[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | ๐Ÿ˜‚ YONDU SIBLINGS ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ultimate Mission Penalty!! XD (ENG SUB)

[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN]  | ๐Ÿ˜‚ YONDU SIBLINGS ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ultimate Mission Penalty!! XD (ENG SUB)

– Honey butter sweet potato.
– What is that? (Honey butter sweet potatoes
await them.) – Gosh, they look delicious.
– What are these? (Sweet honey and soft butter
inside sweet potatoes) Sweet potatoes. – They smell amazing.
– Sweet potatoes, butter, and honey. – So Min.
– Don’t put your nose in them. (Did she put her nose in them?) – So Min.
– Don’t put your nose in them. They smell so nice. My nose didn’t touch them. It’s okay even if it did.
We are a family. He is generous. Jong Kook, do you like So Min? (Do you like So Min?) Sometimes… (Does he like me as well?) (He feels sad for some reason.) I feel uncomfortable. Jong Kook, do you like me? (She shows off her charms.) – Come on.
– You need a beating… to come to your senses. (Scared) It’s time for the final mission
to acquire the upgraded version… of a famous winter snack,
honey butter sweet potatoes. – The final mission.
– Sweet potatoes. Don’t Cross the Line. – Don’t Cross the Line?
– What is that? (What is that?) It’s what you see at the beach. – You throw a coin.
– You win prizes that way. I know this game. Each member will throw an R coin
on a panel with squares… ranging from 50 cents to 10 dollars. If the total amount in 2 rounds is
25 dollars or greater, the mission is a success. The R coin needs to land
within the boundary. If it lands on the line,
you fail to win money. The lines are quite thick. There aren’t many 10-dollar squares. You can hit and push
each other’s coin. We will get started
when you say, “Here I go.” – I will go first. Here I go.
– Let’s go. (Jong Kook goes first!) This is hard. It will be hard to get
the 10-dollar squares. (The 10-dollar squares are smaller.) (Jong Kook lowers his body…) (and throws the coin.) There you go. (The coin slides.) – Two dollars.
– Okay. (He wins 2 dollars right away!) We are off to a good start. We are… – What?
– We are off to a good start. We are off to a good start, are we? Good job. I will hold your hand. Lean forward. It will be fine
as long as your feet stay in. – Okay. There you go.
– There you go. – Let’s go a bit further.
– A bit further. This is cool.
We look really cool right now. (Are you sure about that?) (Approaching) Pull. I will lean forward. – This is good.
– Pull harder. Hey, So Min is watching. (Knowing that So Min is watching
makes him falter.) (What is up with him?) Do I look okay? Seriously. So Min’s facial expression
is so oily. (I will cheer for Se Chan.) (Their position is set!) You look like a hero right now. Let me go a bit further. (He carefully throws the coin
like a hero!) So Min is watching. (Se Chan has So Min’s support.) (What will be the result?) (The coin lands
on a 10-dollar square!) (He succeeded to acquire
10 dollars.) (Everyone is excited.) (The total becomes 12 dollars
in 2 turns.) Let’s do this. We won’t get
this kind of chance again. – You looked so cool.
– Really? – That was amazing.
– I would like to remind you that… the member in last place
won’t get a chance… to win more candies
if this mission ends successfully. You won’t get a chance
to hand in candies. Let me explain.
If this mission ends successfully, we won’t get to bet our candies. – The rankings will stay the same.
– We won’t hand in candies. The rankings will stay the same. We still need to succeed
in this mission. What is it, Kwang Soo? – But…
– It’s worrisome even if we succeed. The person in last place
should be careful. Okay. Just be careful not to hit the coin
on the 10-dollar square. (Kwang Soo made up his mind
to do something evil.) (It’s Haha’s turn.) (Throwing) (50 cents) (I could have gotten 10 dollars.) At least we got 50 cents. – It suits you.
– 50 cents suit you. No coins are on the lines. Everyone did a good job. – No coins are on the lines.
– Everyone did a good job. We have 12.50 dollars. Hold on. Kwang Soo is practicing
to hit the coins. That’s not true. (Earlier) (His eyes are on the coin
on the 10-dollar square.) (He wants to hit the coin.) That’s not true. I was trying out new methods. (He becomes wary of Kwang Soo.) Let’s see what Kwang Soo does. Ji Hyo. (Kwang Soo gives her a lift.) Make sure your feet stay behind. – Make sure your feet stay behind.
