Google Nest Hub Review

Google Nest Hub Review


    yet another device for Google to collect user data and sell it… These big Tech companies (Google and FB) are having a terrible year regarding privacy problems. Nice review…but No thanks.

    Picked one of these up last month when on sale. It's for Christmas, so my kids took great joy in letting me know it has to be hidden away till then.

    Do you know if Amazon will ever improve integration of Alexa and Nest doorbell? We have Alexa throughout our home, and Nest doorbell. While I can ask Alexa to show me video feed from the doorbell (or any of my Nest cams) I'd really like it to automatically show the camera when the door bell is rung. I have one Google mini because of their integration with Nest doorbell. I really like the announcement feature when someone rings the doorbell. Mine also works pretty well with the facial recongition and does a decent job recongizing who is at the door and includes the name in the announcement.

    I'd love to see video when someone rings the doorbell and it looks like the Google Hub does that. I'd love if Alexa did, but I can't find if Alexa will ever enable it. I'll likely make a purchase of the Hub sometime soon if I can't find out if Alexa will. Hence I'm asking here for your thoughts on it and anyone else's.

    Love your videos and reviews!

    Can you do a comparison with the Lenovo, but skip the obvious stuff like screen size? I'm more interested in seeing a direct comparison of how the UI's might be different and any difference in functionality given the Home Hub doesn't actually run the same software as the Lenovo.

    Last night I asked my hub to play Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. It played a YouTube video of the first song then tried to play one of the second song, which anyone who knows the album knows the first song leads into the second without a break. This didn't happen.

    I then asked it to play the same thing from my library. Still went to YouTube. Tried a third time, specifying my Google music library. Same result.

    If I ask one of my home minis, it works fine.

    Any ideas?

    Bought one from Lowes for $75 on Black Friday. Not sure if I am going to keep or return it. I see some Walmart stores are clearance it for $50

    Looks like I saw a Lenovo Smart Display in the background, which do you prefer. Verizon Wireless has the Google Smart Display and two google minis for $129.99.

    for me the bigger screen of the 10" Lenovo is the better choice, especially as a photo frame. All of these things are on sale all the time right now

    I love my home hub but I hate that the continued conversations feature that is available on all the other google stuff , is NOT on this

    Hey , i hope you can help, i recently got the google home hub, and was able to set up a few lights, and an AC wifi controller, but when i scroll from top to bottom , to reveal the dropdown menu, all the options.e.g. lights, cameras and thermostats are grayed out and i cant select them !, any advice as to how i can solve this to populate the options in the dropdown menu ?

    Picking the lenovo over this hub just by functionality! The hub is too small for my liking and the audio isn't great at all ):

    If you could buy either of the lenovo or google display for the same price, which would you pick? I can get either for the same price and undecided on which to go for? Thanks

    It's on sale as of this post for $100 – along with a lot of other google home devices. ($90 for a google home, $50 2-pack home minis, and some assorted discounts on smarthome devices like thermostats and nest cameras.)

    I just ordered the Nest Hello Doorbell and a Nest Outdoor Cam for my garage. What happens when motion is detected on both the outdoor cam and doorbell? Will the live feed pop up and alert you when motion is detected, or is it just when someone rings the doorbell?

    How is it with apple products. Example. Can I download Apple Music app to play my music on Bluetooth speakers throughout the house

    Have they removed the ability to lock your door from this? I just got a Yale Nest lock and it shows up in the Google Home app, but only lets me control it from the Nest app. The lock doesn't even show up in my home hub.

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