Google ad retargeting – top 7 rules to follow for success – J.R. Fisher

Google ad retargeting – top 7 rules to follow for success – J.R. Fisher

Google ad retargeting top seven rules to
follow for success did this video I’m gonna give you the top seven rules that
you need to follow to get real success with ad retargeting in Google at the end
of this video you’ll be able to create these ads with ease and we’re getting
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let’s face it there’s millions of people making millions of dollars online and
the only difference and them and you is having the right tools and knowing what
to do so have you already tried to do some retargeting ads what were your
experiences or do you have questions about doing retargeting ads put all your
comments in the section below I would love to see them now there’s no
replacement for paid SEO however there are ways that you can augment that SEO
that organic SEO by using paid traffic it also helps you to give that customer
a better user experience because of the information that they’re seeing is
actually targeted towards them now one tactic that has really taken off in the
past few years is ad retargeting as matter of fact if you use display ads
and retarget the people who’ve already been to your site we’ve seen a 70
percent increase in conversions and sales now to navigate this kind of
complicated process I’ve put together seven steps to help you navigate your
retargeting campaigns number one you’ve got to understand how retargeting works
when somebody visits your site they actually get a cookie on their computer
now this cookie follows them around the internet so that when you run ads they
will actually see your ads and you can target the people who’ve already visited
your site this enables you to stay in touch with the people who’ve already
shown some interest in your products or services number two avoid ad exhaustion
and what I mean by that is through ad retargeting you can definitely target
those people who’ve been to your website but you can also limit the number of ads
they see to most all retargeting ads will allow you to say I only want this
person to see my ad two times or three times over the next week or month and
that way they don’t get ad exhaustion and see your ads all the time number
three deploy audience segmentation and what I mean by this is through ad
retargeting you can send ads to them based on how many spots
they’ve hit on your website and how far into the sales process they are for
example if somebody already bought from you you may want to show them different
types of products if somebody hasn’t bought but they are interested in a
particular product of course you’d want to show them ads for that particular
product number four determine ad duration how long do you actually want
to target these people most people will tell you targeting people with ads
should be about the same length of time as your actual sales sequence so if you
normally email somebody for three or four days you may want to just let them
see your ads for three or four days you can then take a break maybe a month two
months and then go back and retarget those people again number five is
freshen up your ad creative one of the problems with running ads to people in
retargeting is some companies will use the same ad over
and over and over with ad retargeting you can actually freshen up that ad by
changing the images changing the titles changing what the ad actually says and
that way it looks a little bit new and different to them and you can increase
your overall sales number six no your ad sizes now dependent upon where they see
the ad if it’s on the sidebar the top of a page whatever you may want to change
up your ad sizes changing up the ad size makes the ad look a little bit different
and keeps the interest of that person we’ve already showed interest by
visiting your website or the people who’ve already purchased from you when
they see these different size images it also helps them from getting ad
exhaustion number seven find the right tools for your ad retargeting there’s
lots of tools out there they can actually help you do this okay so let’s
go through each one of these tools you can also use for retargeting each one’s
a little bit different they do different things I just want to give you an
overview of each one though the first one is called ad rolled on it ad rolls
actual page here and you can go to it and read through it I would really
suggest you did that but right here it says why ad roll and you can click here
and you can see it’s a growth marketing platform what kind of things that can do
here and these things get into a lot of detail but I do want to just show it to
you let you know it’s available if you want to look at pricing you could click
right here and you’re gonna have to get started and hook things up to see all
the pricing you set your budget you set your goals and you decide what you’re
going to do with it so the first one is admiral next one i want to talk about is
retarget err and every target err obviously is a retargeting platform and
it has custom solutions client services right here transparency and reach
inventory quality brand safety and view ability and if you want to know more
about it you can click right here to look at all the different information
that’s in here and this one here is called retarget or calm next one I want
to talk about is stay media group or sta media group and this here is teaching
you how to really remote sales process for high net worth clients okay so you
can read through here and see all the information
here and it will tell you everything it’s going to do but it is definitely
designed for a whole different way of marketing than the other platforms are
and it’ll give you some of the things it’ll do down here remote targeted cold
emails remote gatekeeper conversions remote residual high ticket remote
exclusive high ticket and I would look through here and read all this
information to see how it’s going to benefit you next one is actually eBay
enterprise now eBay enterprise actually changed its name now not too many years
ago and right down here you can kind of see what it does it’s a distributed
order management omni-channel inventory management payment processing fraud
management and advanced reporting okay so it’s not as much in the retargeting
area it’s just tools really for eBay enterprise the next one I want to look
at here is called a Rubicon Rubicon it’s very interesting for business right here
for businesses it’s got for buyers sellers and developers depending on
which category that you fall into now right here is the solutions and as you
can see you could do header bidding you can do mobile you can do video deals
management and right here here’s all the insights so it’s got thought leadership
your press releases events and all that good stuff really to get a whole lot of
information on Rubicon you’re gonna need to fill out this form here and then
they’re gonna get in touch with you and then they can tell you about this last
one is meant to Oriya and metro aura is an interesting one here’s the platform
right here where your abs are shown location methodology and it’s really
kind of cool when you can scroll through here and get some information but you
can like look at your competitors you can find your target audience that is
showing coffee shops here so what you do is you target the right customers based
on the stores and places they visit which is really pretty interesting then
once you’ve done that you all been and delivery autonomously using real-world
signals and right here you realize success with bleeding edge technology
like bleeding edge now just some pretty fancy stuff but it
shows you some of the companies that use at McDonald’s Party City
sonic yes pretty big companies use it and this is really on the higher end
level so you’ll want to check that out and see if this really fits into your
budget I don’t know what they show for pricing here let’s take a look how
pricing works I love what they say our pricing is simple and then they have all
of this you have to read and you have all these different things you have to
but basically you can use geo fences live weather Ben tation Tier one
placements it gives them to some pretty heavy details here and if you want to
get started you just click right here you get more information on it so I just
want to show you some of these other things you can use in addition to which
you would normally do with your advertising and know that there’s other
tools out here that are available to you you will not use all these tools you may
not use any of these tools but you may use some of them depending on what your
needs are so I just wanted to familiarize you with them and if you
want more information you can take this video and run it back rewind it and look
at these once again and go and get a little bit more research done and decide
which one’s going to be the best for you now these seven things aren’t going to
completely teach you everything you need to do when your ad retargeting but
they’ll get you headed in the right direction and that’s what really counts
once you get headed in the right direction you’re gonna learn from your
ad campaigns you’re gonna figure stuff out and you’re gonna learn what works
and what doesn’t work keep in mind you’ve got to keep testing you got to
keep trying different things I see a lot of people who will try one or two ads
and say ads don’t work for me ads work for everybody as long as you
continue to do it and you continue to test new things now have you tried to do
any retargeting ads yet or do you just have questions about retargeting ads put
your comments below I’d love to hear them and I answer all of your comments
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    Have you tried to do any retargeting ads yet? Do you have questions about retargeting ads? Put your comments below, I'd love to hear them. Also, click here to grab my $97 eCommerce for FREE.

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