Follow Me To KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) | #Vlogmas Day⑧

Follow Me To KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) | #Vlogmas Day⑧

Good morning everyone! Today is vlogmas day 8, and I’m in front of KBS right now. That’s why you see all of these vans that say KBS on it, because I have a radio show! It’s so sunny today so I’m gonna walk backwards. But yeah, if you didn’t know I started working radio the moment, like the week after I stopped doing the daily vlogs on joanday, so we’re gonna go inside. I brought some snacks that I wanted to share with the staff, so let’s go on in. Here it is, and I think there’s a field trip for the children here to see the broadcast station. So cute! Look at that. Yeah, but there are posters of the shows and dramas of KBS here. I’m gonna go in this way And here is the entrance. If you listen to radio or KBS world radio, I’m working for the show called kpop connection and we pre record them all so- Is it the fifth floor or the fourth floor? But we record twice a month. I think it’s the fourth floor. We shall see. It is the fourth floor. Show’s over and now I have to return this for my ID card. It’s not that cold today, but it might be because I’m wearing my super padded jacket. But now, I’m headed back home. I’m gonna eat lunch, get some me- I wanted to film for my main channel, but I just am so behind on the editing so I might just upload two videos instead of three on my main channel. So, I might get- I might either film a video or edit and then head over to the skincare treatment, N Olive. I need to get a treatment because I think the harsh weather conditions like, humidity and the super harsh winter broke me out near the chin area, so I’m gonna go to the clinic today, and I also want to go buy some socks underground in Times Square. So that should be fun, so yeah, let’s go home. Actually, I’m gonna go to the pharmacy to pick up some masks. Last time when I was hanging out with Coco, she gave me like a really good tip to basically cover my mouth. It’s gonna help my voice, two, it keeps my face warm and the wind won’t irritate your skin. So, I’m gonna go to the pharmacy and pick up some masks and then, yeah, and then head home. Here it is, the pharmacy. There’s seven in one. Oh, there’s eight here. I think I’m gonna pick up one white one and two black ones. Pick them up, thanks for the tip Coco. Now, I’m gonna go catch my bus and go home. Alright, I’m heading out soon for the skincare treatment. But, there was a box that was just delivered to my apartment, so let’s open it up. It is from Wishtrend. It’s been a while since I’ve been to their office. But I know that they moved so I should go say hi to Eunice because it’s been so long. Here it is. First, we have the Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream. And three products right here. And we have the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Power Essence, the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop and finally, the Wishtrend Teca 1% Barrier Cream. So actually, they wanted to send me this product because it’s apparently good for acne and they asked if I wanted to do a video and I said okay but can I talk about other products because as you guys know, and have seen in my videos before, I love using these products for acne scars, but before I make that video, I do want to test this out. So, um, I’ll keep you guys updated. I didn’t even like know that they were gonna send it to me, I thought they were just gonna send me this because I know it’s their newest product and it’s by Wishtrend. But I’m so curious about how it looks like. Let’s see. Ooh, here it is. It’s kind of fancy. And it’s so cold because it’s really cold out, but there’s centella extract and it’s supposed to help calm irritated skin. So I’m really hoping that this is a dupe for the centella- no, the Troiareuke ACSEN Recovery Cream because that cream is like 70 bucks, but I actually don’t even know the price for this but- Yeah, stay tuned on my main channel because if I like it, I’ll let you guys know that. Alright, now let’s go buy some socks and then head over to my skin care treatment. Also, I started using the cups. I used this just now and this slanted one earlier, and I think we’re gonna use this for like plants because it looks very- I don’t know, minimal and special so, I might use this for like decorating my apartment. But, yay! Thank you! Last time I was here, I came to get my nails done with Whitney and Fei, but I accidentally deleted those clips. I’m really sad about it, but later, I’m gonna come here to buy my socks. They have this 10+1 deal, so I usually get all my socks there. I’m 10 minutes late. But I’m here, at N Olive. I just ended my treatment and check out how beautiful the Christmas lights are. But basically, I revealed to my dermatologist that I forgot my sunscreen in Korea. And they were like it’s probably because, like the reason why I broke out, is probably because my pores were opening because it was super hot in Singapore and because my whiteheads were coming out and not being protected by sunscreen and then after like three or four days, I came straight to Seoul which is like super cold, they were like your skin was just reacting to that. So luckily, I got a great treatment that is going to help cure that. Now, I’m just gonna go pick up some socks and go home. I hope you guys enjoyed watching today’s vlog. Here’s the shoutout of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this one right here. It was snowing while I was getting my treatment. Wow. And it’s so wet. I’ll see you guys in my next one. Bye!~


    Hi joan! It's nice to see your videos everyday at 9pm kst 💕💕 also the ending song is dope it's like xmas and halloween mixed together.

    It's been a while since I've been early but thank you for blessing us with vlogmas 🎄 hope you are doing well even with the freezing korea weather ☺️💕

    I want to listen to your radio show, at what time is your show Joan? 💜 I can't wait for your review on ByWishtrend Tica Cream..

    Thanks to you doing radio showz it gave me confidence to apply for a part time voice over job ❤😭 Keep being u love u!!

    Imagine i am sauna-ing here every day in Malaysia which average day time temperature is approaching 40 degree and feels like 42

    When you in front of KBS building, I was like "2 Days, 1 Night!!!" I love that show. But, isn't KBS still on strike? You still working?

    Hope you are trying to stay warm unnie and i hope you had a joan-day too 💕✨👍🏻 Miss you unnie and love you unnie!!

    – Liyana ✨

    I know in a past vlog you had said you have tmj and i recently found out I also have it. My jaw has been locked the past couple days and I can barely eat. So I was wondering how do you cope with your tmj?

    I love watching your vlogmas when I get up for school in the morning. It's definitely one of the reasons I get through my day

    Thank you for the update! Hahaha about 5mins before I saw this update I was applying the blemish cream 🤣 and something about the weather in Korea makes me want to visit Korea again.

    Joan. Is it possible for us (international fans) to listen to your radio show? I mean. We can listen to KBS world radio online. But What time your segment on-air?

    Pls make a special content that makes your vlogmas different than ur regular joanday hehehehe. If you dont mind but after all we still enjoy your vlogs. Stay healthy! 💕💕

    Joan, try editing in camera (save you a bunch of time) and you have a wonderful voice for radio. I'm going to try and find it online.

    That wishtrend product works pretty well for me. So far, I it does calming down my acne, dont see any irritation when applying it after I broke out. Hope it will work for you

    I am curious to know how your beautician can give a explanation on you skin condition. I wish my aesthetic doctor and my local facial beautician can do that.

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