How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Path

How Do You Know If You’re On The Right Path

I got a DM on Instagram the other day and
it really hit home for me and this person asked me, “I’m doing all of these things and
I’m really feeling like I am on the right path, but it’s so much work and it’s so hard
that I don’t know and sometimes I want to give up.” I know what that feels like and, believe me,
no matter where you are in your business or your life, sometimes you still feel like you
don’t know what the heck you’re doing and I always feel like that. I know what it feels like to feel like you’re
doing all the right things, but you still don’t know if you’re on the right path or
if you should quit, give up, take a different direction, et cetera. I wanted to make this video because I know
that you might be feeling that same way. I’m going to break down the signs of when
you know you’re on the right path and you just have to keep going. If you’re excited about this, hit that like
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for new videos every single week that we post right here on my channel. We’re going to dive in. The first thing, I wrote these all down in
my notes because I was like, what are the signs? How do you really know when you’re on the
right path? Because I’ve been doing this for a while,
over a decade now, which is crazy, and I know that it’s the beginning of the year and you’re
feeling like I’ve got these goals to hit and should I just give up on some of them or should
I keep going? So I really wanted to curate a good list of
signs where you’ll know that you’re on the right path. The first thing is that you’re excited to
wake up. If you are dragging your butt out of bed in
the morning, sometimes you’re just going to be tired. I get that we all have those days. But if you are consistently having a hard
time waking up in the morning, then something just isn’t right because if you’re on the
right path and you’re excited about what you’re doing in your life, you should be like, yes,
I get to wake up and do this every day. Even if you’re not quite where you want to
be, the excitement of knowing that you’re going to get there by waking up and taking
action should help motivate you in the morning to get out of bed. That’s the first sign. Are you excited to get out to bed in the morning? If you’re not, okay, that’s time to check
in. The next thing, you’re in alignment and flow. Things seem to be flowing easily in your body. You feel really healthy and happy and calm
is a big thing. If you’re feeling any sort of friction in
your chest, in your body, in your life, in your relationships, you’re not in flow and
something’s not quite right. That is another sign that maybe you’re not
on the right path or maybe there’s someone in your life or something in your life that’s
holding you back from actually taking strides on the right path. That’s another sign that you want to take
a look at. The next thing is, you aren’t going into a
scroll hole, but now this is a term that I use for when you’re on Instagram or social
media. And I find myself doing this and I don’t know
if you can relate to this, let me know in the comments, but when I’m feeling stuck or
I feel frustrated or I feel like I want to give up on something, I’ll find myself procrastinating
and getting into a scroll hole on Instagram and on Facebook for an embarrassing amount
of time. Whenever I do that, I know for me that it’s
a sign that something’s not right and I’m not in flow, I’m not in alignment, I’m not
on the right path somewhere in my life and I really have to make the space mentally to
look at what’s not working so I can get back on the right track. If you’re finding yourself scrolling for hours
on end or even for just 15 minutes at a time, you might want to take a look at that because
that’s sometimes is just you procrastinating from dealing with the thing that’s keeping
you stuck. The next thing is, you push through obstacles
super easily. When you’re on the right path, you know that
you’re eventually going to get where you want to go even if sometimes it feels hard and
even if obstacles come up, you’re going to be able to move through them. But if you’re not on the right path, you don’t
really have that motivation to get over that obstacle and it makes you just want to curl
up in a ball and be done with it. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all are allowed
and deserve a pity party. If you’re going through something hard and
you’re trying to breach a goal and something hard comes up or you have a difficulty in
your way, it’s okay to have a pity party for a day even. But after that you get up, you figure a way
around that obstacle or through it and you just keep going. If you find that you’re pushing through obstacles
easily, you’re totally on the right path. The next thing is, it’s easy to make decisions. When you are fully in alignment with where
you are in your life and where you’re going. You know you’re making the right decision
and it’s easy for you to make decisions so you’re making fast decisions. If you have a really hard time making decisions,
it generally means that you’re unsure of yourself or you’re unsure of the direction that you’re
going. Are any of these hitting home for you guys? Let me know with a like or a comment below
this video. The next thing is that you’re not watching
