Free Online Marketing Tools – How To Get All Of Your Marketing Softwares for FREE🤑

Free Online Marketing Tools – How To Get All Of Your Marketing Softwares for FREE🤑

hey guys it’s Rachel and I think there’s
a bee right there try to make my videos okay so I’m doing like a little sequence
here that’s what I’m wearing the same clothes in these little cell phone
videos some you know typically I would like change do the whole theatrical
makeup set up my ring light but my ring light burnt out so we are just gonna
hang out today and I’m gonna show you some really cool stuff so I did this
post earlier how I get all my marketing software’s for free right here on my
computer and I posted it in a group and I thought okay I’ll make a video for
people that don’t want to read and they like you too cuz I like YouTube
everyone’s all like oh do you watch this on Netflix do you watch that on Netflix
I’m like I watch YouTube you know we’ve got time for Netflix because we are
making money okay so now I get all my marketing software’s for free
number one click funnels I don’t pay for click funnels I guess I’ve paid for clip
funnels because it has to still go through my card but I am getting paid
more from click funnels than I am giving click funnels so clicks almost cost $97
to 297 a month there are some other packages to basically like okay 100
bucks a month and you know where you need click funnels like yeah there are
some affiliate marketing software’s and other online marketing software’s out
there but pretty much like everyone’s getting click funnels because you can
build websites on it landing pages lead generation collect emails like you
pretty much need click funnels and I pretty much don’t want to pay for click
photos so you get 40% commissions for every member you bring onto click
funnels 40% each a month so that’s 38 dollars it’s 48 is 40 percent of the $97
package and 118 dollars is 40% of the 297 package so if you just get one
person to sign up for the probe you’ll be making hundred 18 bucks a
month and that will pay for $97 a month a software plan plus extra or you can
get two of those people or three or more or you can get three people times $38
Commission and you are making more than that so if you get clickfunnels I would
try to get an affiliate someone else to sign up like right away so you’re not
paying for your software number two I don’t have to pay for convertkit because
I make money from convert case so they pay 30% Commission’s convertkit it cost
$29 a month for the basic plan so you’ll get like about nine dollars for each new
sign up so get about four people to sign up and then there’s your $29 paid for
but the cool thing is the bigger that account the more you get paid so I have
some accounts under my affiliate link that have like a lot of email
subscribers so I get like bigger commissions for that 100 bucks and that
is cool another thing I don’t have to pay for
solo ad clicks on a website called UD me I didn’t know what solo ad clicks were
earlier this year I also didn’t know what Bitcoin was but okay you live you
learn and you don’t try to act better than it you just join them you can’t be
to enjoy them so so a lot clicks are really super cool because you’re just
paying people to average people with big lists targeted lists to advertise your
offer to their list and now you get their people on your list so like
Facebook Ads okay obviously I like Facebook ads like I’ve done good
business with Facebook Ads Facebook ads are great but solo ads are really cool
because like for sure you’re gonna get the clicks you’re paying per click
you’re paying about 480 cents 50 cents per targeted click so let’s say here
have some motor here let’s say you pay $20 $20 bill to get 50 targeted clicks
then and let’s say out of those 50 people four of them signed up to also
get solo ad clicks and then you just paid for your run so what’s cool about
UD me is your Commission’s will stay in their software like in the little bank
and you can use them as credit for more solo ads you don’t have to like cash
them out into PayPal but you can and you can pay with Bitcoin it’s kind of cool
but no I don’t want to buy anything with my Bitcoin anyway that’s not what we’re
talking about two days the other one clickmagick
its link tracking link tracking super important especially for affiliate
marketing you need to know like who solo ads are getting you the results and
that’s like seventeen dollars a month they have a plan so you get like three
people to sign up and got to pay for two so in summary basically what I found
because a lot of programs they’ll pay thirty to forty percent and affiliate
commissions get like you need like three people rate one like three and then all
your software’s are covered and then you’re at like the break-even point or
maybe making a little bit of money you get a little bit more than that or
double that get six people a now you’re like making profits and you could just
reinvest those profits and what’s working or not okay so the questions who
would be how do I get people to sign up for click funnels and your Verte kit and
udemy and click magic and even like get commissions off um domains like GoDaddy
to I would get all my domains from GoDaddy but they don’t have a great
affiliate program Namecheap does so it’s like okay I’ll start using Namecheap
same thing seems like low price domains and get commissions from that and buy
free domains okay so how would you get all of those
without having and all these different offers like well do I have a ha two
active promote click funnels separate and promote convertkit separately and
promote UD me separately and promote click magic separately and like promote
all these different things no wait coz that sounds too freakin hard
and I don’t like things to be too much work so if you have a fun wall that has
all of that stuff or maybe an email sequence that has all of that already in
there you’re gonna go and that’s what I’ve been using and that’s what I have
for you guys so in the description below I have a viral share funnel template
like we’ll take it done for you funnel just a share link from click
funnels click the link or put it in your browser and it will automatically import
just this two-page funnel an opt-in page and then the resources like the steps
into your click funnels if you don’t already have click funnels it will
prompt you to open up a free trial for 14 days and you’ll get that funnel and
then what do you do with it go in it watch the videos check it out see how it
works spend a few days watching the videos and
implementing basically all you got to do just for like the short version is
switch out my affiliate links for click funnels convertkit
udemy click magic Namecheap with your affiliate links which you can generate
you can link Google how to do that I’m gonna have instructions in there to how
to do that and then switch out the domain switch
out like your email things that you’re collecting your own emails and drive
traffic you can drive traffic with this all the web’s so the links in there and
I want to hear from you guys and see how it’s going for you I wanna hear if you
get stuck where you got stuck I know for me I got stuck I thought it was really
easy to setup the funnel when I first got it like I knew how to switch out my
affiliate link and I knew how to like sign up for affiliate links I knew how
to connect convertkit so I could collect emails I didn’t know really how to do
like link tracking that well that was kind of like new to me new to me and
really like advanced and I never liked Bop solo ads before but you just like
practice and do it and watch the videos like over and over
again and there’s more resources I started studying more advanced link
tracking but you don’t need to know all the super advanced everything to get
started and drive traffic and get commissions like you could just start
doing that I don’t want to promise and say oh yeah today unless you like
literally spent the next eight hours setting it up you know to spend an hour
tonight spend an hour tomorrow you know do you on an hour a day some people
don’t some people got like 20 minutes a day some people they they got all day I
got all days and so I noticed the more effort I put into it like the more I
even nurture my email list and like post on Facebook and make even more youtube
videos even better results okay with any funnel that I’m running with any
affiliate marketing funnel I’m running and then the more commissions you get
and the more you can reinvest in the business or like not work but I can’t
really just not do anything so anyway I’ll talk to you guys soon leave a
comment I’m having lots of fun with YouTube


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