– This is a good idea. You can do it. It looks promising. – This is a good form.
– This is a good idea. Make sure your feet stay behind.
I will hold your feet. This is the best.
She will get 10 dollars for sure. There you go. – Ji Hyo.
– Throw lightly. (Ji Hyo is ready.) Ji Hyo, get 10 dollars. (She just needs to throw
the coin lightly.) (Will the airplane method succeed?) (Lifting) (Kwang Soo lifts Ji Hyo up.) (He did it
as Ji Hyo threw the coin.) (What will be
the result of his action?) – Do it lightly.
– Come on. That was close. (She could have gotten 3 dollars.) Her aim was nice. (She didn’t add more money.) (My goodness.) – Her aim was nice.
– What? Why did you kick? (Why did you kick in the end?) (He got caught.) (Did he kick?) Three dollars. Go for a three-dollar square. Stop worrying and throw. (Throwing) (It lands on a line.) (The total is still 12.50 dollars.) – I missed.
– It’s on a line. – This is hard.
– 1 dollar or 1.50 dollars. (Jae Seok throws.) – Gosh, I missed.
– Did you miss? (Jae Seok fails.) (Thank goodness.) So Min. – That’s good.
– There you go. I wish it had gone a bit further. – I was close.
– She really looked like a frog. (They have 12.50 dollars
left to go.) – I haven’t gone yet.
– Do you want me to lift you up? Yes. – Do you?
– Yes. – Wait. He might do something weird.
– No, I won’t. Haha. – Haha.
– He can get… Haha. – He can get the 10-dollar square.
– Haha. (The squares are really close
to Kwang Soo.) (With 10 candies, Kwang Soo is
likely to receive a penalty.) (If the mission ends successfully,
he won’t get to move up the ranks.) (The coin on the 10-dollar square
is the biggest obstacle.) (I need to hit that coin
on the 10-dollar square.) (Dropping) (He drops the coin.) Hey! Hold on. He dropped it. He dropped it. (Nerves make him lose his grip.) (I need to hit that coin!) He is acting strange. – He is acting strange, right?
– No, no. Why did you aim for this square? (Throwing) (Let me hit that coin.) (I hope this mission fails.) (The 1st round ends
with a total of 12.50 dollars.) – See?
– He is acting strange. (JI Hyo, Jong Kook, Se Chan,
and Kwang Soo won 2.50 dollars.) (It’s So Min’s turn.) I am sorry, but would you help her
with her form? (Would you help your girlfriend
with her form?) I don’t think she knows
what she is doing. Hold my hand. – Hold my hand.
– Okay. (The two married men are excited
for their sake.) Hold my hand. (Romantic) Hold my hand well, you little… (Hold my hand well, you little…) (Her words are as wild as her love.) – Se Chan won’t let go.
– No, I won’t. Let me support your weight.
There you go. – There you go.
– The power of love! (Throwing) The power of love! (She got 1.50 dollars.) – 1.50 dollars.
– 1.50 dollars. Good job. (They need to get 8.50 dollars.) – Why are you sweating so much?
– It’s hot in here. – It’s over if we get 10 dollars.
– It’s over if we get 10 dollars. – How many of us haven’t gone yet?
– I haven’t gone yet. – Haha.
– I really hope we succeed. You never know what will happen
in a variety show. Why don’t you sit down more? (His tone isn’t polite.) (Despite being 10 years younger,
Jong Kook uses a casual tone.) – Why should I do that?
– You are standing up too much. It’s okay. Just throw the coin. – Gosh, that won’t do.
– 1.50 dollars. It’s okay. We are closer to our goal. – It’s time to get 10 dollars.
– 10 dollars. Haha, let’s do this. Throw it. (They succeed if Haha’s coin lands
on a 10-dollar square.) (Will Haha be able
to finish the mission?) (He throws the coin!) (Haha throws the coin…) (and it rolls
towards the 10-dollar square!) (Will it land
on a 10-dollar square?) (It touches the line
of a one-dollar square.) (Haha fails to get money.) – I thought he got it.
– Me too. – He passed by it.
– That was close. He touched the line. – This is hard.
– It’s all on you. You’re an expert
at these kinds of things. You can do it. You will be a hero. You always pull through
in difficult circumstances. (It’s all up to Jae Seok!) (As soon as he inserted,
the pirate popped out.) (He turns a crisis
into an opportunity.) (Whenever he threw darts,) (he always hit the bullseye.) (Jae Seok shines
during the most difficult time.) (Will he carry the team
this time as well?) Should I get closer? Kwang Soo’s plane is not bad. – His airplane?
– It’s not bad. You know, right?
He’s on the opposite side. You don’t know
