How to Kotlin – from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer (Google I/O ’18)

How to Kotlin – from the Lead Kotlin Language Designer (Google I/O ’18)


    I can create a programming language with 8 character that does more than what this programming can do in 80 characters.

    Kotlin is just a waste of time,flutter uses Dart i donot know why google brings new programming languages for some new stuff so people now have to learn kotlin and dart and then flutter????

    "Google Slimed Us" – James Gosling (Inventor of Java)

    Poor Andrey, he seems so nervous! Mind you I would be too lol.

    Great language he created. Many thanks from me, it has made my Android development fun where I have used it.

    Keep the good stuff coming with Kotlin!

    Kotlin seems to take the best syntax suger from C# & JavaScript to Java world, which Java failed to provide for years. I am impressed.

    Interestingly Kotlin didn't seem to learn javascript mistakes, like extension functions is similar to overriding prototype in javascript (do you remember prototype lib). But today considered as antipattern, because overriding prototype is dangerous.

    Some comments:
    13:13 The property won't allow you to use a different separator though, right?
    23:32 The number "3" isn't even…
    24:07 This "println" print "null" in case you give it null value. Any way to avoid this in a short way, and print only if it's not null?
    26:34 Any way to convert to normal code instead of lambda? Sometimes it's clearer and seem more flexible…

    instead the Sun & Google working together, we have another lang to learn, why why why…


    I don't understand this fight of 'which language lets you write shorter code'. I still find Java more readable.

    The coroutine stuff went over my head lol. What exactly do all those keywords (high level functions, I guess) do? How do I make sure I'm not leaking a reference to my activity? Can I cancel the blocking thing?

    That trick when he showed Kotlin byte code then decompiled to Java was pretty cool. A few months back I was a little confused about what the 'noinline' keyword was doing… this trick would have probably made it clear.

    At 22:14, "this is something pretty unfamiliar for the C-language family" … that is true pre-C++11. But with C++11, there are lambdas and immediately invoked lamba expressions (IILE), so you could write very similar code as follows:

    auto s = []() {
    if (condition) {
    cout << "Yay!n";
    return "Luck!";
    } else {
    return "Not this time";
    } ();

    Over-analyzing with developer paranoia :

    Google Big Boss – "How do we get developers to start writing apps for Fuscia with Flutter and Dart?

    Google Smaller Big Boss – "Introduce a new programming language to Android that's "better", but also "annoying"!

    Google Big Boss – "Do it."

    Finally someone fixed Java and made it more C again with other great additions from languages like Python and C# and all that. There a are a few quirks I'm not particularly happy about, a lot of them come with the JVM baggage (like not being able to manage my own memory) and I don't understand why we had to switch to name:Type schema instead of "Type name" which I thought was always more natural to read like real text, but I can live with those

    To anyone thinking they are used to Java and don't need to learn Kotlin or struggling, I say go for it learn it trust me all worth it don't think just do it

    Whenever he said, do you have questions? I always had one, and I remember he is in my phone not live 😛

    18:42 Is the function argument e on line 26 nullable? If so and I pass null on line 33 which is clause in the when statement would be true? Is sealed making it non-nullable?

    The return type of a function is located at the end of a line, which is one of the first things I would like to see when I read an API.

    I sorta know kotlin still learning tho si cant articulate likes and dislike too well yet. But idk if I want short dev time as a python and c c++ guy I'll just go with python I feel you need an ide with java and kotlin because there is so much overhead, extension functions are really nice tho

    Kotlin is great… But to put my feet in the workplace, I must know Java first. Indeed, dice, glassdoor, wherever you look, Java still in huge demand due to its deep penetration and a decade long dominance in enterprise world.

    P.S. on next kotlin release, please change FUN with something else. That irrelevant word is annoying to many coders(if not all).

    More than the language, I like this person. He is so humble and down to earth. Great mind.. humble human being!

    Can you just please keep the code on the screen all the time, next time? Maybe just have a speaker view contained in the nested screen…This way I had to stop video too many times.

    I just don't understand why there are so many software engineers writing kotlin code on Mac computers, am I the only one who notices this ?

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