Freelance Digital Marketing From Home (How To Started)

Freelance Digital Marketing From Home (How To Started)

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel! Today’s video, we’re gonna talk about freelancer
digital marketing from home. Now, if you’re sick and tired of working 9
to 5 job or you don’t like your current job right now, this video is for you. So, keep on watching! For the best mindset on how to make money
online advice, subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell to be notified when I post a
brand new video every single week. If you are dreaming of traveling around the
world or stay comfortable at home and earning money as a digital marketer, by the end of
this video, you will know my five tips to help you to become a freelancer digital marketing. I have one more bonus tip for you, make sure
you keep on watching! Tip number one; reading like there’s no tomorrow. If you feel overwhelmed and if you feel stuck
and you don’t know what to do, reading books and reading a blog post is the first thing
to start. Leaders are readers! The beautiful thing about both is you can
download into your mind in a short period of time because people spend five, ten, twenty
five years experience to combine to one book and you can read it in a short period of time. There two books I recommend; Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk and Dotcom secrets by Russell
Brunson. Tip number two; choose one or two platforms
and get good at it. If you want to become a freelancer digital
marketing and you help other people to manage that social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
Pinterest and YouTube. If you love Facebook, get good at Facebook
first. If you master at Facebook advertising, you
probably can advertise with other platforms. Twitter and Pinterest are similar like Facebook
platform. You have to get good at one thing before you
jump to the next. Otherwise you become a mediocre and no one
hires mediocres. Comment below if you still stuck at a 9 to
5 job. Tip number 3; sign up digital course. Skillshare, Udemy, JVZoo is the best place
to find the course. However, be weary to the course that offer
you that quick cash overnight, those are scams. Research the person who’s teaching the course
to see if he or she is legit or not. Check out the review on YouTube or Reddit
to see if the course good or not. The worst thing you can do for yourself is
buying the course and it does not transformation you anything. Tip number four; looking for work. You can look on and Now, you are in the hunting phase, which means
you are active looking for work. Now, those website requiring a certain work
experience and reviews. Now, what about if you’re just starting now
and you don’t have any review or testimonial? No problem, I have a video about how to become
a digital nomad with no skill or experience. It will show you how to get your first client. Check the video right here. Tip number five; build a powerful portfolio. After you work with one client and they give
you a testimonial, find the next one. You want to build that powerful portfolio
so people can trust you and they wanna do business with you. You have experience and expertise, client
always looking for someone to solve their problem for them. Now, my bonus tip, tip number six; finding
a mentor. Find a person who already done the thing that
you want to achieve because it saves you time, it gives you shortcut and hack. All the mistakes you don’t have to fall into
as they do. Mentorship is very important; if I don’t have
a mentor, I would not be where I am today. Now, how do you find a mentor? I watch them, I read about them, I learned
and study about what is work for them and give them a call. Now you know exactly what to do to become
a freelancer digital marketing from home. What if you don’t want to serve other people
and you want to make money while you sleep? I have a free 15 day business challenge just
for you; how you can earn money while you sleep. Check out the link on the description of this
video, I will share with you some of that information. Also, if you wanna join a community, entrepreneur,
business owner or gladiator just like you, I have a secret society where I share up-to-date
mindset and how to make money online advice to navigate you to financial freedom. The link on description of this video, make
sure you check it out. If you want to learn more about how to make
money online a boss, tap the screen right here. If you liked this video, let me know by Liking
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    Readers are leaders and I have both books Dot com secrets and Crushing it … but Gary Lee says to get on ALL platforms 🙂

    I love your personality! I am not a digital marketer, but it has been some of the most valuable skills I've learned.

    Great Tips Wynn ! Reading a book can save you from a lot of pain. And Get to be an expert at 1 or 2 platforms- Great stuff !

    Great tips Mike! I do LOVE MY JOB! I have over 20 years of Mktg Experience and the best decision I've ever made was to become an Entrepreneur so I can help others with their Brand and Mktg. needs. 🙂

    Leaders are readers! Love that. Yes, to truly be your best you must be open to continually learning and becoming more knowledgeable about what you want to do. Cheers!

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