Before you set-up your video ad campaigns you first have to link  up your YouTube channel to your  Google AdWords account. This will also enable to you to create  call-to-action (CTA) overlays and view additional  statistics within your adwords account. #youtubemarketing #youtubevideoads #adwordsforvideo  

    Thank you so much for uploading this! I have always wondered how to do this and this was very helpful. When I set this up, will it enable me to earn money on Youtube?
    (Yes, I am well aware that Youtube is more than money).

    This video explains everything about setting up youtube channel with adwords. Thanks for producing this video!

    Great video @isitebuild 

    Thanks for making such an easy to understand video for the wider audience on such an important piece of information.

    Without Linking Your YouTube And AdWords Accounts, you will not get the level of control in your Adwords for Video account that you will need for your business.

    Did you know that you can also grant third party access to your Adwords for video account?

    This means that you can work with third parties who can manage your AdWords for video campaigns for you if you can see the benefit of AdWords for video, but you find it too complex to use directly yourself.

    With the scale and targeted reach that allows you to get your video advertisements viewed by highly targeted and relevant traffic – Adwords for video gives your business the chance to grow sales at a phenomenal rate.

    Thank you for the video … however when I tried to link the website I was asked to verify the website … how d I do that?

    What is the difference between Adwords and Adsense? Can you link your account with both? And what percentage of the money your videos make do adwords/adsense get and what's the percetage you get?
    Please help me, Thank you so much

    Thanks for the video, so to be correct: AdWords on Youtube gets payment to promote my channel, i.e. i am paying to promote my channel, and it s not same as Monetization to pay me back for my views and subscribers?

    Please tell me How to fix this :
    Below error message appears when I visit google Adwords :
    Error 403 " Your client does not have any premession to get URL /video from this server . "

    my Google ad sense is disabled cuz I accidentally click on my own ad so can I Link my account with ad words or it will not work?

    To get my 10K clicks to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program can I place a 2 second video on my channel and click it 10K times?

    Very easy to follow. Done it. Thanks for your help. http://www.highlandscashiersproperties.com I'm on my way.

    Very important to verify your channel first as you indicate here or else YouTube will say your AdWords account number is invalid.

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