How To Enable VODs On Twitch! Activate Past broadcasts (2019)

How To Enable VODs On Twitch! Activate Past broadcasts (2019)

hey guys Gael level here with a quick tip
video on how to activate past broadcast also known as vods basically how to get
twitch to record your stream for you to be able to watch it later for everyone
to be able to watch it later this is the first thing you should activate once you
created your twitch channel because you want to go back and watch your own vods
so you can know how your mic level was how everything was that’s the best way
of improving on twitch is to watch your own vods and ask yourself is everything
ok is this entertaining anyways this is how you do it so you go to your twitch
channel I’m on desktop if you’re asking how to do this on mobile technically you
can not unless you access the desktop version of twitch so you go to twitch
that TV course you make sure you log in it’s gonna be top right ok I am already
logged in so I’m gonna click while you can go to your own channel basically if
you want to know if you have it activated or not a good way to know is
that that’s your name here and then videos if it says zero and you’ve
streamed before basically there’s no vods so click on your name again top
right and then go to creator dashboard on create a dashboard you want to look
to the left and at the bottom you’ll see a section that says settings click on
channel and then it’s right there so under streaming preferences there’s a
stream keys and above all blah blah store pass broadcasts automatically save
broadcast up to 14 days 60 days for partners turbo and prime users so keep
in mind those will not keep them there forever but you can highlight them and
keep them there forever clips are also there forever
so if you’re a regular user it stays up for 14 days and then it disappears if
you are prime partnered or used which turbo it’ll stay there for 60 days
before disappearing this is also where you can enable mature content and low
latency mode but anyways that’s how you can activate vods on your channel and
and it’s a very very very important part of streaming because people that will
click on your channel while you’re offline can actually see what the stream
is like outside of just clips anyways thank you guys so much for watching I
will see you guys next time go out there make me proud Gael level


    I just started streaming on twitch (Same as my Yt Name) and I can’t seem to get good mic audio (I just us my headset) but can you make a video with what budget microphones for beginners to use and how to set them up?

    Hey man I really like your vids I have a request can you make a video on how to make a YouTube video using elgatohd60s like streaming with twitch using a HP laptop and elgato hd60s how do I stream YouTube that way or make a YT video

    i'm mad this guy does hard work at teaches us and you how to do something and he only has 13k its quite good though but come on 900 k wheres it at

    Great tutorial idk why but I wasnt getting your notifications so I re did the bell hopefully that helps.

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