How to Come Up With YouTube Video Topics That Will Rank High, Bring You More Views & Engagement

How to Come Up With YouTube Video Topics That Will Rank High, Bring You More Views & Engagement

– You’re creating videos but they’re not getting any traction, what should you do? Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m going to teach
you how to come up with YouTube topics that rank
high, get more engagement, and get thousands and thousands of views. (upbeat electronic music) Before we get started make sure you subscribe to this channel. That way when I release more tips like this, you’ll get notified. Question for you, how
many of you create videos that get more than a
thousand views on YouTube? If you do leave a comment below with yes, if you don’t leave a
comment below with no. The first thing you need to do is pick video topics that are popular. It’s not just about what
you want to talk about it’s not what you want
to film about that day, sure you need to be an expert on whatever you’re talking about, but still if no one wants to watch a video on that subject you’re
not going to do well. So how do you figure out what’s popular? Well you want to head over to Ubersuggest and type in keywords
related to your industry. The second step is you need
to click on keyword ideas. On Ubersuggest, you’re going
to get a list of all these keywords that are related
to your own industry. You’re going to see similar
keywords and related keywords. Similar keywords are
other long tail variations of the keyword that you just typed in. I want you to click on related. This shows you all the other
keywords that are relevant, but yet not the same keyword
that you just typed in. Look for the keywords
that are really popular. The popular ones are the ones
that are going to get you the most views, that’s what
people are looking for. The third step is take
that popular keyword and then re-enter it into Ubersuggest. Now you’ll get other
keywords that are similar to that popular keyword, and other variations of it. Now, the fourth step. I want you to create
a video on that topic. You don’t just have the keyword you also have other
similar related keywords. So when you create a video on that topic let’s say it’s Digital Marketing, you could mention Digital Marketing, SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, you get the point. When you mention all these
keywords within your video, within the title, within the description, you’re going to start getting more views. ‘Cause now you didn’t
just create any video you created a video on a popular subject. Now that you’ve created
your video and you upload it to YouTube I already mentioned, include those keywords within
the title and description but what you also need to
do is upload a SRT file you can get it from, they’ll transcribe your video for you, I believe
it’s a dollar per minute. And what it’ll do is when you
upload that file into YouTube, they’ll say, “Oh now we know what this video is about
and we’ll rank it higher.” What most people are like is,
“Oh no, YouTube automatically creates the transcriptions
for me I just click a button.” Well you know what the automatic
versions won’t help you rank as high, you got to
go to services like which is fast and cheap and use them so that way your video can rank higher. And the last thing I want you to do is go and put in competitors
into Ubersuggest. So yeah you already know
what industry you’re in. Google them, look at the
most popular websites, take those URLs of those competitors, put them into Ubersuggest. This will show you a
traffic overview report click on top pages and
you’ll see their most popular pieces of content, where they’re getting the most traffic from, it’ll show you under estimated visits, that column there. When you click on view all you’ll see all the keywords that drive
traffic to that post. That’s a text based piece of
content generally speaking. I want you to go and also to
replicate this whole process, but now do it based off
this popular article, right? So the first time we were creating videos based off of keywords, you
also want to create videos based off of popular text
based pieces of content ’cause if that text based
piece of content was popular, a video version is usually
popular as well, it’ll rank high, get a ton of engagement,
and get a ton of views. You follow that whole process
you’ll start crushing YouTube. If you need help with your
social media marketing or just getting more
traffic to your business check out my ad agency Neil Patel Digital, and if you enjoyed this
video like it, comment below, ask any question, I’ll respond there Subscribe to the channel, and again thank you for watching.


    How many of you create videos that get more than a thousand views on YouTube? If you do leave a comment below with "yes", if you don't leave a comment below with "no".

    Currently I do, but man, planning the content out, researching search terms and batch shooting have been keys 🙂

    Hey master, create how to page one to search google to for strategies articel qty and to for backlink solutions.

    Once again, great video from you! Thank you for all of this valuable content. I am using your strategies and my Youtube channel is slowly growing. Keep it up!

    Gerat video Neil! Love the passion in your videos, it really holds the attention. Doing it myself on my channel as well🔥🔥

    Hmm…so I really enjoy Neil's blogs, incredibly detailed. The amount of times I've tried various things like this and STILL can't get my videos watched is ridiculous. For example, I use Tubebuddy(not sure why I pay them). I type in my title/keyword and it gives me a # from 1-100. If my title score is too low, I can't get it ranked because of too much competition. If I get a higher #(because not a popular phrase) no one watches because no one is looking for that topic. This feels like a game sometimes. And the harder I work at it, the less I feel like I'm getting anywhere. Wonder if anyone is going thru that? Neil, if you are even reading these comments, I appreciate you making stuff likes this. But for us mere mortals, do we have ANY chance of anyone noticing us going head to head against the massive amount of videos that are cranking out each day?

