How To Create 3D Posts on Facebook [FULL TUTORIAL] | Digital Marketing News Today

How To Create 3D Posts on Facebook [FULL TUTORIAL] | Digital Marketing News Today

You may have seen the new 3D post on
Facebook but you might not know how to use them or where to even find it maybe
it’s not a feature on your phone yet but today in this video in today’s digital
marketing news today update we’re going to keep you in the loop on the 3D post,
how to find it on your phone, and how to use it for marketing so stay tuned here
we go okay welcome back everybody my name is
Jorden Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and today’s digital
marketing news today update is going to be all about the 3d post that you see on
Facebook now Facebook has released this option or this feature for iPhones only
for the time being but they plan to release it for Android phones at the
middle of December in 2018 this is a really cool feature that businesses can
actually take advantage of and in today’s video we’re gonna show you how
to do it, how to set it up step by step, and then how you can use it for your
marketing efforts. So let’s get into it but before we get into it do me a favor
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best out of your Facebook marketing efforts so Facebook has actually been
working on this update since about May 2018 but just released it for iPhones
and like I mentioned in the beginning they plan to release it also for Android
phones in the middle of December this year a lot of marketers and even people
that were testing the platform were super skeptical about the actual 3d
photos working and how they would look and appear to audiences but they’ve
actually done a really great job at Facebook at making this product or this
feature a really huge success essentially the way the technology works
is it takes your photo and it actually creates layers of the photo so that way
when someone Scrolls up and around on the photo it has a 3d appearance digital
marketing news today question for you “Do you see yourself using this feature as a
marketing tool for your clients?” if so right “Yes, I definitely see myself
using this as a feature for my marketing clients.” below this video if not leave me
a reason below in the comments why you think this would not be a good feature
for marketers so the cool thing about this is that viewers can actually scroll
and pan and tilt the photo and it will actually move on the screen but let’s
get past all of the chitter chatter and let’s jump straight into how to set up
these 3d photos with an on screen example so setup is actually super easy
you’re gonna open your Facebook app you’re gonna close this little window
thing you’re gonna tap on what’s on your mind
you’re gonna scroll down to where you actually can see what is on your mind
and then you’ll see the 3d photo now as a business you’ll do the same thing
there you’ll select your photo it’s gonna upload it and process it create
that layered effect you’ll click Next and then as you can see here you move
and touch on the screen and the actual photo moves around it’s a great little
feature for people who are wanting to make things a little more interactive
and make better content then all you need to do is type in your message and
you’re pretty much ready to go and post your 3d photo digital marketing news
today question 2 how do you see marketers using this 3d feature do you
see them using it in ads do you see them using it for special kinds of campaigns
do you see anything specific that we could potentially use from this type of
update so as you guys can see things like mobile marketing and having cool
features on mobile really do make your marketing better so in case you’re
trying to find out some more information on mobile marketing and how to optimize
those types of campaigns to make sure to check out this video we put together for
you in the top right hand corner part of you but that’s it for today’s video I
also told you that I would teach you how to get access to our social media
marketing checklist and two-week free training and also our Facebook Ads
training all you have to do is go to the description right below this video and
it will be the two links towards the very top of the description but I’m
gonna get out of here guys I hope that you have a great week and I hope to see
you guys on the next digital marketing news today update but for now Cereal Entrepreneur, signing off. ready to start living the six-figure
work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy
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links in the description below guys see you in the course Cereal Entrepreneurm out!


    Question: How do I run ads on behalf of a client through Facebook Business? I understand I have to request access to the ad account and the business page, but then what? How do I run it for the client? (I don't want my name attached to the ad, for example). Do you have a video on this??

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