How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast 2017 — 5 YouTube Tips

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast 2017 — 5 YouTube Tips

– There is a lot of YouTube advice that simply doesn’t work anymore. So what actually is working on YouTube? In this video I’ve got five tips to help you grow your YouTube channel fast in 2017 and beyond coming up. Hey what’s up guys, Sean
here with THiNK Media TV helping you go further faster in media and on this channel we
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here on THiNK Media TV have been insane. We’ve seen really explosive growth, grew by over 132,000 subscribers over 6.4 million video views. Across our various projects, we had over 40,000 new
people join our email lists, video influencers was featured in Forbes as one of the top 20 must
watch YouTube channels to grow your business, and overall our income has grown as well. And so the reason I
share all that with you is so that you can see that
I’m actually in the trenches, doing this stuff and that
I’m not just, you know, teaching theoretical advice, right? So here are five of my biggest takeaways from the past 12 months and some of the things
that I’m gonna be applying this year on YouTube that
you can apply as well. Number one is start,
which might seem simple, and if you’re watching this video you’ve probably already
started a YouTube channel, but what I actually mean is start taking your YouTube
channel a lot more seriously. Halfway effort only gets
you halfway results, so in order to do great things you have to go all in. And what I mean here on this point is kind of the difference between a hobbyist and say, a pro athlete. I’ve been personally running lately, but I call myself a hobbyist runner and so I kinda go run
and I have, you know, a few of the cool shoes, and I get some running gear, but I’m definitely not a pro athlete. The pro athletes discipline,
approach to their work, scheduling, intentionality, is at a whole nother level. So when it comes to YouTube, if you really want to crush it this year, turn, take that switch,
if you haven’t yet, to say “I’m gonna go all in, and I’m really gonna turn pro.” And actually, there’s a great book to read it’s actually called Turning
Pro by Steven Pressfield, that kind of helps walk
you through that shift to say “Okay, I’m gonna
approach this thing like a Fortune 500 CEO would, I’m gonna approach this thing like a top Olympian athlete would, I’m gonna approach YouTube like a master in any field would. Whether in the music industry,
whether in any industry, and really start taking my
channel seriously this year.” Number two big lesson that
I learned is separate. So ask yourself this question: How are you going to stand out in a crowded space like YouTube? One of my favorite quotes is “Different is better than better.” So how are you going to be different to stand out on YouTube? You know, what I’ve been trying to do here on THiNK Media TV is niche down, niche down in the tech space. And so there’s a lot
of people talking about 3-D printing, games, a lot
of consumer electronics, tons of phones, but THiNK Media TV, as you may have noticed, is all about tools for creators. And so we focus on mics,
cameras, lighting, light stands, you know, maybe phones, but what are the smartphone accessories for creating content, right? This channel is about content creators. So in a big world, how
do you kind of carve out your own niche, you know, when it comes to whatever
you’re doing on YouTube. Number three, social media. I’ve noticed that smart
influencers are not just relying on YouTube to grow their
influence on YouTube. And they’re not just approaching
social media haphazardly, but they are applying
intentional growth strategies to other platforms to bring
overall awareness to their brand and let them know about
their YouTube videos and so over the past 12 months, we’ve been doing a lot of Facebook content and a few paid, boosted Facebook videos. We’ve been doing a lot of Twitter, a little bit of Instagram, and so for this next year, what is your growth
strategy to use social media to bring awareness to
your YouTube channel? That will really help you grow fast. Tip number four is streaming. Without question, you’ve got to be paying attention right
now to live streaming. You know, YouTube is soon to release live streaming from a mobile app, and we’re gonna be doing some
things here on THiNK Media TV this year, the YouTube mobile app is going to be available to everyone where you can just go live
just as you would on Facebook, that’s coming out, Facebook Live is exploding, definitely be paying
attention to Facebook Live, and how you can spread awareness there. You know, SnapChat live, Instagram live, Periscope is actually still relevant, and with their partnership, and, you know, because it’s on Twitter, you’re getting some exposure that you can watch it whether you have a Periscope or not, it’s showing up in the Newsfeed, all kinds of different
things are happening, and so I would suggest that, I mean, again, if you’re turning pro, like if you’re really taking your YouTube channel serious this year, consider how you can
leverage live streaming to grow your brand. And number five is strategy. You know, a few years ago, would say that YouTube
is kind of like checkers. If you went out and
you just kind of played and you weren’t that
strategic, you could still win. That’s not the case today, to win on YouTube today, you’ve got to be playing chess. And chess takes strategy and so I would think two
areas that you would want for this year is you would
want a content strategy, you know, how many videos a
week are you gonna be posting, and how are you gonna level up the quality of the content you’re posting. And number two, a distribution strategy, once the video comes out, what do you do next so that you can reach more people faster? So those are five of the big takeaways that I had from this explosive
growth here that we just had and actually, if you’re
interested in going deeper into developing a strategy
for your YouTube channel and looking inside really my
playbook for this next year. I’m doing a free YouTube
master class, coming soon, and if you want to register for that you can go to and enroll. It’s gonna be about 45 minutes of strategic YouTube training I’m gonna be breaking down
more of my strategies in depth and showing you behind the scenes of how I monetize and how I get views and how I’ve really grown this channel and some of the other
projects we’re working on and then there’s also gonna a live Q&A so there’s gonna be a
chance to ask me anything about social media, marketing, branding, all of those types of things. So again, you go to If you want to register
for that free master class. Question of the Day: what have you noticed that is working today when it comes to growing your YouTube channel? Let me know your best
tips in the comments below and remember that some of the best tips and strategies come from you, the THiNK Media TV community, so definitely connect with
everybody in the comment section. So thanks so much for
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Media TV is helping you go further faster in media. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon. The black is not as flattering, is it? Okay. Ay! (puffing noises) Outro.