the clock. I know that when I’m on the right path and
when I’m working on something I’m super excited about, I am able to work for a ridiculously
long time and feel so in flow and so happy about it that hours go by and I’m like, Holy
crap, it’s been eight hours and I do this every day but when I’m really on the right
path and I’m working on something that I’m so excited about, it’s like time disappears
and that’s another sign that you’re on the right path. The next thing is, you are tired. Of course, you’re tired. That makes sense. You’re working for something that you want
to achieve. You’re going to get tired, but you’re not
so tired that you stop. So you have this sort of internal motivation
or energy that just doesn’t ever deplete itself. I guess the right way to put it is that you’re
not feeling defeated or depleted. Even though you’re working hard and you’re
mentally kind of tired, you still have energy to keep going. That energy is a clear sign to keep moving
forward and that you are on the right track and on the right path. The next thing is, you like being around the
people closest to you because, oftentimes, when you are feeling stuck or feeling like
you’re on the wrong path or on the wrong track, the people who are closest to you in your
life can be like these huge mirrors and they can basically just irritate the hell out of
you because they can show you like the worst parts of yourself sometimes or the things
that you wish you were doing. So if you’re finding yourself getting jealous
of people around you are easily irritated with people around you, it’s not about them. It’s generally something to do with you. You’re either jealous because they’re doing
something that you want to do or you’re upset because they’re holding you back from something
you really want to do. So that is a sign that you’re not on the right
track and you need to observe the relationships in your life because they are all mirrors
for yourself and the things that you want and the things that bug you most and the things
that you feel like you’re not doing enough of. So that’s really important to pay attention
to. The next thing is, you easily cut off friendships
or relationships that aren’t serving you. The reality is this, everything in your life
is either going to help you get closer to what you want to achieve or it’s going to
distract you or detract from what you want to achieve. That’s just the cold hard truth and it’s okay
if you know you want to have a night out with your friends, that’s okay. Just know that there is an opportunity cost
to that and you might be a little hung over the next day. Therefore, you’re not going to be able to
work towards your goal. If you know that and you’re okay with it,
cool. But when you’re on the right track, you’re
on the right path, it’s super easy for you to turn down things that are going to detract
from reaching your goals and cut off relationships or put relationships on hold or on pause because
they’re not serving that higher purpose that you want to achieve. The next thing is, you’re clear on your priorities
and there’s no procrastination. When you’re on the right path and you’re on
the right track, it’s really easy to identify what you need to be doing and what you don’t
need to be doing because, that’s probably the bigger thing, is that we can procrastinate
ourselves to death, but when you know you’re on the right track, you know exactly what
the next steps are. It’s easy to identify them and it’s easy to
take action on them. And so you’re not finding yourself in that
scroll hole or you’re not finding yourself doing these things to procrastinate. If you haven’t watched this video on how to
stop procrastinating, make sure you check it out. The next thing I wanted to touch on is, you
know you’re on the right track when you finally are hearing from other people and, this does
take time, but when you start hearing from other people around you, “Wow, you’re really
killing it. Huh? Look at you go Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of
you.” You shouldn’t always be looking for external
validation. But when people do start saying things like
that, hear them and listen to them because it’s almost like they’re little cheerleaders
in your life to tell you, you’re doing the right thing, keep going. Even if you feel like it’s hard, if there’s
other people around you who are like, wow, I can’t believe you’re able to accomplish
that, or look at all the things that you’ve done. It’s truly that you’re on the right track
and you’re doing the right thing. So don’t second guess herself. I know that this time of year is a little
challenging and tricky because we’re all trying to figure out where we want to go, what we
want to achieve this year, and it can feel super overwhelming and daunting. When everybody else is attacking their goals,
you’re sitting there being like, I don’t even know if I’m doing the right things. So I get that and I feel you on it. So I hope this video is helpful in figuring
out if you are on the right track, let me know in the comments what your big takeaway
was. Be sure to check out these videos to manifest
what you really want this year and also to make sure that you get unstuck and stop procrastinating. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell for
new videos every single week. And I can’t wait to see you in the next video. Bye.


