How To Generate Real Estate Leads (ClickFunnels)

How To Generate Real Estate Leads (ClickFunnels)

(dramatic music) – Hey, guys. Spencer from Buildapreneur here. I’ve had a lot of people
asking about my realtor funnel, and so I wanna kinda show
you the realtor funnel, and there’s a link down below. You can just click the
link and this funnel will show up in your platform. Now, full disclosure,
I hacked this funnel, so I had this actually show up on a realtor that I work for’s newsfeed, and I took the funnel as it
was being advertised to him, and I hacked the funnel. And I’ve changed the images,
and I changed some of the text, but it’s pretty much the process at least, has been hacked from someone else, and so, it works well, and it worked well for them, obviously, and I hope that person
doesn’t ever show up and be angry that their funnel was hacked. Starts with a simple landing page, k? You’re offering them exclusive access you’re trying to make it
seem like, “hey, this is only for you, this is only you,”
exclusive access to the best homes currently for sale in wherever it is that your realtor is. They click it, and
you’re gonna offer them, You’re gonna just get
their name and their email to send them that list,
but then you’re also gonna upsell them on a,
something for free, and so I think the one that I was hacking, it offered them a free buyers’ guide for first-time buyers was their thing. But whatever your target
market is, you wanna offer something, “hey do you want this bonus, cool deal, just for this,” right? So if your target market is, like, million dollar home buyers,
you’re gonna wanna give them something special,
like a guide to getting the most out of your million dollar home, or something like that. But you’re gonna offer that. Do you want that? When they click yes, I would love that. Then you’re able to kind of capture their phone number and start going from there. Next, it sends them to a page, “Excellent! Your exclusive
Mesa Home List is on its way!” And then it says, and this
is what I funnel hacked, “Do you, you know, have you seen a home? Are you already interested in a home?” And most people are, they’re like, “Oh yeah, I, this guy’s
home, this home I keep driving by we’re just
really interested in that, I’ve seen it on my, we’d
love to schedule a tour, something like that.” So you offer them that. Are you interested in that? And if they do click that and you get then you get a kind of additional stuff. You really want their phone number. Realtors really love that stuff and you get the property their
interested in seeing, etc. And then you finish with a thank you. So very easy funnel. You’re caption information
twice honestly but the basically you’re kind of establishing where they’re at in their journey of find whether they have, stuff
they’re interested in, whether they’re a first time buyer, or not, etc. And then your getting phone
numbers and properties they’re interested in,
etc and you’re selling. All I did was was google some really simple images and as you can see I threw in some simple text. It looks pretty, it looks beautiful. Whoever built it was very smart and I’m imagining it’s
doing very well for them. But anyway if you are a realtor what your going to do as for realtor’s, you can click the link below and this will show up straight up in your click phone’s account. Now if you don’t have
a click phone’s account you’re going to want
to click the link below and then sign up for the
click phone’s account and it will be 97 dollars a month but this funnel will show up automatically and you can start sending
traffic right to this phone just change the location
to whatever you’re location is and you’re all set to go. So it’s a pretty cool sales funnel. It works very well. It’s really simple and
its a way to capture a lot of leads in a month very quickly as a realtor. So once again link down below. Throw in the comment’s if
you have any question’s. Thanks so much guys.


    So once you build a lead generation site like this, how do you get it in front of people to sign up? And how do you get it in front of the right people, for example, ones looking to buy or sell homes? Please get back to me on here or would love to talk via email.

    Hey Everybody! Stop what you're doing and "Listen" to what he writes. The title is, "How to generate real estate leads. He did not mention ANYTHING about getting traffic. If you want that video, type in ______. At this time, do you know why he has ZERO dislikes? The man knows his im-marketing.

    Quick question- Do you create a new list of properties to send the individuals submitting their email each time? just curious on how do you know what area they are looking for?

    Thank you for this, I'm subscribing to you!! I joined Clickfunnels a couple months ago and have just had such difficulty getting focused and finding the time to figure something like this out!

    Hey ! Can you provide us with the 1st time buyers PDF or any other PDF? if not, where can I find those lead magnets? thanks!

    Do you charge per lead or per sale? I was told to get a RE license so I can pocket the referral fee but that process will take much longer.

    Is this a funnel that can be easily duplicated if say l wanted something like this in my Clickfunnels platform?

    I'm trying to have a click funnel page that will showcase the active listings automatically as there status change within the MLS through a plug-in or various software (idx) any feed back would be much appreciated.

    Thank you very much for sharing such a cool funnel. It was pretty awesome that you shared that. Saved me countless hours of frustration and computer work. I did have a question- When they submit their information for the list is their a way to automate it so the list goes out without me having to manually create one for each potential client? Thanks again!

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