How to block advertisements (& other recommended Internet Explorer settings)

How to block advertisements (& other recommended Internet Explorer settings)

In Internet Explorer, open the tools menu.
This is represented by a gear icon. Click “Internet Options.” Navigate to the “Privacy” tab. In here, click
the “Advanced” button. Select the “Override automatic cookie handling ckeckbox.” We will
want to make sure we block Third-party cookies. These are cookies that are usually from advertisers.
We also want to make sure that we allow first-party cookies and Always allow session cookies.
Click “OK” in both windows. Next, we will enable a feature that allows
us to block certain advertisements. Open the tools menu once again, hover over “Safety,”
and click “Tracking Protection.” A window will pop up; select “Your Personalized List.”
We want to enable this list, so that Internet Explorer can “learn” which elements are advertisements.
Next, we will want to click settings, and click “Automatically Block,” so Internet Explorer
will block what it detects as advertisements. Go ahead and click “OK.” While we’re in here, we might as well enable
another feature – click “Search Providers,” and check “Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider.” This will prevent your search results from being “hijacked.” Lastly, let’s go ahead and install some ad-blocking lists. Click the “Tracking
Protection” item, and click “Get a Tracking Protection List online.” A new window with a list of lists will appear.
A couple I recommend are the “Unconnect” list from Privacyplz, “Stop Google Tracking,” and
the Privacy Online list. Now, let’s see it in action. Here, we have
loaded the YouTube homepage. Notice the blank space, as well as the icon in the address
bar. Turning off Tracking Protection will reveal that an ad was blocked. Turning off
Tracking Protection may be needed on the rare occasion that a website uses elements that are blocked on the list.


    Right, but what I want to do is prevent those ads that run on YouTube before the video I've clicked on starts. This won't do that, right?

    but ididnt find this tracking protection inm y pc ?????????????? why? after i opend my add on list ,,where i can find this????????????

    If you were recommending 3 lists why did you explicitly show only 2? Because the first list you recommended, the Privacy Please List, doesn't pop up on my page, the one showing above the Indonesian list is different for me. The Google Stop list is there which I added, but you didn't explicitly show the 3rd, which you could have since it would have only added a few more seconds to your video. I can't find the 3rd one you recommended, I only have 10 results total.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU! Youtube videos ads were literally bringing me to the "page cannot be displayed" page until I finally was able to disable them. You are my hero thank you so much

    Thank you so very much…  this worked for me and was fairly easy to do… Again, Thanks! I really appreciate you help!!

    Hi all, for some reason I can't reply to some comments… but anyhow, a friendly reminder that a small FAQ is in the description.

    Even if the tracking lists don't work, the "personalized" one essentially learns what to block as you browse (and ends up blocking a lot more junk than just ads, which is very nice). However I myself have resorted to using the ABP extension in Edge – really wish they ported that over from IE, oh well…

    Also, I recommend using MyTube! from the Windows Store

    @Don Gray:
    IE 11 in Windows 10 functions the same way, though I'm not aware of any IE 11.9. The one on my Windows 10 computer is IE 11.540.15063.0

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