    For the first 13 months of my carpentry business on Etsy I barely made $500/mo in sales. It was difficult but I knew if I didn’t quit, I’d succeed. Then like the flip of a switch, I started making $1,000/day in sales. If you know it’s what you really want to do DONT QUIT!

    Really you are an inspiration dear Sunny.Your videos are trulY feel it is the perfect tutorials.I am in India even your videos are useful for Chines and Japanese too.It means you are an international.Keep it up,go international.God bless you always.I am a strong fan of you!

    This video is so reassuring! It's so hard to work every day without getting any significant results. It often makes me wonder if I'm on the right path. But I am always excited to wake up in the morning and I never see the time pass, so this motivates me to keep pushing forward. Thank you!

    Currently what's im facing too often and my flow is off and currently working to remedy that.
    Thanks for helping confirm.. you rock , Sunny💓

    Thank you for this, Sunny. I Love doing YouTube. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’m constantly pushing through. 😊

    Thank for more great content. I've been considering a career change myself. Anytime I start researching or learning more about veterinary medicine, all the signs you mention appear. I can suddenly see solutions for obstacles that previously seemed impossible. Even tedious and hated tasks become easier. When I try to push myself forward toward my "real" or "I'm supposed to" goal, I get stuck. It's time for a course correction. Thank you again.

    Great pep talk Sunny. What you are saying is so true, sometimes just trying to determine if the items that we are putting into the channel are working can be a challenge. I am one of those types of people who keeps tinkering. Love your channel.

    Alignment and FLOW is SO IMPORTANT. I always have an easy time waking up in the morning but there was a period of time in corporate where I couldn't get up in the morning – and it's because I had fallen out of alignment or lost my passion somewhere along the line. Awareness is so important, try to figure it out and keep going! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

    Damn we really be getting videos back to back 😂 Appreciate the advice and hard work you put in to your content for us ❤️

    I've been pursuing what I want for 30 years and got nowhere close, but still working on it because it gives me pleasure.

    Hmm not sure I can agree with all of these, only because I see sooooo many clients struggle with fear and overwhelm and it just looks like fatigue, procrastination, etc. They ARE ON the right path but are missing one key shift, strategy, tool, aha moment, or answer, OR they’re just terrified of the unintended consequences of success (rarely success itself; usually just what ELSE it’ll mean) so it’s holding them back. On the flip side, I’ve seen clients who were on the wrong path but SO excited about it 😂 until they realized how wrong they were. So basically I think the topic is just more complex. We really need to look deeper at our values, our beliefs, our desires, our intuition to determine the direction we want to go…and maybe even realize there is no “right” path, just helpful and unhelpful choices that lead us closer to or further from our vision for ourselves.

    really needed to hear this- i believe that when we pursue our dreams and goals we all go through everything you mentioned in this video- sometimes things dont go our way and we are completely lost and other times we are so in flow and everything goes well. Knowing that success is not linear helps me get through the tough times and helps me enjoy the good times

    Thank you Sunny! I needed this video and pray that 2020 is better when it comes to adding more members to our group. I LOVE what I do and feel I'm on the right path but have had doubt thoughts since my membership is so small.

    All this really hits home right now because I got a cold and it is totally throwing me off track. I know I’ll be better in a week or two, but ugh, so frustrating right now as I felt I was just on the verge of getting into the flow again post holidays.
    Also, had a friend tell me he was proud of me a few days ago and I can’t express how good that felt. Let’s pay that one forward. If you know someone you are proud of, tell them!

    ok I need help with the what you said at 6:25 ; I am upset at the people closest to me not out of jealosy but because I beleive they are holding me back from being my best and that is my family; the only option I got is to move out which I am working on as I have taken a job but need to save up some money before I can do that- any advice for this ? everyday I wake up and want to move and it is causing me frustration and stress.

    OMG, WHY ARE YOU SAYING EXACTLY HOW I FEEL eg, the scroll phases lols I am an upcoming youtuber and waking up on the happy side of the bed because I'm working out is a game changer. Love the video. Thanks for the help.

