Google: Growing the Display Advertising Pie

Google: Growing the Display Advertising Pie

>>SUSAN WOJCICKI: Google is known for creating
a relevant and useful search advertising system. But as a user, you also see display advertising
everyday. As you browse the web, you see videos, images,
Flash and all kinds of other interactive ads. They dynamically connect users to large and
small businesses that offer products, services and ideas that interest them.
They fund many of the online services that we use everyday, such as news, online video,
mobile applications, email and social networks.>>NEAL MOHAN: But today, display advertising
has yet to reach its full potential. What if we could make display advertising
work a lot better for everyone involved? If you’re a web user, what if we could make
the ads more relevant, more engaging and make them load faster?
If you’re an advertiser or ad agency, what if we could make it much easier for you to
manage creative ad campaigns seamlessly across the web and to measure the results, so you
know where your money’s going? If you’re a web publisher, what if technology
could make it easier for you to select the right ad for the right part of your site,
and at the right time to make the most money possible out of all of your valuable online
content.>>BRAD BENDER: We’ve already made a lot of
progress bringing together services for advertisers, publishers and users.
Many advertisers run display ad campaigns across the Google Content Network, a network
of our Ad Sense publishers, who make money from these ads.
They run ads on our video community Youtube. Both publishers and advertisers use DoubleClick’s
ad serving technology to manage, deliver and measure the performance of ads across the
web. And the DoubleClick ad exchange enables the
buying and selling of ad space between large publishers and ad networks.>>MOHAN: Moving forward, our efforts are
directed towards three clear objectives: One, to simplify the system for buying and
selling display ads. Two, to deliver better performance that advertisers
can measure. And three, to open up the ecosystem for all
users, advertisers and publishers to participate. In all these efforts, our goal is to grow
the display advertising pie for everyone.


    I wonder why they chose to use Nat's video as an example. She's not THE most popular youtuber and isn't well-known outside of the site. I guess it's good exposure for her, except that they don't mention her name or anything.

    Looking forward to seeing the change. I herd about Google's progress on the radio last night. This is an exponential idea. Product Placement, I think, is the most important.

    Seeing what I like, Like what I see.

    Natalie Tran aka "communitychannel", Australia's #1 YouTuber. Clip at 1:29 is the beginning of her latest video, "sorry it's been a while".

    I am not a paranoid person, but anyone that knows how much information google has on us, and is not just a little bit scared, is not normal. And with cloud connected phone this will only get so much worse

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