what he’s going to do. I won’t let go. (Trust me, Jae Seok.) (Raising) Hold on.
You just raised me with your feet. No, no. (You just raised me with your feet.) He raised his feet? I was getting in the right position. (Don’t be mistaken.) – Are you sure?
– I was getting in position. (He trusts Kwang Soo once more
and leans his body.) Go for 10 dollars. (They make a plane,) (and he tosses.) (He tossed it.) (They need 7 more dollars.
If he gets 10, then they win.) (If he fails, the mission is over.
They won’t have sweet potatoes.) (What is the result?) (The coin rolls toward 10 dollars.) (Will miracles come true?) (Cheering) Wait. (He landed on 10 dollars.) (It touched the line though.) It didn’t touch the line. – It did.
– It didn’t. (They are 7 dollars short.) – That was so close.
– That was close. – That was so close.
– That really was. You failed this round. (Don’t Cross the Line is a fail.) You failed this round. (Kwang Soo is relieved.) (Candy Booth reopens for Kwang Soo
to turn the game around.) I almost had 10 dollars. That was really close. It was 1mm. The range this time is… (Range: 17 to 27) 17 to 27. – 27?
– It’s less. (Within range: win double,
Outside of range: lose all) They adjusted it. If we bet 3 each, then it’s 24. The person who thinks
they’re in last place… – will hand in everything.
– Right. That’s how
they can turn this around. To stop that,
we can’t just bet less. – We either bet nothing…
– Or go over. or go over. We have to predict
how many they have. – Se Chan first.
– Should I start? (Se Chan goes first.) I feel like I’m in first place. (He has 18 candies in total.) (Thinking) (Current Number of Candies) I’m not going to bet any. – You’re not going to bet?
– Yes. I’m betting none. I have to win first place. All right. (He wants the penalty exemption,
so he bets 0.) Will we go over? Will that happen? This is complicated. – Right?
– I don’t even know. (Ji Hyo has 15 candies in total.) I’ll bet two. (She bets 2.) Is this the right choice? I’ll leave it up to fate.
I’ll keep 10, and bet five. I’ll bet some. (Jong Kook hands in 2 out of 19.) Good work. I won’t bet too low or too high. (Jae Seok hands in 3 out of 15.) (Haha hands in 7 out of 19.) (Current number of candies: 19) I’ll go. (Seok Jin hands in 0 out of 15.) (7 members made their bets.) This is giving me a headache. (Kwang Soo goes last.) (Spilling) Wait. This is giving me a headache. I have 10. That’s unchanged. – 17 to 27?
– Yes. Let’s say everybody bet 2 to 3 each. 16 to 27. (If he bets 9, then they go over.) I have to bet seven for sure.
But if we go over… (What will happen if we go over?) Let me think about that scenario. If we go over, I’m still last place. (He realizes it quickly.) I have to do this. I have to get within the range. So, what’s the maximum I can bet? (He has to get within the range,
and win double.) Wait. Three to start. If I do all 10, then we’ll go over. (If I do all 10,
then we’ll go over.) Did they bet or not? (It depends on how many candies
the members bet.) Hold on. I’m going to bet seven for sure. (He bets 7.) What should I do with these three? This is driving me insane. Should I bet just one more? – Let me bet 1 more. That’s 8.
– Okay. Never mind. We might go over by one. We were within the range
by one earlier. Should I bet one more or not? If they bet three each… No. There’s no way they would do that.
One more. I bet one more. At eight, I will stop. (Current number: 27) – I bet 8.
– Okay, I got 8. (Pausing) (If he bets one more, they go over.) (He will be in last place.) I will stop. (He makes up his mind
for the 3rd time) (Stopping) 3 times 7 is 21. Let me bet one more.
This is the last time. One more. (Hesitating) I hate this. I don’t want to be Yondu
and sell fish-shaped buns. I’m going crazy. (He doesn’t want the penalty.
How many did he bet in the end?) – He’s back.
– Is he back? (Kwang Soo returns
after betting his candies.) – Why are you running back?
– He has none left. He went all-in. He’s all-in.
I don’t hear anything rustling. No, I didn’t. Let’s see how this ends. The result is shocking. (The total amount is shocking) Really? Kwang Soo must have won. (Did Kwang Soo
turn the game around?) Oh, dear. 17 to 27 was the range. The number of candies
submitted is… (Each person made their bets
without telling each other.) (If they fall within the range,
they win double what they bet.) (If they’re out of the range,
