Get Cleaning Clicks with Ray Malaski, SEO, Websites, Google AdWords…

Get Cleaning Clicks with Ray Malaski, SEO, Websites, Google AdWords…

There’s this company called Get Cleaning Clicks,
I know, it’s an interesting name, owned by a guy named Ray Malaski. Now, what’s interesting about this as if your
business does not get clicks, you do not have a business. It’s a mind-bending concept. I’m going to share it with you today. Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
A House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. If I don’t know the answer, I’m connected
to the best and the brightest minds in the house cleaning industry. Today is the perfect example of that where
Ray Malaski is going to come on our show. He’s going to tell us all about Get Cleaning
Clicks. All right? Here’s the concept. In order for somebody to hire your cleaning
business, they have to click on something. They have to click on a Yelp ad, or a Google
ad, or they have to find you on HouseCleaning360, or they have to click on your website, or
they have to click on an ad that you made on social media, on Facebook or somewhere
else, or they have to click on their phone in order to call you. Right? So no business gets made until clicks are
made. So, how do you get those clicks? Well, there’s a guy, and he started out in
the house cleaning business. He asked himself this very question. It is brilliant what he has discovered. So with that, please help me welcome Ray Malaski. Ray Malaski: Just to give you a little bit
of background on myself, I owned a maid service. I was just like pretty much everybody out
there. I had no internet skills. I had no marketing skills. I was working a full-time job, and our kids,
finally… We were empty, well I guess semi-empty nesters
where our kids were in school. Right? My wife finally had time to deal with more
things on her plate than just staying at home. There was a choice of do we go to school? What do we do with our time? She loved cleaning. She was really good at it. Every time we had people over, “Oh my god,
your house is so clean.” It was like one of those things that I’m sure
many of you guys can relate to. You were good at that. You had a passion about it. So, I’m like, “Hey, well, why don’t we open
a maid service?” My wife was like, “Well you think you think
it’ll work?” I said, “Well, I really don’t know, to be
honest with you, but why don’t we try?” So, we did. The first thing I did is I went on the web,
and I started researching cleaning businesses. You got to think back. This is like seven years ago, so the internet
wasn’t as competitive as it is now with the cleaning service industry. But we were able to see some examples of what
other people are doing online. I didn’t even know what Google Ads was at
that time, so I had, literally, no idea where to begin. I read an article about Google My Business
profiles, and I’m like, “Okay, what is this?” It’s where a business can go in and set up
its profile on Google, and it shows in the the Map Packs. If somebody, locally to you, googles cleaning
service near me, depending on the competition, obviously, you show in that Map Pack. So, I created that Google My Business profile
and then literally forgot about it. Then, probably about two weeks later, the
wife and I were sitting on the couch and the phone rang. I didn’t think nothing of it. I just picked up the phone, “Hello?”. They’re like, “Hi, is this Missy’s Maids? I’m like, “Oh yeah, hold on one second.” Just handed the phone off to my wife. She took that call, and that was our first
customer, and our first contact into actually becoming a legit business. From there, over the years it spiraled out. We had several cleaners, serviced several
locations, did a total rebrand, new website. That’s where I learned my marketing skills
from. Angela Brown: Now, you have a business that’s
based all around creating clicks for cleaning companies, which is amazing. But I got a question for you, because this
was seven years ago when you started your business. There are a lot of house cleaners today that
believe that they can just use social media and they don’t need a website. Are websites dead? Ray Malaski: Websites are not dead. Fast forward now, right, where seven years
ago, I own a marketing company that markets for cleaning services. We have million-dollar cleaning customers. You will find probably 70% of the traffic
comes from Google My Business. Then 30% comes from the organic listing underneath
that. This is all on the first page of Google. Type in house cleaning near me or maid service
in your city name and what shows up there, those are where the traffic is coming from. Angela Brown: Which comes first, social media
or the website? Ray Malaski: This really depends on your budget,
because if you’re a hustler and you can work the Facebook groups, the local mom and pop
swap groups, and you can really target your market with social media posts and advertising,
it’s an affordable way to do it through social media, but the lead generation is, it’s minimal. It’s not consistent, and you’ve got to work
hard at it. It’s hard to create a system where you turn
it on, and it just fires, and the leads come like it is with Google Ads or SEO. Angela Brown: Would you say that a website
is kind of like a hub where, when you do social media, you drive people back to your website
for additional information? Ray Malaski: Absolutely. Yes, it is. Now, without getting too extreme in how technical
this can become, your website is strictly for organic traffic. If you have these other channels, you have