    I am posting popular topic video's but still no result. I searched on google trends for my niches, found a trending topic, uploaded a video and blog, and no results until now. One of my videos is on 3rd no. in one topic but no one is watching, it's not that the topic is not trending as I said, I picked the topic from google trend? Any suggestion's sir?

    ci provo caro Neil,io ho circa 1000 visual a video ma sai ho solo 250 iscritti e sto facendo Google ADS da 2 settimane cercherò di mettere in pratica la tua spiegazione like 65

    Hey Neil, I recently used backlinks tool. My website is absolutely new and soon I'll be posting tech content on it. Your tool showed my domain score 14. How accurate is your tool? I'm not a interested in making backlinks. How can I improve my domain score without making backlinks

    I started youtube in 2017 my 1 video got 1.4k views and it is ranked on my name… Shubham butola keyword on google images… And my blog posts are also ranked on my name keyword …

    Please make a video for getting more like for facebook page.. newly build page ….

    Neil, shukria for this awesome video. I facing the problem of less view and thinking how to solve it. I am going to follow your instructions and hope it will work.

    Hey Neil, I have suggestion for your backlink tool. You should give more filters in that tool. As a webmaster it is a headache for us to find low quality backlinks which are made by our competitors to decrease our rankings. How amazing it will, if your backlink tool give us feature to identify which link we should disavow.

    I don't really buy into this ideas of using fake tools. These big YouTubers never tell you their secrets. The simply solution to his point is to use SEMRUSH. That is the most reliable way to get more traffic. Neil Patel why are you not talking about SEMRUSH. I'm sure that is what you are using to get your own HIGH TRAFFIC topic ideas. I know you will delete this.

    Neil as a daily viewer/ podcast listener, i'm getting ad fatigued to Ubersuggest, maybe there are other tools as well you can talk about with similar functions to compare?

    Thanks for the awesome YouTube SEO tips Neil !! Another problem I have is making the video itself. My personality is far from an entertainer type , so it’s hard for me to keep people engaged. I’m sure it will improve with time but any tips how to be more charismatic or just general strategies to be on camera would be awesome 😎

    Yes, sometimes lol. Most popular vid has over 160k but it's honestly my worst-I've even considered deleting it.

    Hey Neil, great video as always. Do you have any blogpost or video about how to make your email campaigns end up in Primary tab, not Promotional in subscribers gmail accounts? Thank you.

    What’s up Neil, not sure if it’s you or a team member managing your channel. I appreciate you taking the time to create these videos, I save them in my GOLDMINES folder 👍🏾

    Why should the You Tube transcription not help you rank that high? Is it a different format or is it just because the automatic transcription is bad?

    Hi Neil,
    You are an amazing man I like your videos and articles on your blog. Can you write or create a video about event blogging…

    Hey Neil,
    I am Hruthvik. I am a new Blogger. I don't have any email list, and I really don't know any SEO please help me and it would make my day. Thank You

    I am your big fan from you start journey on youtube. I have blog I am fonfused what content I choose plz sir me

    Neil thank you so much for this. It really is so useful. But can I please ask you a question that is not related to this topic ? When it comes to targeting audience in facebook/Instagram advertising. Is it better to target one location or multiple locations? Suppose my target location is most of the countries in Middle East, do you think it’s better for me to make one ad for each country? Or just make one ad and target many countries in that one ad? (I will choose the people who have potential interest in my services though).

    Cool beans that you have that tool. I am going to look into it as I work on SEOing the website of the company I work for and maybe my own. So much work to do! For youtube I use tubebuddy and although it is good for yotuube it isn't always accurate. I also think that Google traffic is better to target than youtube traffic because you get credit for bringing people onto the platform. The views on my channel have tanked but because the topic I was talking about has tanked in interest. So now I am working on reving it up again with content that will stay popular for longer. Jumping on trends isn't always smart…

    Yes, I have 9 videos with over 1k, but the last 3 have under 100 views, although the keywords should rank well. My latest video is titled "What should I grow in my vegetable garden?" which Ubersuggest says is easy to rank for, with a 69% chance of ranking in the top 20, but it ranks 70th. Tube Buddy gives it 160 searches a month, Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere give it 10 to 30. Which do I believe? I'm wondering if keyword research makes any difference.

    Not getting 1000 views yet. I just started my channel less than a week ago and I'm trying to get to my first 100 subscribers.

    Hey Neil! Thanks for the advice. Would love to see a video or podcast episode about how you optimize your YouTube videos. For example, what info/links to include in your video description. Thanks man!

    I am starting out and thanks to your channel and Romuald Fons I learn about what to do. Great to have access to such great info

    This is all fine but doesn't take into account your channel strength. Good luck ranking for poular topics when you're small. Even long-tail is a misfire these days because there minimal search volume

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