they lose what they bet.) (Is the total between 17 to 27?) 28. – Fail.
– We went over. (That’s the total submitted.) Fail. You failed by one. (A moment earlier) (I don’t want to be Yondu
and sell fish-shaped buns.) (He was afraid of the penalty.) (Gosh) (He ate a candy
because it made him suffer.) – I’ll hand it in. That’s 9.
– You ate 1. (He bet 9 in total.) Nine. You have none left. Yes, nine. I’ll bet all. (He made the wrong decision.) (The total is 28,
so they go over by 1.) You failed by one. – Should I announce first place?
– Yes. (We know who’s in last place.) The person in first place is… (1st place will be exempted
from the penalty.) It was very close. Se Chan wins with 18. Se Chan wins with 18. (Se Chan is 1st place.) Come on! – He didn’t bet any.
– Come on! I didn’t. (He didn’t bet any.) (Se Chan is exempted
from the penalty.) He didn’t bet any? I’m first place. Se Chan was in last place
after the 1st round with 6. Right. Really? – You were the one who bet.
– I bet four. – He won.
– I went all-in in the second round. I knew it. – Jong Kook.
– I knew you would win. – That punk.
– We knew it. (That punk.) I can’t believe
I’m doing business with this guy. – You’re exempted from the penalty.
– Exempted. (2nd place gets announced next.) Jong Kook is in 2nd place with 17. (Jong Kook is in 2nd place.) – By 1.
– I bet 2. Seok Jin is in 3rd place with 15. Next is Ji Hyo with 13. Haha and Jae Seok were tied… – They tied?
– at 12. Then what? So Min and Kwang Soo? And So Min is in 7th place with 10. The person in last place
is Kwang Soo. Penalties will be given to… Kwang Soo and So Min. (They have to dress up as Yondu
and sell fish-shaped buns.) They can pick one person
to go with them. – Se Chan, you are exempt.
– Yes. Let’s talk. (They get to pick 1 person
to join them.) Let’s talk. (Please, not me.) Let’s talk. Who do you want to pick? (Kwang Soo says a name.) – One person will join them.
– Why? – This is cruel.
– Why? We’ll pick. (They get to pick one person…) (to join them
and sell fish-shaped buns together.) (Fish-shaped buns taste great
in the cold weather.) (To express their gratitude
to their fans,) (they’ll be selling fish-shaped buns
in the middle of the street.) (Who are the lucky 3
up for the job?) (Younger son Kwang Yondu) (He’s an expert in playing mutants.) (Adorable daughter Jeon Yondu) (You can’t beat the original.) (Who’s the last member
joining them?) (Oldest son Kook Yondu) (They called out members
who were exempt.) (They left one at a time.) (Jong Kook and Haha were
left behind.) – Jong Kook.
– Jong Kook. (Jong Kook was the last person.) (Haha was exempt.) – Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Thank you very much. Thank you very much, you two. (Jong Kook got the penalty.) Goodness. Let’s go. (Jong Kook tried to stop Kwang Soo
from messing up.) (The Yondu trio is formed.) (He’s bitter.) Please come over. (They’ll be expressing gratitude
for all the support they got.) – There are 70 made.
– Okay. One person can make 30 more. – Two of you can hand them out.
– Okay. (She starts making
ones filled with red beans.) (Daughter Jeon Yondu is in charge.) – Hello.
– If you would like… some fish-shaped buns,
come on over. We’ll give fish-shaped buns
out for free. We’ll give them out for free. It’s good. We’re not weirdos. Don’t retreat. – I’m Jong Kook. He’s Kwang Soo.
– Right. – Hello.
– Hi. (They have their first customers.) – I washed my hands.
– Give them two each. I’ll give you a red bean
and a choux cream. – Here you go.
– Thank you. Bye. All right. – The 2 of you…
– We’d like 6. – We should give out two each.
– Yes. Right. You were pretty shocked,
weren’t you? – Bye.
– All of these… – Kwang Soo.
– Take a photo with me. A photo? Sure. (Their fish-shaped buns
are delicious.) – Should we put them in the cups?
– Okay. In the paper cups? – Let’s give them out in the cups.
– Okay. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. You’re done with your penalty. Thank you. She’s Yondu. – All right.
– Okay. We’re Yondu Siblings. I knew that things were
going too well today. (I’m sorry for choosing you.) I never get that lucky, you know. I eventually had to do the penalty. (Clenching his teeth) Well, this is just getting started. It’s really funny to see them
fight with the makeup. This is hilarious. Talking to each other
with the makeup… makes me feel like
I’m watching a musical. (“Yondu:
Ill-Fated Relationship Reboot”)


