cold audiences is now
that they know who you are what it is that you might to offer this is when you will run
Ads to these warm audiences. Now, what makes a great Ad? Over here, this is where I have this thing cut of
the middle between warm and cold audiences and this over here is what I call a mother-Ad. A mother-Ad is an Ad that you can utilize that serves both cold
audiences and warm audiences. Now, let’s talk about the different type of videos that you could be creating. Ultimately, there are really
just four types of videos. On the right hand side over here this is a video that is direct response it basically is an Ad that says, buy my. (water bubbling) Doesn’t provide value,
it’s not entertaining it’s not educational, if you create videos that just our response in nature they’ll be close to zero engagements nobody is sharing it,
nobody’s tagging their friends and ultimately, you’ll be paying premium if you run ads like this. On the other hand, over here this is videos that is
just purely for training and it could be a video
like this one where it’s you in front of flipchart or in front of a digital stream like
this and you’re just teaching there’s no call to action and
it’s just educational content. On top over here, this
would be viral content this would be like the funny
cat-dog videos that you see that is engaging, that has
got a millions of views the people are tagging their friends they’re sharing on social media
but there’s no monetization there’s nothing for sale, it’s just viral. And finally, branding. Now branding type of
videos, think of it as like a Coca Cola Ad,
Superb Bowl commercial Ad where it’s just big
companies spending millions of dollars, there’s no call to action but it just makes the brand look good, those are branding Ads, but
right in the middle over here that has got these four elements
is what I call a mother Ad. Constantly trying to think
like, how can I try to include as many of these elements
as possible because when you can do that, that is how you make the most out of what
you’re spending in here. So this is what I call
a mother Ad and this Ad we serve to cold audience as
well as to a warm audience, people has watch your stuff in the past. So this is when without going too deep into Facebook Ads ’cause we
have other videos on those which by the way, if you have not done so I have a full-fledged Facebook
training that brings you from beginner to expert,
we’ll leave the link somewhere on this video right now, will pop up but basically, it’s a
60-70 minute training video that really talks about
targeting, retargeting pixels and all of that, okay. But ultimately, what we’re really doing is run all these Ads and
I call this framework the million dollar Ads to
people who now know we exist. So the preference is to
run based on conversions now you’re setting them to
your sales process your funnel and you want them to
convert and now finally, hot audiences are people that’s
visiting your site before they know you exist, they’re product aware they know how you can help them they just need to deal right now. This is when same thing
over here, you have your what I call, the mother re-targeting Ad. This mother re-targeting Ad is for people that visited your page, your website your sales process,
you’re fee for shipping, your application for
them, whatever it maybe but they didn’t buy just yet. And now you’re gonna send everybody to this mother re-targeting Ad. Now the reason why you
wanna have all social proof in one place is ’cause now,
you can ask your audience your email lists, your
followers, your students to comment on their
biggest takeaway on this Ad and that’s gonna put and
create so much social proof in one place in order to send people that is still on the fence because now they are seeing all
these other comments and testimony on other
people and that’s gonna be the most powerful type of persuasion. I use testimonial videos
as an Ad for people that has visited my page
but they didn’t make the investment, that make sense? So, this is how use testimonial video Ads same thing for what I
call, sizzle reel videos. You know the videos where they showcases what an amazing product that is or whether it’s an amazing event or whatever it is a sizzle reel that makes your
product or company looks good it does not belong here, it belongs here. Same thing to finally wrap
this up, this would be a video answering
objections for hot audiences so for people visiting
your site that did not buy you could take up your
phone, record a video basically, answering an objection and that belongs over here. It means that, if you wanna
be at the top 1% playing the video game when it
comes to monetization it’s about understanding,
it’s not one size fits all if you wanna create an
omnipresent, be everywhere. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. If you are master the game
of Ads, it’s about thinking at what stage of the relationship are being with you and speak to them based on where to add in your sales process. As always, I’d love to hear
what your biggest takeaway is let me know in the comments below what you’ve learned from this video and if you liked this video
and you want to be first in mind for future videos like this, click on the bell button to subscribe and I’ll see you in future videos. (upbeat music)


    Facebook is always closing my business managers. They close every business manager that I'm opening. So it's impossible for me to use facebook ads. No solution at all!

