How Activision reached over 2 million subscribers on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

How Activision reached over 2 million subscribers on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

I’m Jonathan Anastas and I run all digital
social and mobile marketing at Activision. As the leader of digital global at Activision
my job entails overseeing all of our websites, all of our social media channels and all of
our mobile activations. Activision Publishing is the largest game publisher in the world.
Our key franchises are Call of Duty, Skylanders, and Destiny. One of the great things about
being a marketer at Activision Publishing is we work with the greatest franchises in
gaming and we get to do it at a scale that is unmatched. I believe gaming differs from
other categories in terms of its unique mix of a piece of entertainment marketing, a piece
of classic packaged goods marketing and it’s like working on a technology business all
at once. One thing that works to our advantage is the
content itself is highly, highly engaging. We need to sell more games that anybody else
to a game audience that’s only growing. With more than a billion MAUs YouTube has that
scale. When you need to sell 25 million games that billion number is super important. As
video game sales move digitally we’re actually able to see an attribution path better than
ever before. Now I can a click stream from a video view
to an online sale. We’re seeing higher than average click-through rates on video platforms
and we’re seeing a higher conversion. So we’re really trying to optimize our annotations
to really get a much tighter connection between a video view and a sale. We started with how
many views can you get and now we’re looking at how much top value can you get and ultimately
how many sales can you get. When we made a conscience decision to lean into YouTube influencers
and, in essence, put our brand in their hands that was viewed as a huge risk and now our
influencer program delivers literally hundreds of millions of views for our key franchises
every year. With high positive sentiment, we see that
it drives purchase intent and that came from turning the keys of perfection over to people
who have built audiences on YouTube even larger than ours. We’re the number one game franchise
channel we stand at over two million subscribers, over half a billion views. We’re now the number
seven brand overall on YouTube. It mirrors the basic tenants we hold across the company
from YouTube’s success which is make incredible content, house it on your own channels and
bring eyeballs to you and create your own brand’s proprietary formula a paid earned
and owned promotion. Because if you just drop an asset in the wild, that’s not enough anymore.


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