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Hey, everyone, I’m Subha Kumar, a digital
marketing expert and coach, and today I’m going to share with you how to get started
with Pay- Per Click Advertising as a beginner. What is PPC | Types of PPC
Pay- Per Click, also known as PPC, is an exceptional kind of advertising wherein, a brand places
an ad online and pays each time a user clicks on it. There is no cost to place the advertisement. The cost is only incurred when users engage
with the ad. It may seem like a new topic to you but, guess
what, you’ve been seeing it all over search engines and websites for a long time now. You can check out another form of PPC. Check it out on websites, popularly known
as display advertising. These are ads that appear as graphics, videos,
or paid posts typically found on social media feeds and other third-party websites How PPC works
PPC Has a simple way of functioning. Each time there’s an ad spot on a SERP,
an immediate auction takes place for the keyword. A wide range of factors, including the bid
amount and the quality of the ad, decide the winner who will appear in the top spot of
the SERP. This is what keeps PPC going! Accounts are split into campaigns for ease
of management and reporting of different locations, product types, or other useful categorization. Campaigns are further divided into ad groups
which contain keywords and relevant ads. To get involved in these auctions, advertisers
like you can use accounts on platforms like Google Ads to set up your ads and determine
where and when you would like those ads to appear. Now, let’s look into the different Elements
of PPC: Keywords:
Keywords lie at the center of PPC, connecting advertisers to users’ search queries. Queries:
are basically the actual words that users type into the search box of a search engine
in order to find results. Keywords, on the other hand, are what marketers
use to target these users by matching their search queries. Ads:
Along with keywords, you need to prepare ads in your campaigns. These come together within ad groups that
target shared sets of keywords, and so are organized by common themes. Ads are what the users will see if the auction
is won, so they’re very important to get right. They typically contain a: ● Headline. ● URL. ● Description. Budgets & Bids In order to participate in the auction, you
need to decide how much they’re willing to spend on a given
keyword. This is done using Budgets at the campaign level and Bids at
the ad group or keyword level. Here’s a Tip for you: Budgets are set at
the campaign level and can be exceeded on a daily basis, but you
cannot not overspend on a monthly basis. Orelse, your business is going to die out. Next up is… Ad Rank: Highest bidding ain’t everything here- Search
engines look at other factors to determine which ads should be at the top and most valuable
spot on the SERP. Google, for example, considers: ● Bid amount
● Ad Relevance and Quality ● The Context of the Search (such as the
user’s device and time of day) ● Format Impact (whether it includes extensions
that enhance the format of the ad) Targeting: Choosing the right keywords is what allows
advertisers to show ads to relevant audiences. But there are other targeting options available
to optimize campaigns, including: ● Device
● Location ● Day and time
● Demographics This way, advertisers can target users who
are on mobile in the evening or users who are under 25 and within a certain radius of
a particular location, in order to optimize the performance of their ads. The point of all this learning and effort
is what this point is all about – (Title card)Conversions. Conversions are the actions that advertisers
want users to complete after clicking on an ad, and depend on the type of business being
advertised. For example, purchasing a service, signing
up for a newsletter and so on. However… There are some problems with PPC – They can
solved too! Let’s look into it! Problems & Solutions Problem #01 : Increased Ad Spend
PPC ads surely are a lot more expensive and yes, its demand is increasing therefore, prices
too! But you do need to understand – this investment
is very small against the kind of returns over investment you can enjoy. So, although, PPC investment is fairly high,
the issue can be taken care of in a simple way – by doing extensive and smart keyword
research and look at the ROI than the investment. Problem #02 : Expert Knowledge
PPC is difficult to master – it takes years of experience and understanding of the market. You need to be truly passionate about PPC
advertising to learn it or, the solution for it – Hire a PPC Marketer! Remember, PPC ain’t about guesswork – there’s
extensive research, effort and knowledge put behind each campaign. Problem #03 : Trust Issues
When you decide to go the PPC way, you need to trust it. PPC ads do seem unreliable and unappealing
for visitors to visit because by now, they also know the ads are all paid. It’s alright – you as a company need to
believe in the strategy and go on. Trust me, you will get desired outcomes if
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become. Moving on… Let’s look into PPC Advertising for Businesses
which can benefit your business! PPC is a vital marketing style for smart marketing,
along with increasing brand visibility as well. It helps
in: ● Budget Control since, the budget is set
beforehand, ensuring not one cent more is spent from your account
● Targeted Ads also help. Pick the spot you wish to target from, for
whom and this and that
● Higher ROI is the ultimate goal of a business- obtain it quickly via PPC
● Targeted Advertising based on goe- location, ad scheduling and so on. In simple
words, be visible based on the dedicated time and need
● Quicker Results because you’re ranking on top and the keywords are great
● Immediate and Consistent Traffic because PPC campaigns do not take more than 30
minutes to be setup! ● Pay Only for Clicked Ads because cost-
per click is the principle followed here! That’s exactly what your business needs
for all- round and quality development of the company. PPC gives your company the kickstart it needs
today. Now, let’s get into PPC Advertising for
Beginners. The beauty about PPC Marketing is that there’s
not much to do- All you need to do is, be smart or hire someone smart! There’s too much competition out there you
as a beginner can excel – just make sure you stay true to yourself and your business. When you’re beginning your career as a PPC
advertiser, it is pretty much like any other career beginning, except it’s a lot more
fun! So, that’s it everyone! Please do not forget to like, share and comment
on the video – we’d love to know your take on PPC. We’re passionate towards helping you nurture
and become a digital marketer. Let’s make it happen. See you soon!

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