How the Internet Is Changing Advertising

How the Internet Is Changing Advertising

Since the dawn of humanity we have used tools
to communicate. Over time these tools have become more complex. Like in 2700 B.C. when
the Egyptians started using pictures to represent sounds. This later came to be known as the
alphabet. Every time a new discovery is made it changes the way that we live but there’s
always some people who struggle to adapt. Like when radios – look here is the new Band-Aid plastic strip
with new super – were replaced with televisions – look here is the new Band-Aid plastic strip
with new super stick. At first we didn’t realize TV’s potential. But one day it dawned on us.
TV is a new kind of communication, one driven by images. And the use of images changed everything. Then along came this thing called the internet.
At first it was just email and banner ads but then it evolved into something much bigger.
Just think about it. We used to come home to watch TV but now we watch TV on the internet.
And not just that, we search on the internet, we read blogs on the internet, we upload pictures
to the internet, we update our status on the internet. We share our lives and our experiences
on the internet with the world. We’re not on the internet as passive observers. We’re
on the internet to have a shared experience. So why do we keep using outdated tools designed
for TV to reach an interactive audience on the internet? If history has taught us anything,
it’s new technology demands a new way to communicate. What could this look like? Well let’s say
you have a brilliant idea and instead of creating an image based video designed for TV, you
create a video designed for this new technology. A video that creates a shared experience,
a video that educates and enlightens. And this part is key. You see you can put your
video online and a few people will find it, but let’s say your video helps someone discover
something important. Let’s say your video helps someone see something different. Why
is this significant? Well, let’s take a look. When something like a video helps us think
differently we change. Sometimes in small ways like deciding to use a new web application.
Sometimes in big ways like discovering a new cause that gives us purpose in our lives.
But every time this switch happens we feel compelled to pass this experience on to others.
And the internet is designed to share experiences. And as it gets shared it helps other people
create epiphanies who in turn share it, who in turn have epiphanies. We’ve learned that
this new way to communicate taps into these shared epiphanies. There is an emerging style of video made to
be viral that helps you discover new things. That creates an experience and a paradigm
shift together. In a word, it creates an epiphany. Epiphany. People seek out, remember, share new epiphanies.
So why not create a video that has an epiphany that can be shared, or what we call an Epipheo. Epipheo. So you can keep trying to use yesterday’s
methods or you can use a tool built for the internet. A tool designed to be discovered
and shared. What’s the untold epiphany that inspires your project? Because Epipheos, just like the one you’re
watching right now brings your message to life each time it unlocks a new mind.


    you guys know EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this coming from a kid who is smart about some of this. i bet that you guys are able to make a heaven on earth and how to solve everything

    You didnt adress the fact that most of what people "think" its important and "must" be shared are, for the most part, stupid and meaningless. Mostly because they dont know any better or are very easy to impress. Like variations of how many times can someone say the "arrow to the knee" joke without tossing the monitor into the window.

    Sweet! I love being taught with videos you had made, Epipheo. May I invite you to My class, become a lecturer someday? How can I get in touch with you?


    @epipheo SUB+
    i hate school yet i find your videos so watchable. you did a great job !
    (me being a person who loves to image new ways)

    First brilliant video and second i hope and think the tv will "die" its old we dont need it any more.
    First the radio died becose the tv and now the tv will and have to die its in the way for the revulation of the whole new comonicate, ediucation, enterteiment and advertiment system!

    BC= before christ and AD is at day or sommet like that, any ways it means after the birth of christ as far as i know, tho i must note, i'm not a native speaker

    AD stands for the latin phrase "anno domini", which means "in the year of our lord". I guess I learned something from that awful church history class in high school.

    It may be rudimentary for some of you, but I have been knocking this idea of a systemic and interactive idea of advertising around in my head for about a month and didn't know what to think of it. I am a marketing student in the midwest, and due to my limited exposure to larger advertising firms and practices, I couldn't think of an adage to simplify it in my brain. Thank you epipheo for visualizing this idea for me. Now I must be going, no sleep and great ideas await me…

    That's a really smart way to exploit peoples natural tendencies. Won't work with everyone, but people fall for Apple and Facebook in millions, so there should indeed be a huge amount of money to make.

    This got me, just the second last one of these epipheo's that I watched (the Google+ one) I just shared.
    What an epiphany was this one!

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    Awesome video, my only wish is that local business gets this "epipheo", it will cost them so much less than old traditional marketing

    Feel free to pay me..and I will plaster ads all over your website so people can hate you too..toothy salesman grin-

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    I've shown this video for 3 years to my MBA Marketing Strategies classes. Google+ is the platform needed to appropriately enable its message. #gplusdealmaker  

    Ok true some things invite you to a new way of thinking…. but there is also a lot of bullcrapnon the web so its sometimes a wrong way of thinking

    yeah , there is not even one video where you get a detailed explanation who is working to pay the online advertiser, the maker of this video is not that person but he gets paid, who is working so he can get paid and how is paycheck effecting that workers life on the long run , that is the question in online advertising but you will never find an answer to that because that would be the suicide of online advertising, why do you think your same Nike cost 5 times more now compared to 10 years ago, inflation ???????? no, online advertising is the answer, 3 billion user who generates advertising income supported by 1.300.000 buyer who actually buys the shoe ………………………. wake up moron online is sucking you dry and giving money to leeches

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