    You know, that "in flow" and that it connects to health point is a good one. Most people don't realize they are living their lives with constant low grade stress. But that stress effects their health and they don't feel well.

    I’m coasting at the same amount and it hasn’t grown too much and what I do get I lose and it’s so frustrating it’s like why bother

    I truly needed this motivation today. Was getting to the point of giving up. This was definitely for me today. Thank you Sunny ☀️.

    Sunny!! Your videos lately have really helped me get in a better mindset. This one was a huge wake up call. I am always exhausted, I procrastinate, and everyone pisses me off 😅 about the only one I'm great at is cutting people or things off. I've known parts of my life haven't been positively fueling me for awhile and I am definitely gaining the courage to make big changes. Thank you!

    I agree, I don't know for others but working an average of 80 hours a week is easier for me than my old full time job. Sometimes it is hard to keep going when you don't see a lot of growth but it will come 🙂

    Thanks for the video. When the path to your dreams are so hard it’s good to hear from someone who’s gone through it.

    Perfect timing today! It’s good to look at our you’re feeling and how those around you are making you feel. So important to follow your gut and find your own way! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 great message ! Thank you 🙏🏻

    Thank you for this great video Sunny ! What a great way to check in on ourselves 😊 I can see clearly (more or less 😅) but I have a question: could you do a video on "Going from planning to actually doing" please? I know it has to do with a lack of self-discipline, which is my biggest flaw. I'm capable of creating a great plan and schedule, but when it comes to actually doing the things I planned… let's just say there's no one around anymore (meaning Netflix becomes my BFF 😅😂).

    Thank you for doing this video! I’m starting to embark on a new path, but I can’t just leave my day job…after all, I have to pay the rent. My question is: how do I stay positive knowing what I’m currently doing for a living is making me miserable? What I’m working towards might not see much of an income for years….heck, I might not ever be successful with it. Idk

    Dang Sunny, this was a great video! Everything really was a ✅ for me, but what especially resonated was that you start hearing “Dang, you’re killing it/Love what you’re doing/etc”. I just had a reader email me back about my last newsletter to say it really resonated with her. Feels so good. 🤗

    Wow talking to camera comes with great ease to you hence as always it touches the audience😊. And for the added benefit you're crazy beautiful 😍

    Thanks for the motivation. Start everything early each day 5:30 am. Sometimes though wonder if it is worth it. But then realize doing your best at an endeavor is better than not trying anything at all

    Sunny, thank you so much for sharing as much as you do. I've been determined for a while now to become a mindset coach and to get my channel started. Your videos have kept me motivated and I've learned so much. I feel like you're my personal business coach!! You're such an inspiration to me. Thank you for being awesome!!

    The first two signs mentioned are very common for people struggling with real (ie needs medication) anxiety and depression. People struggling with these want to succeed in their business more than anything and their mind (and mindset) fights them. I am one of those people, and people who aren't truly don't understand how much more work it takes to do things because of the heavy lifting needed for the mind and mindset.

    You really are amazing, Sunny. You have such a wealth of business knowledge and you're great at inspirational insights/motivational content. Thank you.

    Wow. This HIT HOME for me. So insightful and I couldn’t agree more. I think this might be my favorite video you’ve done thus far. 💪

    I remember around 5 years ago that I had moments on being on the right path. I could sit home a Saturday and knit products or write a blog post about creativity instead of going to a party, and it wasn’t a sacrifice. But I was in the wrong relationship without knowing it and I had also people around me that were not supportive, and my finances were dire. It can be easy in a situation like that to think that I’m not on the right path at all. I even had a moment where I thought I just heard crickets when I shared stuff “Maybe it’s not working, maybe it’s not for me” but it was and is.. because what I am building now was my dream then too even if a bit more refined. But I had let go of so many people & beliefs that I held onto to get fully on the right path. So I just want to say that it’s not necessarily what you think at first that is stopping you it can be a blind spot that is obvious to others but not always to you.

