How Content Marketing Helps Your Online Presence

Hi guys. Today we are going to be looking
at how content marketing can help your overall online presence, and this video is really
aimed at businesses and organisations that need to get a better understanding of what
content marketing is and how it can help with your overall online presence. This is slightly
different to understanding more about your goals and objectives, because they need to
be a bit more specific to what is it that you want. For that, I do recommend that you
check out of one John Waghorn’s videos, which is all about goal setting and understanding
about how to set goals within the context of content marketing. So, for today, we’re
just going to give you a top level overview of those ways in which content marketing can
help with online presence. Best place to start is within your organic
SERPs. Now every time you create a piece of content that sits on a page, you’re giving
yourself a better ability for that piece of content to rank within the search engines
result page. This moves nicely on to creating content that actually gets picked up on a
variety of other sites, so external sites. Now, if you create something that’s truly
unique, might be a survey or a poll or you might have some insights and data that’s really
specific to the client that you are working on, that gives yourself a better chance of
any of that content that you create off the back of it to be picked up by industry publications,
industry news sites, it might be regional news, it might be national news. Whatever
it maybe, every time that you create something and it gets picked up, naturally, you’re going
to get additional exposure, either the piece of content gets exposure or your brand gets
exposure. You might have an citation within there. You might even acquire a link. Now this brings us nicely on to the third
point — link acquisition. The job of a content marketer within SEO isn’t so much to build
links. It’s to create something that’s really targeted towards a specific audience so that
naturally it’s going to acquire links in the long run. This will then help with the overall
SEO process. So this, in its entirety, really helps with online exposure. Fourthly, you are looking at something that
we call page one domination. So it kind of goes back to that organic SERPs that we were
talking about at the start. If you create something with the intention of your brand
appearing within the organic search engine results page, this will really help to increase
online exposure and online presence. So page one domination, basically, is a way
in which you can create a piece of content that’ going to be put on a high ranking authority
site, whether that might be a social profile, it might be a publication of some description.
Every time that people search for your brand, that content that’s on that site will appear.
So page one domination is another way in which you can achieve that. Then finally, I just want to wrap this up
by talking about social media. Social media can help massively. It’s inextricably linked
with the SEO process now. So any good SEO will tell you that, when it comes to social
media, this is a huge ranking factor when it comes to your site ranking within Google.
This might be a piece of content that ranks, or it might be the site itself that ranks,
and the reason being because social signals can tell Google and they can tell search engines
a lot about the authority of that particular piece. So social signals in themselves, and by that
I mean things like tweets, I mean Facebook likes, I mean sort of LinkedIn likes, I’m
talking about Google plus ones, that type of thing. The more of those views that you
can acquire off a piece of content, the better. That, again, helps increase your online exposure
amongst other groups within those social media platforms, but also it helps, again, for a
website for that piece of content to rank well. Then finally, we’re talking about community
building, again, which is tied in to social media. The more your content can help facilitate
and increase the number of followers that you get on a social media platform — Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn — the better. So in another way, content helps online exposure because
it’s helping to build those communities. It’s helping people to interact, to share, and
to communicate. So that wraps it up. Those are some top level
overviews of why and how content marketing can help with your overall online presence.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact us or visit any
of the social profiles coming up now.

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