    I laugh not because of the games.. But their interaction as family and siblings.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ They really make us laugh so hard with such penalty too… Hahaha..
    The moment kwang soo thinks too much.. ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚

    YJS: Jong kook, do you like So Min?

    KJK: LauGh

    So Min: shows off her charm with her cute voice Do you like me?

    KJK: still laughing but then turned serious You need a beating to come to your senses.

    So Min: scared af


    I can't believe So Min is 33, do girls her age act like her or is it just her thing? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Because I find that attractive.

    Jongkok never denied it, he just laugh when being accuse of liking somin๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
    With other female artist, he will always using his head denying๐Ÿคญ๐Ÿคญ

    I canโ€™t understand why Sechan and Somin are acting that way, I havenโ€™t watched many eps so can someone explain? Is it just in a joking way ?

    See them working soooooooooooo hard for sweet potatoes!!! Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah…… Life is sure fun with friends/ family!!! And for somin, Hahahahahah I just don't know what to say, her "clowness " ( if there's a word like that) ( lolzz) is on a different level( from normal) hahahahahahahahahaha… Greetings from Lagos , Nigeria.

    i'm looking forward for more lady who sells fish shaped bun , the girl with the lpmg nostrils and gibeom sunbaenim in the future

    Did you see how Somin went to Ji Hyo's back when Jong Kook threatened her? that's because SJH got power against KJK. That's only given when a woman is someone important to that man. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    JSM is hilarious and loves to see how she handled awkward situations when KJK could only laugh (awkwardly) when he was teased by YJS : KJK, do u like somin๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ … I'd say she's a genius

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    kebetulan lagi PROMO potongan 50Cek ig kita yah kak
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    Yukk di order kak ๐Ÿ™‚

    Somin second Yondu makeup is better than the previous ones. Look at their expressions on thumbnail and it was funny with the addition of lks and kjk as a trio of yondu gang. Donโ€™t forget the yondu-fish shapes bun seller, she deserved a credit for inspiring this penalty.

