Google AdWords Tutorial 2018: How To Set Up A Google AdWords Account From Scratch

Google AdWords Tutorial 2018: How To Set Up A Google AdWords Account From Scratch

Hi everyone it’s Sean at Vixen
Digital here, we help you to get the right clicks. Now today I’m going to be
showing you how to set up your very own Google AdWords account I’m also going to
be showing you how to set up your very first Google AdWords campaign. So stay
tuned and all of this is coming right up. Ok, so the first thing that we need to
do is open up our browser in this case I’m going to be using Google Chrome and
we need to make ourselves a new Google account so we need to make ourselves a
gmail account so if you open up and you get to the Google homepage you can click
Gmail in the corner now in Gmail you’ll get this option to create account so
we’re going to create an account and you need to put in all of your details on
this form here so I’m going to do this really really quickly just to speed
things up yeah in this circumstance I’m going to use my name and I’m going to
choose a username so it asked you to agree to the prior the terms and the
privacy agreement and you can read through this in your own time I’m just
going to skip for the purpose of this I’m going to skip through we are also
going to have to verify our account so I’m gonna put in my telephone number to
verify the account so I’ll just skip through this okay so I verify my account
with the phone number and I’ve got myself and you gmail address all nice
and set up so I’m going to continue to Gmail so you can continue to Gmail and
it will show you your email or Gmail account
guess I’m just gonna close this tab here it’s going to give me some nice little
emails but at the moment we’re not interested in this because we’re looking
at says no AdWords so I’m just going to close this I put up a new tab we’ll
close this down oops so I’m going to open up myself a new tab and I’m simply
just going to type in Adwords so now I can start setting up an AdWords
account so if I go to the AdWords page it will ask me to start now or sign in
so I’m going to sign in okay so I’m going to use the password that I’ve made
with my cat okay and it’ll take you to this page so
the first thing we want to do is actually we’re going for this tutorial
we’re going to skip the guided setup so I want you to skip this here by clicking
this burn and here are just some details that you got to fill in so if we just
save and continue if everything is correct okay and now AdWords is going to be
taking us through to the new 2018 Google AdWords interface okay so here we are so
as we can see this is the new 2080 in Google AdWords interface so here on the
left-hand side we can see that we have our customer ID and we can see that this
Google AdWords is actually in the beta so it’s a beta feature so this is this
Google AdWords interface at the moment is still undergoing testing so there are
still quite a lot of bugs in there so in future videos we will be switching
between the new Adwords and the all that words okay now we’ve got our campaign
set up you can add your billing information by clicking on the little
spanner and then also going down to billet billing and payments however I’m
just gonna get straight into it and ask you to start and show you how to start
your very first campaign so we’re going to go to campaigns on the left-hand side
and we’ve got this little plus symbol so we’re going to click this plus symbol
and actually just click this new campaign as you can see it’s pretty
straight forward so here you will get a series of options we’re going to be
focusing on setting up a search campaign okay for the Google search Network so
I’m gonna click on this one okay and I’m going to not use any of these now you
can use some of these if you if you wish but for the purpose of this one I’m
going to kind of take you I’m going to take you through without using these so
I want to create a campaign without a goal and then here it will also ask you
to select the results that you want to get from your campaign so at the moment
because we’re not entirely sure what the results aren’t gonna press continue so
we don’t necessarily need to put these details in okay so we’re going to be
setting up so we’re going to pretend that we’ve got a pizza restaurant and
we’re going to be advertising our pizza takeaway so that’s going to be named
name of the campaign because we want to get
people we want to advertise to people who are looking for pizza takeaway and
we want this to be a search network campaign and we’re also going to include
Google search partners but we’re not going to add a Display Network okay so
the Display Network for showing banner ads now we want to search let’s pretend
that we want London so we’re in London and we just want to target the whole of
London city center which will come up with a top secret type in the name here
at London and we’re gonna target London okay
and we’re just gonna be targeting London now languages customers speak English
now you might also want to include other languages if you want to attract
obviously London’s a very big city with many languages spoken so you might want
to add a few separate languages but for the purpose of this tutorial we’re gonna
just stick with English keep it simple and bidding we’re going to set our
bidding strategy here to manual CPC okay so manual cost per click that means that
we are going to be controlling how much we’re willing to pay for a click on our
ad now we’re not going to go in with enhanced CPC here so leave this
unchecked and budget per day let’s just say we want to spend 10 pounds to make
it easy ok and I’m just gonna click delivery method and make sure that it’s
on standard now we’re going to go down and we just want to have a look and
check these but we’re also want to go to additional settings and we want to find
location options okay so remember that we selected London in our location well
if we are targeting here people in or show or show interest in our target
locations so this is the one that’s recommended by Google however this will
make your ads eligible to show across many many different continents many
different countries because somebody might be taking interest in London and
they would just simply want to search for I don’t know
pizza in London so your ads could be showing to anybody in the route so we
two people that are actually in our target locations okay and that’s one way
in a little way to actually save our budget in the future at the moment you
