Google AdWords Bid Strategy

Google AdWords Bid Strategy

Should you use manual bidding or
automatic bidding in Google AdWords. Well there eight different ways you
can bid in AdWords keep watching and I’ll show you how hello I’m Uzair and
thanks for joining in. This is a very commonly asked question with regards to
bidding whether I should bid manually or shall I set it to automatic and let
Google decide what to bid it’s entirely up to you my personal opinion and my
preference is that I always bid in manually because I have total control of
how much to bid and where to bid another important factor is your strategy, what
are you trying to achieve with AdWords. Are your goals for conversions or –
getting the highest ranked ad in Adwords. Let me show you the 8 different ways you
can bid in Adwords. So let’s move over to the AdWords interface, now this is the
new interface which is being rolled out as we speak and by early 2018
everybody’s account will look like this. So all you need to do is go to Settings
then you go to bidding ok and then under this drop-down you will see the 8
different ways you can bid. Now manual CPC is right at the bottom where you set
your own maximum cost per clicks for your ads and Google will not change it
so whether you are bidding a bit less or bidding quite aggressively or a bit more,
Google will bid whatever you set. Let’s take a quick look as to all these
other seven options as to how you can bid for your keywords, so target CPA is
the target cost per acquisition so it sets
bids to get the most conversions possible while reaching your average cost per
acquisition goal. Now when we talk about conversions it may not be a lead or a
sale it could be any conversion which you are running in your campaigns, it
could be a sign up to your email list or somebody downloads a PDF or subscribes to your newsletter, whatever your conversions are that target CPA can be
set up so if you are bidding for an acquisition cost of £10 or
dollars per conversion then you can set it in there and then Google will work
out how best to keep that target CPA within your budget. Target ROAS
return on a spend is sets bed to help you get the most congruent value while
maintaining your target return on adspend
and that is what we call the ROAS. If you want to get more clicks to your
landing page then you need to well you can potentially use this bidding after a
type which is to maximize the clicks and Google will set bids to help you get the
most clicks within your budget. Maximize Conversions as it states is to help you
get the most conversions within your budget. Target Search Page Location
Sets bids to help you get your ads to the top of the page or on the first
page results. Target Out Ranking here this set bids to help you outrank
another domains ad. Now some customers come to me and say well I want to be
always on number one position, that may not be the best strategy always because
you may find that when the ad is ranked between two and three we are getting the
most conversion so you need to look at the data and then decide where you would
like to rank so just out ranking your competitors
the sake of it and paying a lot more is not a good strategy running AdWords. Enhanced CPC Google will increase your bidding by up to 30%
to get that click for the conversion so then it’s going to adjust your manual
bids up or down to help you increase conversions and obviously the last one
is the manual CPC where you have total control and you set your bid not your
bid but your cost per click and Google is not going to change it come what may
that’s it for this one I look forward to seeing you in the next one


    Awesome explanation. Software Video editing software you use. I really like your video on top of the screen. I create video based training manual and would like to try your style.

    Have a question. Now my ad setting Maximize clicks. I don't like it too much cost. How can change to use Manual bid?

    His teaching is so calm, slow, and nice. I watch almost every single of his video and completely understand it. Hands down from Indonesia 😀 keep up the good work, Sir.

    Hello , Thanks for your informative videos , it helps a lot , I have one query , i m running a campaign with Max Clicks Strategy , now

    1) Can i assign budget based upon ad groups instead of campaign basis (as one of my 3 ad groups are not perfoming well )

    2) Can i change the bids based upon keywords basis

    i have 3 ad groups

    1- spending around $100

    2- total spending $75

    3 -total spending $40

    i want to increase spends on 3 rd ad group ( i have started the campaign 4 days back)

    Kindly help me

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