How to Get More Organic Traffic (FAST)

How to Get More Organic Traffic (FAST)


    CTR Magnate Method amazed me and it makes sense. I will definitely try that with my team. Thank you, Brian. Keep up (y).

    Thank you so much for this video and making it so simple. I feel like SEO is that mysterious dragon and only the "dragon slayers" that you will pay 10's of thousands of $$$ to can tell you what to do. In three minutes, I feel like I have more of an understand of SEO then I had in a decade. THANK YOU!!!

    hello Brain can you please suggest me Seo for my site please help i am new dont know much about seo

    I think this is a very insightful technique! 👍🏾 thank you for the insight. I'm definitely trying this!

    I'm going to use the CTR and power words both, with more backlinks, thanks for the great content, I need to watch more recent videos to see what is happening in 2018!

    Great content! thank you. I am just getting started and was so lost looking at other SEO stuff. Your explanations are very clear and easy to follow.

    Brian, thank you for the very useful video! For me this is valuable information

    A much better way of getting good search engine rankings is by focusing purely on creating good, well-researched, helpful content. You don't have to worry about anything if you do that. The results just come, and you'll look forward to Google Algorithm updates, rather than dread them.

    Hi Brian, I am a basement remodeling contractor in maryland and it is a fight to get on 1st page . I n the past i have spent money and no good lead traffic. i enjoyed your quick presentation. I am a guy who builds , not a guy who know the tricks to get traffic. What would you do if you were me trying to get quality basement remodeling leads in annapolis , belair, marriotsville, west friendship, ellicott city, davidsonville, elkridge, maryland ? Mike Giddings 443 474 2342. Know any good people in Maryland that is affordable for a sole propr.?

    Hi Brian, quick question if I may? First of all I want to say thanks for all your content. Love the channel. Your videos are extremely encouraging and inspiring 🙂 I started a website not too long ago and I'm getting roughly 250 page views a day. I'm thrilled to be getting that kind of traffic for a relatively new venture 🙂 However, I'm looking to increase traffic if possible. I only have roughly 30-40 pieces of content currently. One thing I've noticed is that, of the written content, one post in particular is getting significantly more traffic than the other posts of the same subject. Is there a a way for me to analyse why?… A tool or software perhaps? Basically I'd like to find out exactly why that particular post is doing better than others, reaching more people, etc. Any tips? Thanks for any help in advance. All the best

    HI Brain, I making a backlink on my one keyword and it's on first page. suddenly goes down on third page. what's the reason? I am doing also blog post on my website as well still not improving.

    Hi Brian, thank you for the brilliant video, it was really informative. Just out of interest, what video editing software do you use to edit these videos? Thank you!

    Brian I love it how you make things so easy to get more traffic and clicks to your blog. I'm going to try the CTR method and power words for sure. Thanks!

    I just chose three power words found in Google advertisements to use in the title of my latest blog post.
    I also went for the shorter URL that you have recommended in a previous video, and a blog post with far more content that,s going to warrant promotion. I'm about to start working on the backlinks. Thank you for your suggestions.

    The trick seems great but looking at the fan base of Rand Fishkin, he usually gets a lot of clicks.

    The trick is not likely to benefit the websites or blogs with few followers.

    What is your opinion on it?

    Brian, You rock, you're actually making the hard content sound simple and you offer a lot of VERY useful information in one video, as usual in each of your videos…. keep up the good useful work.

    I am going to do an audit of pages we think should be ranking higher and look for opportunities to change the title & description. What about adding schema somehow to better highlight a page in SERPs? Got any studies on that?

    Ran across this video from 2016 TODAY. It seems to be just as valid RIGHT NOW as it was then. It's EASY and works FAST. Thanks Brian for making STEP-BY-STEP videos making video production life QUICK and SIMPLE for me! I missed WORKS QUICKLY because I didn't know how to get that into my comment. (Seriously, thanks for all you do!) – Ralph Peterson

    Hi Brain,

    You're doing great things for community. I appreciate that. Here's my success formula for CTR MAGNET.

    Trust + Keywords + Benefits
    For ex : CPC Certified medical billing experts.optimize your billing & payments.

    it is a very good video for those who are beginner and expert in the SEO field .. I really like and love your video .. thanks for sharing your knowledge…..( brian)

    Wow sir, u r really great. I think first i should use power words in title and then use CTR magnet method in description.what would u say? It will help Increase ctr?

    I've avoided SEO like the plague, because it has always seemed so difficult and mysterious. You are brilliant at simplifying this for me. Thank you!

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