Google Adwords Tutorial – What To Do When Your PPC Campaign Isn’t Working?

Google Adwords Tutorial – What To Do When Your PPC Campaign Isn’t Working?

Hello! Mike here with you, And today is
Tuesday and we are going to talk about what happens when you turn a campaign on and it’s not working correctly? You are not getting any clicks, or your impressions
are through the roof and you’re not… …nothing is happening with your
campaign. The click-through rate is nil it’s it’s lower than 1% and we’re
talking about a search campaign not display what what’s going on what is the
first thing that we do besides panic you know the clients go and well I thought I
was going to get business from this right away
hopefully you set their expectations at sometimes it takes time we have a
campaign going through this right now it’s in a very competitive industry and
you know so what do you do let’s just stop right there stop talking like what
do we do first thing you do check your settings don’t know how many times I got
into a campaign and found out that the settings are off maybe they’re the wrong
location maybe the budgets are messed up maybe you know maybe we’re not tart
maybe an ad group didn’t get turned on whatever it might be the absolute number
one thing you do if you see a campaign not running right away check your
settings especially if clients have access to that account I’ve gone in
there and they’ve made changes and some things we didn’t see and everything is
work so that’s what you got to do first thing you always do no matter what
double triple quadruple check your settings log in there and make sure
locations are set the same make sure you’re not advertising to the United
States if you just want to be in Minnesota um yeah you get check your
settings talk to you later thanks for watching if you enjoyed our content
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