    I've followed you for a while from many places (clickfunnel course, youtube, etc.) I still wonder what would you do first Creating OFFERS or CONTENTS ? and How that you make sell on your wow 7 buck product you mention that you put it out for 7 months to make the first sell, But how? did you run ads or put it on clickbank? PS. Please make video about adding product to clickbank. PPS.Where can i watch your webinar that included your full version of your life story

    This is really great! Understanding your audience and how social media works will level up your gameplay.

    I discover that there are four types of videos.
    1. Direct response
    2. Training
    3. Viral
    4. Branding

    By combing those four types of videos, it will surely hit the cold, warm, and hot audience.

    4:18 "Buy my …"! Now that's a very motivating quote. If I have made people to buy my "…", my ego would hit the roof 😀

    When you are talking to audience in different stages, you have to talk to them differently. That’s the biggest thing I learnt from the Videos Challenge.

    Creating videos that talk to specific type of audience (cold, warm, hot) so that eventually they know who you are and what you do. You indoctrinate them through the videos you create and provide them values, so that they will gladly give you their money for what it is that you have for them.

    People today tend to get annoyed when they a video that is just trying to sell them something, just like the ‘direct response video’ Peng Joon mentioned in this video, and that is why creating videos that add values for your audience is going to change everything for you and position you as the authority in the market.

    Viral videos can grow your business like a rocket; Didn't you see that Elon Musk took the internet by storm advertising his new Cyber Truck only with a simple trick? yes, I'm talking about the crash test of the cyber truck glass, do you think that was a mistake?

    Nooo, no way !! it was on purpose, it was a smart marketing strategy !! He launched a large campaign that would cost him millions of dollars to promote his new cyber-truck, but this simple trick saved him a lot of money while achieving amazing results. People laughed at him because of that unpredicted failure as they think, they started making fun of it, and sharing videos of it, laughing and laughing, and on the other side, Elon's too was laughing while counting the shares of the videos that have gone viral. HH …

    So, Peng, I think viral videos are a great way to make money.

    Looks like Ads in Funnel's concept.
    Good point Peng. Every stage requires different targeting.
    When they are aware of you and your product, you can start running retargeting.

    The mother ad concept is interesting..
    got me thinking how do I create an ad that is able to target both cold and warm audience at the same time.

    Thanks for the jolt to the brain, Peng Joon!

    How to make money online with video ads

    How does Video creation end up in monetization?

    The reason why a perskn doesnt shoot a video because they dont know how video turn it into a money

    – They dont know who you are
    – They are problem aware they are not solution aware
    – They dont know that you are exist

    Warm audiences
    – someone aware and watch video in the past

    Hot audiences
    – person that know who you are
    – build a relationship and establish trust
    – and now they are aware to you

    Youtube video is a seqrch engine
    It is a keyword rich your topic based on
    People are searching for

    Then distribute your video in different platforms
    Facebook, instagram and other platform
    Instagram – 15 seconds video

    Run ads based on your engagement
    And the cold audiences know who you are
    That is when you make ad

    What is make a great ad

    Mother ad
    – between cold audiences and warm audiences

    4 types of video

    ▪ Direct Response
    – basically ad that say buy my product
    – No value
    – Not Entertaining
    – Not educational

    ▪ Training
    – no call to action
    – Educational content

    – funny cat dog / entertaining
    – But no monetization

    – Just make the bramd look good

    Between warm audiences and hot audiences

    They are product aware
    They know who you are
    They know your value

    They just need the deal

    Mother retargetting ad
    – Visited your website
    – Your sales process
    – your application

    But they didnt buy

    Use testimonial videos

    Sizzle reel videos

    Video to answer objections

    Wow this is a great video
    It can use both offline and online marketing

    Thanks peng joon
    For always teaching us
    Thats why I feel no regret when i enrolled to your course 🙂

    if you want guaranteed income at home then this program is for you, just Google excluding spaces Fun Online Work .c om

    Great Hero. You helped me to be such a successful entrepreneur today.. I recently got married too to my long time girl after I made massive affiliate sales. You nurtured me to where I am today. Big up. Anyone can peep to see my success in my channel

    Great Hero. You helped me to be such a successful entrepreneur today.. . You nurtured me to where I am today. Big up. Anyone can peep to see my success in my channel

    My biggest takeaway from this video is there are 3 types of audience namely cold, warm and hot audience. The video we create need to be able to speak to them based on the category they located at. It is essentially to create video ad that suit different type of audience eg cold- warm (mother ad)warm-hot (mother ad retargeting ) as different types of audience require different targeting

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