    Love your sincerity and transparency. This was a great message and very timely for so many people. Thanks Sunny for sharing!🌞💓

    Yes very much seeing signs that I hate my day job. I never feel this way when I’m filming or editing. Living for the weekend and hoping that can end soon! 🙏🏼❤️

    In the moment im here in the scroll hole!! Lol Great to see you crushing it and sharing value to these moments !!! Keep it up!!!…. And thx!!

    YouTube is the RIGHT PATH… I just know it… and go to the CARIBBEAN THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE POSSIBLE!!! Oh yeah

    Sunny! Always such a joy to see vids from you. One day I am going to work with you 🙂 Thanks for the great content!

    Nailed it! You talked about literally everything I feel and do. I know I'm on the right track but occasionally get held back by either finances or van trouble. My channel is about travel and vanlife which I absolutely love doing.. so when I'm stuck on one place it irritates the crap outta me. But my biggest challenge is techy stuff. It's a large learning curve for me to figure all this out but it is slowly coming together with your help and help from other channels.

    Scroll hole!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Love the concept, not the fact! jaja Been there Done That!

    Thank sooooooo much!!!! Perfect timing!

    Great video! In your manifesting vid I wanted 10k subscribers and I only had 5k and now I’m almost at 8k so I’m almost there just because I pushed myself after watching that video a few months ago 🙏🏽

    I had this odd sense of calmness about my youtube channel 2 weeks ago. Last year, I was like ugh, I can't find time, I don't know what videos to create, ugh I am not getting subscribers, blah blah blah, and all of a sudden I felt this calmness and release of tension around it. I feel like it is going to happen when it is supposed to, and I just have to keep doing what I know I need to be doing, IE one video a week, 30 minutes or so a day on interacting with others in the same space on instagram, and just consistently putting effort into it and that is all I can do. I let go of trying to control the outcome and I feel even more drawn to this path than ever before. Thank you for all of your inspiration and information. Love you!

    I get on daily 90 minute cat video scroll holes and my service based business is Travel which has nothing to do with cats. Smh

    Well Sunny, if what you say here is true, all evidence points that I am NOT on the right path lol! I’ve been in graduate school finishing my Masters in 6 months, working toward my doctorate. This is a goal that I have always thought I wanted. Talking going back for the past 12-15 years, but I kept needing to postpone parts of my education and training due to growing my family, my husbands work relocation, multiple house moves.

    Two years ago when I finally restarted school I was so excited and determined that this time I would succeed. Except that I have been plagued with doubts and struggle for the past 8 months or so.

    In your checklist, I have most of the things you mentioned towards the negative. Excited to get out of bed? Hahaha! Quite the opposite.

    No procrastination? I have become the queen of procrastination. I pretty much dread all my assignments for the week or the class. Yes when I read the books sometimes I get excited and enjoy the intellectual stimulation and the ideas of pursuing this or that. I like empowering myself with knowledge not everyone has and the idea of helping others in a meaningful way. Yet. I no longer enjoy writing papers, kinda hating exams, just want the courses to be done as soon as they begin lol! Probably not the best sign.

    Also when i try to envision myself in the career options for this degree, tbh none of them thrill me. Thrill aside it’s more like a feeling of dread or at least aversion like it’s all too much, too complex, and my main aspirations is to simplify and streamline my life. This career track often leads to burn out, and at least requires huge time commitments and energy. When in reality, my wish would be to free up more time to prioritize my family, home, and spiritual pursuits. Now I almost don’t care anymore if I succeed in school.

    You mentioned the scroll hole. Definitely I do this! Used to be YouTube (during school breaks got super excited to pursue growing my channel again but a few months ago during an intense course load I immediately lost all extra time in my week to go on Youtube pretty much ever). So can a scroll hole look like suddenly ditching the work I’m supposed to be doing to watch hours of Netflix? Haha. That just started this week!

    Sorry for the book but just thought to share how much I relate to (the opposite) signs of being on the right path for career and livelihoods.