    I keep running into the same issue when watching these videos. I get how finding your niche is important. And I did already. These videos are all just too much the same. I hear the same information. I have applied these principles. But over 1 and a half years since I started applying them. Little to even nothing. Love how they're trying to help small creators, but they need to come up with ways that are not to 2d. They don't describe the ways enough. When they say just grow. Well, what do you mean, I have been trying to grow for 4 years now. I'm just not getting it. If you feel the same, please tell me. I like Sean's content, but come on.

    I am a loyal subscriber. I will comment, subscribe and like all your videos!

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    And Ill Most definitely do the same🔥🔥🔥

    He doesn't really tell stuff to help he just says stuff about his buissnes. Kind if annoying sometimes. But some of the tips helped. Thx Sean.

    Your videos has helped me grown my channel. I have lost subscribers 1,333 to 1,275-1303 give or take. I think bots subscribe me but I have no real proof. Any advice?

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    Sean I was wondering I have a small YouTube gaming channel I have recently been uploading Minecraft game play but I don’t have good equipment I only have my ps4 so I was wondering if you could make a video or if you have one already on how to grow a gaming channel without the proper gear in 2018 also we have the same name and it’s spelt the same too

    You can grow on YouTube by colabing with others.
    You can get inspiration from the trending page too but please don't take others ideas.
    You can introduce yourself to people on xbox, ps4, ect and make others aware of your channel.

    My soon to be wife, friend and YouTube partner put me on to your channel and I gotta say, I like it. This is my first video of yours I’ve seen and it won’t be the last. We have our own channel that we’ve been committed to for about a year now and actually thinking of do a live feed for our anniversary (coming up in a week or so). I was a little unsure of how useful a live feed would be (because I know nothing) but after hearing you speak I figure I gotta give a go. Thanks for putting this together. Until now I’ve felt that I was alone in a sea of videos without compass 🧭 doing my best to figure it out. Thanks again

    Swap sub lest grow together
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    Interesting tips, Good book u recommended (turning Pro) , and also the posters behind you not randomly hung there. 😀 . Thanks for all.

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