THIS is honestly where DC does NOT get it. It's ok to have shows like this for the "adults"… That's fine… BUT, if they want their characters and business to PROSPER and start picking up in numbers AGAIN (comics and memorabilia sales are WAY down), DC needs to start making shows for BOTH, the parents and their children to watch. The majority of their shows are "adult oriented", and it is NOT helping with their future whatsoever. DC's goal should be to inspire future generations of followers and fans to keep their business and these characters thriving. This show does look fun, but once again its only for adults… It won't be long until they're injecting politics (causing it to veer far off the source material), feminism, sjw propaganda, and other "adult oriented" subject matters into it and upsetting half their audience (i.e. see Titans, Doom Patrol, Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, etc., etc., etc.). DC needs to get solid shows (based off the source material) where parents can sit down with their kids and watch together (i.e. see Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman:The Animated Series, Superman:The Animated Series, Static Shock, Batman Beyond, etc.).

    This just looks awful…I mean it might be barely passable as a movie, but is this supposed to be like a new series? Can't see it lasting

    Everyone is going crazy about how good this is! I don’t have DCUniverse, but I can’t wait to watch it when I get HBOMax! Can’t wait!

    DC im a big fan dont try being like Marvel they are trash. Marvel its more childish, DC you got to embrace your dark characters

    I will call dc now just Harley Quin company
    Coz now the priorities of DC now is a crazy person with baseball bat
    The don’t care about superman or batman or green lantern ( or any original DC character) just Harley Quin

    I watched the first episode of Harley Quinn today and found it wanting it had too much violence and blood and it was lacking a story I hope it gets better

    90% of DC's animated stuff turns out great, then there is great stuff that is criminally underrated (Batman the Brave and the Bold) and there are rare not so good ones. I wonder where this will fall.

    Watched Episode 1. It was actually really funny! A lot of really good comedic actors doing the voices. I love that they got Diedrich Bader to do Batman. Didn’t watch Batman: The Brave and The Bold until a few months ago and it was actually a very underrated show. I will watch the rest of season 1 for sure.

    Look at how she holds the bat in the thumbnail. Did the person drawing never pick up a bat?xD I already know this show will be bad

    Bad artstyle, very childish, yet the series is supposedly intended for mature audiences? Yeah right. You know it's gonna be watched by minors, you use it as an excuse to include all the cussing. DC = corruption of the youth. Other than that, it's also pushing the feminist agenda and probably even more political issues, but unless I hear something, I wont be exploring this series to encounter it on my own accord, that's for sure.

    Separating Harley from Joker has been the worst thing they’ve ever done to her character. That toxic relationship is what made her so interesting. I understand the political message behind letting Harley become “her own woman”, but it entirely misses the point.

    I'm really happy they're taking a chance and running with this concept and it's obvious it has potential despite some hiccups (kinda wish the originating premise was written better. Dialogue feels very off. But I'm no expert so I'm dashing myself with salt on that one)

    I think the only actual hang up I have with it now is the loss of my favorite voice and affect/accent. I just have a big love of that specific accent that Harley had, so to hear Kaley Cuoco all… aggressively Californian valley girl kinda grates and distracts.

    BUT, I just want to see this thing prosper, I REALLY wanna see where this can go, so who gives a rit, let it ride!

    Show sucks. Portrayal of the characters strays from the actual behaviors and characteristics of the the characters we know and love. Like when the made Batman crunch innocent peoples brains in and left mangled dead corpses behind in Batman v Superman dawn of justice. My question is when is dc going to stop retarding and eroding the motives and storylines of their greatest creations in order to please the laymen.

    Am I the only one pissed about this. Harley Quinn has never had an issue with this. She's crazy. Her whole thing is that she is madly in love with joker. Madly, as is insane.

    I know they might not do this on the show, but I also want the show to explore more of Harley's current self in the show like her becoming an anti hero instead of a villain and her lesbians relationship with Poison Ivy

    MCU and DCEU is forcing women and Pride on us. The only thing is, The Women and Pride aren't going to watch it. And they're going to lose their core fanbase by doing so. Go woke, go broke

    Already know this is gonna be trash when they keep forcung the lame suicide squad movie look. Now they are forcing the agenda heavy. When ivy an harely at times keep stabbing each other in the back. Ivy and Clayface was in the legion of doom. Harely was in cause of her relationship with Joker.

    I was excited, I watched the first episode, and now I'm no longer excited.
    Good visual designs and humor, but the writing was campy and predictable.

    For those who wanna pirate movies/tv shows download the app “Box Loca” on the App Store I’m not sure on play store tho

    It’s been so long since we’ve had a good Batman tv show though we don’t need this till we get an updated Batman or at least our first joker tv show, Harley is a side character anyways

    So these bleeps absolutely have to be red herrings, right? I haven't seen it, but It's way too obvious that they're not swearing every time they bleep, like on reality TV shows. This is bait. Right? Right?!

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