    Wondering if you have some advice for this? 💕xo

    I feel great about what I am doing, and when I look back to even a couple months ago I see crazy growth in how much I've learned and developed my skills on youtube. I have strangers message me and tell me they love my content…but…its so small, and I get feedback in facebook groups that I am too niche ( book cover photography how-tos) Is there such thing as TOO niche? Oh an i should change my thumbnails to red and yellow to catch attention. Is advice from other small youtubers just bad advice? Honestly its the thing thats making me the most insecure and worried about my channel. Should I just leave fb small youtuber groups?

    Yes!!! This video just inspired me to get off my a$$ and film the intro to my video to post! I needed motivation and this video appeared on my feed as a message from the universe lol thank you so much Sunny!

    Feeling of Overwhelmed, not stuck. Would prefer to drown myself in work and procrastinate here & there whenever exhaustion kicks in (no scrolling) rather than consume things that will destroy my mind/body/spirit which I’ve already lived that life. Difference between a workaholic, alcoholic and addict…. the workaholic will always have something to show for.

    I feel excited but I haven’t even started yet 😩. Fear smh but this is soooo true. I’ve cut off people I’ve known for 11 years and even my mom. Deleted Facebook AND Snapchat. I’m a social media junky but I just can’t make the first move.

    Love this! The fact that I'm excited to wake up in the morning to work and can easily say no to things that don't serve me now tells me I'm on the right path, even if it sometimes feels challenging! Thanks for an awesome video!!

    Ha Ha, I thought I was on the right track, but now I have doubts. I am energized to be doing my outdoor food Blog and Channel and seeking affiliate links and opportunities. I can sit and plan for hours, but I struggle with productivity because I haven't done the right kind of planning. Keyword research yes, recipe prep, and on-location filming is where I am weak. I have recently started using Trello, after you suggested it, and I found an online mini-course. It has helped me narrow down my task list into specific steps and specific sequence. Now that I have a system for repeating the process every time, combined with all of your suggestions, I feel supercharged toward my goal. 2020 is the year I finally start earning more than 0$. 2020 is the year I grow my audience, and email list. 2020 is the year I truly make this my business rather than just a hobby. Thank You Sunny!

    Are you kidding me?? Talk about perfect timing. I literally spent the entire day yesterday contemplating everything I’m doing. This video could not have come at a better time! Thank you! Sometimes it’s really nice just to have a few checkpoints to contrast whether all these big picture ideas are all in alignment.

    This video truly helped me out when I needed it the most, thank you!

    Biggest takeaway.. listening to my cheerleaders.. I always think they’re just being nice because they’re my friends. But I know they’re being genuine ❤️

    The timing of this video is just 👌🏻
    I posted a video yesterday and it's not performing well and I started thinking, 'Maybe I'm just really shit at it and I should stop?'
    Later looked at my fb spam inbox and found a message from a complete stranger saying how much they like my videos. So yeah.. As I said, what an interesting timing 😉
    Some great reminders, Sunny 💜

    A really lovely vid thanks Sunny.The excitement to get up is a big one.I am now excited to get up and work on free channel promos for people it's a good feeling.Thanks for your ongoing support.James The Middle class wrapper

    Something to add to that is when your sick and your ill, if you're still excited like I am about my channel to get up and do a video, then you're on the right track. when you're sick life kinda sucks, but I'm still looking forward to making a video, posting it and having that be there to help people with their health and well-being.

    So for me I would say the biggest factor is when you're sick, if you're still motivated to do what makes you happy then you know you're for sure on the right track.

    Thanks! I’ve been distancing myself from Instagram intentionally because I would be on there for a ridiculous amount of time and the day would get away from me.

    I LOVE this list and it’s all completely true! I’m totally in the right path and that made me love this list more!

    My website problem is getting extremely low session durations. People spend only one second on my website and I don't know why. I hope you can help me 😀👍

    Watch out for that scroll hole!! Totally going to be a phrase flying around our house from now on. 😁😁 Also listening to our cheerleaders… definitely can allow us to get into that positive mindset of abundance!! Awesome vid!! Thank you Sunny!!❤❤❤

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