Google Photos: Sharing made easier

Google Photos: Sharing made easier

Woman: If there’s one thing
you know, it’s that you’re
a great photographer. If there’s a second thing
you know, it’s that you’re kind of
a terrible person. Girl: What?
Woman: Yeah, you heard me. The best picture
of the entire wedding? Kept it to yourself. This masterpiece
of your best friend? Well, you were gonna send it,
but then you were like, “Oh, remember that sandwich?
I loved that sandwich.” If only something could say,
“Hey, Eric looks great in these. Do you want to send them
to him?” And you could be like,
“Great idea.” Well, it can. Wait, it can?
Yep, with Google Photos.


    I know right I'm such a terrible person that even with this feature I'm still not gonna share my nudes with you Google I'm sorry

    Google won't tell us but this useful feature will never come to UK OR Europe as Apparently EU law prohibits face detection with out a VPN hack, terrible. Roll on Brexit.

    To be honest google photos is like the best photo app ever.
    I would never buy a 16GB phone but I got a Nexus 5X for $200 a year ago and being able to send all my photos to the cloud I've had no problem with 16GB. Very glad with my purchase.

    Which phone has those great raw unedited photos, camera. Fcking tell me now. Why the hell my iPhone 7 plus still gives a shitty photos with dual lens.

    I don't like think this is goal for big google. I like the Cloud Vision API but need to some skills programming,
    If marketing team need my advice then add some Cloud Vision API features to Google Photos.
    For example : "the photo from your album can have a content like your favorite celebrities"
    These examples can continue and outperform improvements made by similar products.

    Prepare for your implant…let Gai master your life for you. Whatever? SoulSurrender no more. Yah Seek

    "You're a great photographer". Yeah! Let me see all your awesome high speed sync shots. Wassat? You don't know what a high speed sync shot is? Ok. Let me see all your awesome depth of field super sharp foreground and beautiful bokeh shots. No, not those shitty iPhone blurred background fake bokeh shots. Or, how about… nevermind.

    "yes, stop being humble and start to piss people off with your annoying party images nobody cares about"

    I would share this video on Facebook, but I know that this option is only available in the USA. PLEASE BRING FACE MATCHING TO THE UK.

    This started out really well, then it sort of built in the middle and…oh look! SANDWICH!!!!! ahhhhh!

    now, if we could only share the actual photo with people instead of sending a link to my Google photos album…

    There is a bug with your Google Photos mobile app. For Albums that I have shared, photos within the album seem to go missing. The photo just disappears from the album without anyone in the shared​ album removing it. nonetheless, the photo is still within Google Photos. I have reported this bug previously, but have not had a response.

    Hello Google … I am asking to respond to that ridiculous adv. for Apple (the ad asking to join apple iOS).. I wonder the lie and shame they posted everything in their video is tricky … now i need Google to post a new video to defend them and please just mention what Android have the killing features that Apple needs trillion years to intoduce in their dummy phone .. I wish that I am an Employee in Google to teach them a very hard lesson these stupid people .. Good luck


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    Is it possible to creat a link of those photos which are not backup in google photos?????
    Plz reply🙏🙏

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