Hey Jerry thanks for such a valuable & informative tutorial video on Google Adwords. As a complete newbie to Google Adwords this complete tutorial really helps.

    Wow Jerry this was awesome, thanks for the insights on your Adword setup for your courses. Going to kick start mine off at $5/day. Currently set up the conversion tracker (Unverified) and have started creating some text Ads. Once again thank you.

    Jerry, first click would like to interview you for our SEO, SEM and SMM podcast with 6k downloads. You can check it out here firstclick.podbean.com

    you are awesome! Love your personality and the way you describe the course. I will definitely be taking some of your Udemy courses.

    Jerry – I am a Digital Marketing tutor and love this video. Any bite size videos of how to use Adwords for beginners?

    i need help i ran about 7 month a travel affiliate website i test google ads facebook ads no matter what i do no one buying can i make money with travel affiliate or not thanks if you or or anyone how have experian answering my question 🙂

    Hi jerry i like you google adwords tutorial so can you please give me your skype id ? if you don't mind. thanks

    Just saw this video and I wanted to sign in this course, but it charge USD35 instead of USD10? What's going on?

    please put subtitles in your videos. you are very clever I need to learn more with you, but my English is very bad kkk. I'm from Brazil!

    Great video, long but well worth watching. So much information, and you kept it entertaining and very "real"! Thanks so much!

    After clicking save and continue…Error is coming — "To use the selected bid strategy, you'll need more conversions. "

    I have made 5 conversions and added that to my website also ..please help me. thanks

    You are a child Jerry . you don't know exactly how to publishing ads on google adwords . Its not targeting campaign. You just show how to advertise your product nothing else . If somebody follow you or setup a campaign like you then they will losing a lots of money. And If someone get conversions then it will very low conversion. But they will lose money 100% sure .

    help !! I'm at the budget part and it not letting me save it
    keep saying :
    To use the selected bid strategy, you'll need more conversions.
    please help.

    lol conversion code verification can take up to 48 hours after adding the code, would be nice to know that.

    thank you for this Jerry! just purchased your course! =) Good luck for all your present and future endeavours!

    I got to the 40 min film and I've had enough. Too much side topics crossed over with personal stories.

    Holy fuck man, practice talking like a person before you make these videos. I have your udemy course on adwords and you talk like this through the entire course. Its a good course but jebus it hurts to listen to it.

    Jerry, I've just discovered your videos. You speak my language. I love the way you describe WHY you are making the choices you make. Will do your course eventually. I'm just starting out and my head is exploding! This is exciting stuff.

    Jerry , you speak very clearly English, I understand you very well ! but I don't understand indian english very well.

    Wow… This video is just too helpful for people like me. I'm willing to do your course. Thank you so much Jerry for this video. It helped me a lot.

    I went to your website and bought the adwords course for $9. I pressed the download link and it just directs me to a page asking me to pay $199 for something i just payed for. I payed $9 more dollars to try again. Same thing happened. There is absolutely nowhere on your website that shows any contact information so i had to resort to leaving a youtube comment. I'm very frustrated and would like the service i payed for.

    Jerry, nice job here! I just wanted to say that just about 5 minutes into your video (btw watched 100%) I grabbed my credit card and was about to buy a couple of courses. Yet, I was quite unhappy to see that only paypal and bitcoin payment methods are available. The problem is that paypal was disabled in my current location (Turkey) few months ago. Is there any other way to pay with credit card but without paypal? If not, no problem – you've probably having 60,000 people like me who already bought 🙂

    dear jerry please if you see this please I need a little help I setup as a starter 20$ just to test what I understand from this video I had completed the campaign in AdWords only but it keeps taking the money without getting paid back I know it sounds dump but please at least put me on the right direction and I will buy you're courses indeed when got enough money from AdWords cause I know there is a lot to be learned from sir

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    Thats super confusing though, your cost of conversion was 15 for the US but your linking to something that cost 9 dollars for a long time. That means youre loosing a lot of money right?

    Thank you for posting the video. I learned a lot. You were little bit of faster in clicking the buttons, which made me rewind the video again and again. But thanks anyway !! 🙂

    I truly appreciate you for taking the time out of your schedule to share your knowledge & experiences with Adwords by creating this video. I'd love to send a donation. Message me to let me know how I can make that happen. Thanks again.

    helpful for me as both a refresher, foundations builder, and future strategy building. I'm deep into adwords, but good to go back from the perspective of someone who definitely knows what they are doing, vs my memory of just figuring it out as I went. Valuable to new and seasoned users.

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    You said two years ago you were struggling to earn money online, then you started teaching in udemy? then what did you teach if those didn't even work on you?

    Hi Jerry I know this is an older video but I hope you see my comment. I'm a subscriber to your channel and I see you as a very honest guy. I need to learn this google adwords quickly and start get money coming in I don't have alot of money or time, I'm 70 years old. The question is is this the best adword tutorial out there, I'm talking about your $9 course. I look forward to your answer.

    Long, boring, confusing with a lot of self-drum beating. Couldn't view till the end. If you really want to give something nice, make it simple, short. That every one understands. And beat your drum a bit less if you may please.

    I purchased your course but I got a pdf that is not even related to the course. What did I pay for I didnt get. Please help me with this issue.

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