From Soccer Athlete to Sports Broadcaster

I’m extremely grateful
for this job. My mind and my heart
has completely been trying to get where
I’m sitting today. Coming to work and
feeling the adrenaline you know, you have
pressure to perform and I love that because you
get a little nervous before but as soon as the camera
comes on, I’m like, “Okay, let’s do this.” When I was younger my goal was to be on
the Canadian national team and go to an Olympics
to represent Canada. And I was fortunate enough to go to the U-17 World Cup in
New Zealand. Unfortunately, my playing career
got cut short because I ended up having
three knee surgeries. The three or four months
after that final surgery, I went through some
pretty depressing times. The surgeons told me that it
was career ending. At this point I have to cut
soccer or any competitive sports out in my life unless I wanted
to be walking with a cane. It was pretty devastating
for me. After a couple of months, I did learn that there was
more to my life than soccer. Soccer wasn’t my identity. It was just something that
I loved to do. And that’s when I started
to be like, okay, this is happening,
I can’t play soccer anymore, how do I stay in soccer
one way or another? And I was like, I want to
talk about sports. I want to pursue this career. And I ended up getting my
Masters in Journalism, decided I want to pursue a career
in TV Broadcast and just rolled with it. Now I’m here at Sportsnet which is my absolute dream job being able to host Plays and
Misplays and Aftermath. So on a Tuesday like this I would come into Sportsnet. I read about anything that
I may have missed watching Monday night RAW and go over our lineup
for Aftermath. I memorize the entire thing. I don’t shoot Plays or Misplays
off a prompter. It’s just trying to get my most
natural personality out there and try and make that direct
connection with the camera. I think who you are off the
camera translates on the camera. So staying true to your
genuine self is the most important thing and
as long as I stick to my morals which is like working hard
and being appreciative and being grateful—
I’m okay. No matter what kind
of day I have, it could be bad, it could
be good, I’ll come home to Cash
and he’ll just be so happy and like, loving to see me. I rescued Cash a few
years ago from the shelter and he was very sick as a puppy, so he has no teeth. That’s why his tongue hangs
out all of the time and it’s why he’s so adorable. But he’s the happiest dog. He just makes my
heart very full. I’m a big advocate of adopt
don’t shop. My mom always jokes around and she’s just like, “Who
rescued who?” If I didn’t go through the
things I did with soccer and my injury, I don’t know
if I’d be sitting here today because it has truly made
me who I am. I just want to keep progressing. You can always be better than
your last game. You’ve just got to trust the
process and go with it. Believe in yourself.

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