to have a dedicated, targeted landing page focused for those channels. Let’s say, for example, I want to do Facebook. Right? You have your website, and then you create
a targeted landing page on your website, so it’s like fans. On this page, all the content is geared around
your Facebook audience. Hey, we love our Facebook fans. Here’s a 10% off our first cleaning for Facebook
fans only. Throw some Facebook reviews on there. Everything’s targeted around Facebook, because
the tighter you have your message to that market, the higher conversion rate you get. When you have people coming from Facebook
to your business, and you can merge that brandability with Facebook on that landing page with your
business, you’re going to get a higher conversion rate. Angela Brown: Is it fair to say that I can
just have a landing page or does there need to be more on my website? Ray Malaski: You definitely need to have both. If we’re talking about a complete marketing
plan, you’ve got to have a website. You’ve got to have landing pages. You’ve got to be working every avenue you
possibly can to get as much traffic as possible to that website. Angela Brown: If I’m a brand new house cleaning
company, and you’ve talked me into getting a website, what am I supposed to put on it? Are there three things that I should have
on my website that are standard in the industry? Ray Malaski: Absolutely. When somebody lands on your site, they need
to know who you are, what you do, where you do it, and how can they get a hold of you. So it’s really four things that you have to
solve. But as soon as somebody lands on your site,
you got to answer those four questions. Angela Brown: I’ve heard the term navigation
tossed around when it comes to websites. How important is navigation, and what does
that mean? Ray Malaski: Ease of navigation is what you,
as a website owner, wants to consider. The customer comes, and they want to get the
information. It’s your job to put that information in front
of them and make that as easy as possible. You have to tell them, “Go here.” Don’t let them just click around on your site. When they come to that landing page, have
a button that says, “Learn about our services.” On the services page, have a button that says,
“Get your instant quote now or get your quote now,” or whatever your call to action is. Designing that to give them the most information
in a contextual format, when I say contextual format, I mean nicely designed, clear, call
to actions. Angela Brown: Call to action is a term that
marketers use, but many house cleaners are not familiar with that term. Can you explain to us what a call to action
is? Ray Malaski: That’s a very good point. A call to action is telling the customer that’s
arrived on your site, what you want them to do next. Assume everybody’s a three-year-old, and they
have no idea. When they land on that site, some people want
to call you right away. Some people want to just submit a quote form
just to try to get an online pricing or something. Some people want to know… They’re more serious. They have a higher intent to purchase. Maybe they want to know who is the owner of
the company, and what are they about, and are there happy customers. Then once you solve that problem for them,
then get the quote. Angela Brown: If I’m just starting my house
cleaning business, should I start with the Google Ads first or should I start with a
website first? Ray Malaski: Well, this all depends on where
your budget is. The downside to Google Ads is it’s extremely
technical. Google does offer support to help set up a
free AdWords account. Do your own due diligence. Do your own research and setting up your campaigns. However, it is a good source of leads, if
you can figure it out. I mean, there’s no other platform where you
could literally really throw money at it, and bam, the phone’s ringing. I mean, that’s what Google Ads does. Angela Brown: Now, you just used a word that
I have to ask about. You used the word campaigns. Ray Malaski: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Angela Brown: I know that many house cleaners
that are just starting in the business, we clean houses, but what the heck are campaigns? What does that have to do with having a website
and marketing? Ray Malaski: Any form of marketing is considered
a campaign. When you do Google AdWords, you’re building
a campaign out for paid traffic. When you’re doing Facebook ads, you’re building
a campaign out for Facebook ads. When you’re doing SEO, you’re building a campaign
out for SEO. That’s the reference I used in campaigns. Inside Google AdWords, they actually call
it a campaign when you set it up. It’s kind of like the inner workings of Google
AdWords and how it works. Angela Brown: If you’re just starting out
in the house cleaning business and you’re focused on getting leads, is it better to,
you said, do your due diligence? Is it better to do your due diligence and
try to go down this rabbit hole of how do I learn marketing and search engine optimization? How do I make a website and all these things? Or is it better to hire somebody just like
yourself that has spent seven years figuring it out day and night, and you’ve got the answers,
and you know it better than Google, and you’re just the guy to go? Would it just make more sense to hire someone
like yourself? Ray Malaski: It depends on the budget again. Right? It took me five years to figure AdWords out. I spent thousands of dollars on wasted ad
