Google Vision API Setup Python Tutorial – Updated for 2019 (Python)

Hi youtube, I’m going to make
a quick video on how to use the Google Vision API. So I just have some sample code here from the Google Cloud Platform and the two main things that it needs is the account key and also the image path So first i’m going to go through how to get the keys So how to get to the dashboard is by going to my console you’ll need to create a project first. Then you go to credentials Once you’re in credentials, create an API key and also a service account key. The service account key will be in the json key type. Once you create it, it will automatically start downloading a .json file. You’ll need to use the name of this json file and enter it right here. If you try to run your program right now it will give you an authentication error. so I typed up some things that you’ll need to install. First there are some pip installs and since i’m running on windows, I’ll have to go to the python27 scripts folder. And here you can install these upgrades. Once you have all these installed, also install gcloud SDK and what gcloud does is it helps the authentication errors. I’ll have a link in the description. Once gcloud installs, it’ll ask you to run a gcloud auth login. So you’ll need to go to Cloud SDK folder and it’ll tell you to log in. After you log in to your google account, it will be authorized to have this line of code the Vision.Client and it will run correctly now Make sure to have your image path so for me I have my image path in the same folder as my python code. So we run it. I’m going to enter in my key. It’ll basically do the same thing as if I dragged and dropped the image on this site. And it’ll show the labels, text. Well, I only included the labels and text in this code. Here’s the text and this code is for the labels. So once you have these two main things, Google Vision API should be working for you Thank you for watching!

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