How To Delete Your Youtube History (really easy)

How To Delete Your Youtube History (really easy)

What’s going on guys, welcome back, today
we are going to show you another Youtube special episode. If you missed any previous Youtube
special episodes, there is always links up above or down below in the video description,
so check them out as well, or you can visit my channel anytime for those video. You’re
always welcome! And before starting I would like to give you a short brief of what we
gonna be doing today. You know what! When every time, we watch a video on Youtube, the
history is always automatically save as browsing history on our browsers, Google web history
on Google accounts, as well as they also saved on to our Youtube watch history, whether you
noticed or note. So my point is, by just clearing your browsing history from your browser, or
Google history from web, won’t remove everything you searched or watched, and sometimes
you watch privet stuffs that you might not want anyone else to see. So if your computer,
phone or whatever device you using to watch Youtube on, if it’s also accessible to other
person and if it’s makes you uncomfortable. There is something better you need to do,
other than just clearing your browser history. So more clearly saying, if you don’t want
anyone else to see, what you have been watched on Youtube. Probably you need to delete your
Youtube watch history as well. in order to get raid of you complete web history and that’s what exactly we gonna be showing you today. Stay tune! let’s begin! Heard over to your Youtube page, hope you guys are signed in, now you will
see a hamburger menu at the top left side of your Youtube homepage, as well as you can see this hamburger menu, on any other
Youtube pages as well. So head over and click on it, and you will see this! From here you can clearly
see the history option, Just click on it and it will bring to your ‘Youtube watch history’
Here you can see all your watch history. By scrolling through them, even you can see,
what you have been watched on the previous year! I hope, someone of you definitely interested
doing that kind of things, Anyway let’s get back to the tutorial, from here you can
delete a particular, watch history, Just by hitting this ‘X’ mark besides it, as well
as you can delete all of them, the entire youtube watch history. Just by clicking this
button, ‘Clear all watch history’ click on it and it will ask you for conformation.
Choose ‘clear all watch history’. Boom! That’s it, we just delete all of them. Now
it’s time to give you a bonus tip, That we have here a ‘Pause watch history’ button
as well. Which will literally pause your Youtube watch history. If you click on it, from there
on your Youtube watch history will no longer save data or anything you watch, It a great option,
for those who don’t want to keep, their watch history. So that all for today. Time
to windup, thank you guy for watching. If you found my video help full, consider hitting
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Don’t miss it! If you have any question, doubts or suggestion, you comment on the comment
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watching Geeks Tutorial and this is your host Amal Rafi. Catch you again soon for the next
video. Peace out!


    I beg to differ when I press X to get rid of what i searched for it does not work and this is on the front i think it is because you tube does not want this to happen at all on either the side with the X or the other side with the circle but when I go inside I can get rid of most things including adult but in the front does not work !What's up with this

    Good advice! Though, won’t the videos still keep the data even after its deleted from your watch history?? Would it be owned by YouTube?

    So the data on what you have searched for and looked at, remains on Google's (youtube's) servers regardless of whether you 'clear' it. Perhaps pausing it makes a difference, but after clearing, I still see the occasional recommendation related to my past activity.

    Hello, I have a tutorial request/proposal: Is it POSSIBLE to block one's OWN ability to make comments on YouTube videos WITHOUT losing one's channel, particularly their library?? Oftentimes, I don't like how I feel, reading them or leaving one, during & afterwards, from the anger & frustration that I vent, in response to other's, IMO, delusional, hyperpartisan, outrageous, hateful, unfair, ETC, comments, letting myself be sometimes ugly in response, tbh. Also, I feel that I really waste a lot of time reading comments, sometimes even reading them DURING a video; it's a distraction. I tell myself that I'm going to just stop reading ANY comments, issue solved, but, unsurprisingly, I'm having a hard time breaking the habit. IS it possible to block one's "comments" abilities, WITHOUT losing their private channel account & library? I have a lot of music saved, that I want to be able to quickly, & easily, access, and STILL be able to search for, & save, MORE. Of course, it's free, as well! IF there's a way to do so, (as I can't be the ONLY person who feels somewhat similarly, LOL), perhaps you could do a tutorial on THAT challenge, I tried to myself, but didn't see how, if possible, it could be done . Thank YOU! Subscribed‼️🤓👍

    What happens when you have a channel that spams you? I have a minecraft gaming channel that I have not watched, liked, or subscribed too. After deleting them from my history, subscriptions and liked videos, they appear again straight away after closing youtube and then restarting it. There is no clear way to report this to youtube, so how do I go about ridding myself of this mindless channel?
    This is the offending channel
    They have millions of hits and subscribers and my guess is, that most of them have the same problem.

    با سلام پیشپیش عید نوروز را تبریک گفته و آرزوی نیک بختی وسعادت و موفقیت شما در ارایه برنامه ها به مردم باشید با تشکر علی اعلم صمدی

    Thank you so much dude I would have never been able to figure this out on my own. Idk why the hell they've made it so difficult to delete your own videos from this site now like honestly it's so dumb. They should just put a delete option alongside the Youtube studio thing that they have there instead of in the more settings menu or whatever. So ridiculous but anyway you saved my ass bro thanks so mucho and God bless you!!!

    I did all this long ago, youtube says no videos in my history. Sadly this won't help as they don't respect this. Recommendations shows all the same videos I have watched before. Obviously they keep the data, this just deletes the history list from you.
    The stupidity of yt algorithm is that it insists in recommend based in videos I have watched last week instead of videos I want to watch today.

    I am using an iPad mini 4 and I do not see the three lines to which you refer in this video and I also do not see the gear icon you say I must click on — Help!

    You understand of course that this only 'clears' the yeeteeb bideos history at your end. Yeeteeb keeps it forever in their server.

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