    Just stop with the love line. Somin already funnynwuth her crazy act…. Thing only get awkward if they keep pushing love line like this

    As soon as I saw kwang soo's face with the yondu makeup, I immediately imagined han gi beom with yondu makeup I- sksksksksks

    What is this sudden loveline..it is fully forcing one to be a couple..and they don't even match the frequency..

    KJK received the question multiple times, but it is, a one of a kind answer he gave.
    Aren't you gonna deny with that "anyaaaa" of yours?
    Welcome to blue faces group btw xd

    0:22 โ€œitโ€™s okay even if it did, we are a familyโ€ jongkook has said the same thing like this too back in the day. it was in the ep 19 lol he said this quite often

    Itโ€™s so boring not like the old running man … they donโ€™t hav a proper mission it doesnโ€™t have to b physical .. yoomes bond wasnโ€™t physical many episodes in the past werenโ€™t physical .. it used to b too gud .. now itโ€™s like so boring watching the same comedy piece again and again done by over acting somin and se chan .. honestly they arenโ€™t even that funny and love line between them is not even interesting… itโ€™s high time that Pd brings some good mission and stops focusing on somin alone .. ther are 8 members… and all over the world v watch it for 8 members not jus somin … get jihyo haha Kwangsoo ji suk Jin proper airtime and proper missions …

    This episode really show the bonding of 9012 RM family. And plus Somin hug Jihyo at the intro is so sweet. So to all haters either to Somin or Jihyo just shut up and enjoy the show ๐Ÿ™‚

    Guys i believed kjk like her .. if you notice Haha reaction more like ignoring the conversation + shock inside .. it was me when i'm getting expose with something . Maybe he don't know how to react because it's true . Or maybe he knew it already .Maybe ๐Ÿค— .. you know what i mean ?


    I really think that jongkook like somin since spartace forced relationship because jongkook being shy when somin next to him

    Before, Haha asked somin if she likes JK. Now, Jaesuk asked JK if he likes somin. Lol, even the members are suspicious about them๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Its not a sin anyway, they're not blood related family.

    this episode is making me question the true nature of jong kook and somin's relationship outside running man. seems that they've definitely gotten closer. all the fanmade compilation videos are also making me question. omg. is there really something going on between those two? you can see on certain shots it's as if they're in their own world…. omg.. they're making me want to fast forward to the weekend faster!! LOL. somin definitely has her own colour and charms.

    It's strange that Haha, who always ships JK with other girls as if he's paid by sbs to do so, kinda tries to distance JK and SM. In Mom's Diary he denied their rls immediately when Jongmin questioned them even before JK did. And he has been very indifferent with their interaction in RM instead of playing along or teasing them like he did before.

    I liked how sechan felt uncomfortable when somin was teased with jongkook hahahaha looking forward to their playful love triangle haha

    When other members got penalty and they can choose one member, 90% they will pick Kwangsoo, while Kwangsoo got penalty, 100% he will pick Jongkook. Hahaha!

    16:43 we have know that jong kook will get the penalties because before the video played…. It has jong kook face๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Wow, running man just keeps on getting more funnier since itโ€™s crisis moment! Having more and more faith in making running man number 1 again!

    Jong Kook looks pretty good with the fake beard but I doubt he will ever grow one ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    With the Yondu hairstyle and beard Kwangsoo just looked like a hoodlum lol

    Adding my own thoughts… ๐Ÿ˜‚ (the bolded letters below)

    YJS: Jong Kook, do you like So Min?
    KJK: (laughs)
    YJS: Sometimes… (wasnโ€™t able to finish since kjk kept on laughing)
    JSM: Oppa, do you like me?
    KJK: You need a beating to come to your senses… that I really do like you.

    I mean, hey, he did not deny it! ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ’•โœจ

    + Before all this clip, when they were on their way to this place from the restaurant, on the bus kjk said that he was hurt that jsm chose to sit next to ysc than to his. They were next to each when they were on the bus to the restaurant and in the restaurant as well. :((

    AAHHHHHH!! My kookmin hearteu~ ๐Ÿ’“

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