can also do this with exclude the exclusions so you’re excluded locations
but at the moment we’re just gonna leave this as this one okay
so as we scroll down we’re going to save and continue and now it comes to our a
groups so our campaign is called pizza takeaway and our first a group is it’s
going to be as to make it as granular as possible we’re going to name our group
per keyword so we’re going to put one keyword in each ad group to make it as
granular as possible as to give us the most control over the account so let’s
say we actually want to bid on the term pizza takeaway okay so when anyone
searches for pizza takeaway we want to bid on that so we’re actually going to
name our ad group the same as what our keyword is we’re just gonna have a
default bit of say one pound just for now and as you can see down here it
gives you an idea of what match types to choose okay so in this circumstance
let’s just say that we’re going to use a exact match type so we’re gonna use
exact and we’re gonna have pizza takeaway now this exact match type will
only show so our ad will only show when someone searches for this specific term
so someone searches for pizza takeaway then our ad will show okay
it won’t show if someone searches for for example best pizza takeaway so we
keep it as pizza take away one more show just for Pete to take away now in order
to make sure that we don’t get confused here I’m just going to give this a group
a label with an E and some brackets and this reminds me that this is an exact
match okay so okay so we’re going to add another ad group and we are going to add
the AG group is going to be exactly the same as the previous a group so we’re
going to have pizza takeaway again we’re gonna give it the same just default bit
of just a pound but we’re gonna add a different match type so we’re gonna add
pizza takeaway but we’re gonna go for a broad match now we’re not going to go
through a total broad match we’re actually going to use something called a
broad match modifier so a broad match gives well Google if you have just if
you would just enter this Pizza takeaway and this would is what Google would
recognize as a broad match now the broad match Google will find loads of really
really wide related search terms that it will attach and show your ads for so for
example you could show if you were bidding on this search term you could
show for certain things such as Indian takeaway Chinese takeaway Mexican
takeaway you could you could show for the best takeaway in London you could
also show for things such as the worst takeaway in London so the problem with
just having a broad match is that you will spend a lot of budget on things
that might not necessarily be very relevant to your business so the way we
get around that is actually by adding a plus and a plus to just just before the
keywords so we’ve added these pluses to that before the keywords which means
that Google now will only show our ads for search terms that include both of
these terms so the search term will have to include pizza and it will have to
include takeaway okay so we’ve got these two groups now I’m going to make sure
that I’ve got the broad match modifier here in brackets so I know the
difference between my two so I’ve got an exact match Pete to take away and I’ve
got a pizza takeaway a broad match modifier okay so you can keep on
building your campaigns as much as you want to with whichever search terms you
want please bear in mind to be as granular as possible so it gives you the
maximum control over your account but for just for this tutorial I’m gonna
save and continue and then it takes us through to create
some of our ads so I’m going to create an ad for the Peter take away exact
match and let’s just say that our URL is under best pizza in
London okay and just make a note that these sections
do have character limits so you have to be very very clever with your creatives
and your ad copy wording and we have things called paths here as well which
gives us like a little so we can actually add more keywords into it so we
can say like for size takeaway and it appears over here and a nice description
so we’ve got a maximum of 80 characters so we could say free delivery on all orders best pizza or let’s say
award-winning pizza buy one get one free buy now so it’s always good in your
descriptions or at some point in your ad to actually give a real strong
call-to-action so here’s something as well just a little tip is that I’ve put
two exclamation marks here as well so what we’d have to do Google will
probably disapprove this ad because I’ve got two exclamation marks so if I was to
take this one out put a full-stop instead then that would probably be
accepted now by Google so another thing that we
doing another option that you might want to consider is that you can also use a
different URL if you’ve got a mobile website so if someone is searching on
their phone so if you have a different URL you can input it by checking this
box and inputting your website here but in this circumstance we’re not going to
be doing that so we’ve got the preview over here so we can take another look at
our preview we can have a desktop preview so this is how our ads gonna
look on a desktop and this is how our ad is going to look on a tablet or a mobile
okay so if we’re happy with that we can go ahead and press done and then we can
create another ad or exactly the same ad for so let me just copy this and we can
create exactly the same ad again for your broad match modifier one so I just
do that very quickly okay so we get to the end so we’ve got both of our ads and
then we can save and continue so once we get saving continue it takes Google
takes us to this review page where we can review everything that we’ve set up
so here there’s some daily estimates that Google will give you they’re not
always accurate but they’re good to kind of take note of when you’re kind of
thinking about what kind of budget you’re you’re going to assign to this
campaign and if you’re happy with everything here then you can just go to
continue to campaign and there we have it so our campaign is now ready it’s set
it’s all ready to go we’ve got ads running for it the next thing that you
need to do is to actually add your billing information because Google will
not run your ads until you’ve ad added your billing information okay so I hope
that was informative and good luck with your very very first with your very
first campaign and I hope to see you again soon
thanks a lot you


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