spend figuring out what works. If you have the time, and the energy, and
you have that passion for it… It’s kind of interesting that you asked that
question, because I have a client. He’s got a technical background. He’s actually a developer. He chose to hire me to do his marketing, even though he has the technical aptitude to do it. He has a technical aptitude to do SEO, but
we do his SEO. He could do Google AdWords, but we do his
AdWords. He took all that energy that he could be putting
in there and put it into the back end of his business. Hiring, training, recruiting, delivering quality,
increasing the lifetime value, all these key things in a business that so many people overlook
because he chose to pay somebody else to do that for him. He’s like, “You know what? I don’t know it. I don’t have the time to know it. Ray, you do know it. I trust you. Let me hire you to do this. You work on the front end of my business. I’ll work on the back end of the business.” That’s a fine-tuned, oiled machine right there. When you’re delivering a quality cleaning
every time, and your marketing’s firing on all cylinders, and you put those two things
together, that’s when you get your biggest return on investment for marketing. Angela Brown: Well, you said something that
really frightened me. You said it took you five years and thousands
of dollars by trial and error. Ray Malaski: Yeah. Angela Brown: A lot of house cleaners starting
out don’t have five years and they don’t have thousands of dollars. If you’re going to spend thousands of dollars,
wouldn’t it make more sense, this is just playing devil’s advocate here. Ray Malaski: Yes. Angela Brown: Wouldn’t it just make more sense
to hire the guy that knows it in the first place? Ray Malaski: It would. It absolutely would. It would make sense for you to take that time
and focus on the back end of your business. Angela Brown: Well, there are lots of things
I know that you can offer house cleaning companies because you have a company called Get Cleaning
Clicks. Tell us a little bit about Get Cleaning Clicks,
because that sounds very specific for the house cleaning industry. Ray Malaski: I went from marketing maid services
to saying, “Hey, I can take this skill set, do painters websites, anybody in the service
industry. I kind of got it figured out.” Right? Well, what I found out is that we are very
uniquely qualified to handle cleaning companies. We have a very special skill set that really
adds value to a cleaning business owner. Get Cleaning Clicks was formed in the beginning
of this year where we just focus on helping cleaning business owners because it’s what
we’re best at. It’s what our clients get the best returns
on. That was a no-brainer for us. We’re a full marketing suite, too, so web
design, graphic design, search engine optimization, Google AdWords. Angela Brown: Well, the reason I ask is because
instead of just hiring the neighbor to help me with SEO, it makes more sense, in my head,
to hire someone who knows the lingo of the business, and who already knows what keywords
we’re going after, and who already has a cleaning service so that they understand where I’m
trying to head with my goals as far as marketing goes. Please tell us how can we hire you, and how
can we find you, and learn more about your business. Ray Malaski: You can go to You will see a little free strategy session. Now, these are pretty detailed. We go deep into the market. We look at the competition. We look at the volume out there. We pretty much tell you what kind of market
you’re in now and what we think the foreseeable future looks like for your cleaning business. We’ll do that for free. You just fill out that form. There’s a little questionnaire where we want
to know more about your business. How many technicians do you have? What’s your current revenue, that kind of
stuff, because this helps us communicate better to you on the best way to move forward with
what you have. Angela Brown: That, my friends, is Ray Malaski
with Get Cleaning Clicks. It all makes sense now. Right? All right, so if you have questions, Ray is
the perfect guy to answer all of those questions, because he knows far more about the internet,
and technology, and search engine optimization, and Facebook ads, and all that stuff than
I will ever know in this lifetime. But it makes perfect sense to go to the person
that has the answers instead of fumbling your way through and wasting five years and thousands
of dollars of your time on trial and error. There you have it. Ray Malaski. Alrighty, if you found this helpful, please
pass it on. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.


    I appreciate you 🙂 I found you when you were talking about mental health and cleaning services. Your words were very insightful and kind.

    Ray Makaski from Get Cleaning Clicks knows more about online marketing than I will ever know in this lifetime. And he's a cleaning business owner. So don't reinvent the wheel – just ask Ray!

    Thank God for you! I’m starting a cleaning business, for the first time and I just wanted to tell you: I’ve watched almost every one of your videos and love every single one of them. The level of insight and information you provide is BEYOND helpful. Thank you so much for seeing this mission through! I’m sure you’re helping so many people and giving so many of us inspiration and much-needed motivation. I wish you all of the success and blessings this world has to offer. Thank you again! God bless you, Angela! ❤️

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