Teammate: Sure Okay, now listen to me There is a guy on our right In front of us…three guys One guys on our right, they’re on the same team Get yourself a gun If you couldn’t knock them, just jump down Where does my scope button go? Number 2, what happened to you? Can i save you? Teammate: Someone’s here [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Where is that guy? [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: Number 1, fall back “Have seen his eyes before but couldn’t win against him” [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: What the heck Teammate: It’s delicious [Teammate talking] I’m here to take revenge for ya [Teammate talking] Hey [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] I have med, come to me Number 2, i give you med Here you go Bandaging [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] 8x scope here [Teammate talking] Teammate: Nope, i don’t use sniper [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: 9mm ammo, anyone? That wasn’t a cheater, he was lagging [Teammate talking] He was lagging [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: There is another one Teammate: Wao, this bastard Teammate: Up there [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] What was he saying? [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] What did they say about me? 4x scope here 4x and 3x scope here, do you want it? Teammate: Number 1, are you using keyboard and mouse? Nope, i’m using five finger claw, don’t you see my name? I’m using five finger claw [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] I’m following behind you I’m low on health, you walk in front [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Does anyone want M24? Here Teammate: Yes, place a marker for me Sure, let me place a marker for ya *I got supplies* [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Can you guys please speak Mandarin? I can’t understand what you guys said Teammate: You’re a pro…admire you so much No…don’t like that Recently I’m practicing new control so i might let you down Don’t laugh, it’s true, don’t you see my name? I haven’t mastered it I suck A lot of mistakes Teammate: I thought you was a girl, but it that turned out you’re a pro player Leg scratching…cute girl Teammate: Leg scratching pro player Leg scratching Teammate: Number 1, where are you from? I’m from FuJian, living in GuangDong Teammate: How old are you? 23 Bro, i don’t like men Teammate: Me too You scared me [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: Where is the M24? There was a gunshot here Was that a real player? Is he camping somewhere here? I’m scared [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] There is a M24 behind me Teammate: Yes You want M24 or M4? Teammate: M4 It’s at the blue marker Teammate: I see it Teammate: I already have M24 Teammate: Sure, no problem No problem Teammate: You drive well Not too bad Someone’s blocking the bridge in front of us Someone’s blocking the bridge Teammate: He’s over there One of them is down, right? Smoke Teammate: Knocked one Don’t be hasty Teammate: Is there any extra scope? Don’t be hasty Teammate: Give me if you have an extra scope I have it but i can’t give you now Don’t be hasty, we fight slowly There is a guy over there Knock one Teammate: Above us Someone’s above there He’s down You guys can push now Teammate: Sure Teammate: They’re throwing grenade Teammate: It’s me, i threw it Don’t be hasty, take it easy Teammate: F**k Good job, very nice Teammate: Are you a streamer? Nope Teammate: Listening to your voice… I wanted to be a streamer But i couldn’t afford buying a computer So i gave up Teammate: I see Do you think i would be a good streamer? [Teammate talking] Do you guys have energy drink? Teammate: Yup Great, ask from me if you don’t have it Teammate: Let’s go I pick up you guys Get in my car Teammate: Let me heal first I’m studying postgraduate Teammate: Oh, uni guy Yup Teammate: Enemy’s here Teammate: There are more of them [Teammate talking] All dead? Teammate: All dead [Teammate talking] Teammate: There is a ghillie suit out here Take it [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Let’s go [Teammate talking] Teammate: There is an enemy behind us Teammate: F**k you Teammate: Where did he shoot me from? Damn, he destroyed my level 3 helmet [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Where is that guy? [Teammate talking] Maybe he is going prone Wander around, see if he’s going prone [Teammate talking] Let’s go, i didn’t see him, just forget him Teammate: Number 1, what scope are you using? 6x scope and… Holo Teammate: M4 with holo I’ve got two M416s 6x for long range 6x and canted sight Another one, with a holo, it’s for close range Canted sight is great for close combat too Do you know what my major is? Teammate: Anime game It’s related to video game, how do you know? Teammate: You invent cheat Nope, do i look like a cheater? No wall hack, nothing at all I major in Esport, do you know about this? Teammate: Yup There is Esport major Let’s go, nobody’s here We can get that airdrop Teammate: No wonder you’re so good in this game Nope, this major isn’t about teaching you how to play game It’s about game Teammate: Game development Yes, something like that Game culture…yes Get it? I actually don’t know anything at all I don’t know [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Where are you guys from? Teammate: Henan, we’re from Henan Oh, from Henan Teammate: There is a car at bearing 60 F**k it Teammate: Bearing 30, there is a car They’re moving, we can’t fight them like this, we should fight them from here A car is coming from behind Beware of those guys up there They’re going prone Teammate: A guy just went down This team is dead there is one more team left Another team All dead Teammate: Beautiful [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: AWM here No, i don’t want it Teammate: I will take it Airdrop I’m using two M416s Do you guys want that airdrop? Go take it Watch out, that car is gonna blow Be careful [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Expressing gratitude to chat] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] There is a car in front of us He’s alone [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Teammate: Number 1 has killed 15 players There is a guy over there I leave this car to you I’m gonna flank him This car is for you guys Shoot him He’s shooting our cars [Teammate talking] Place a marker on his position So that i can find a good spot to shoot him I see him [Teammate talking] [Teammate talking] Another one is down, where? Teammate: 350 Teammate: 355 Where is he? Teammate: I can’t place the marker, it’s more than 800 m *Danger ahead* There is a snake in front of me but i can’t see him, help me to spot him Teammate: Can’t see him He must be under that tree Teammate: I see him, he’s over there Teammate: Number 1 has got 17 kills Teammate: You guys have still got only 2 kills Bro, come here and pick me up Bro Teammate: Sure thing Teammate: Hurry up, do you want to win? We just need to find those four guys, kill them and chicken dinner is ours [Teammate talking] You’re not gonna pick him up? Pick me up Bro, let me drive Teammate: Don’t need to pick me up Really? Teammate: Don’t pick me up, i just wanna play around on my own There is a sedan car outside that warehouse Are they inside there? Green warehouse, see that? It’s on our left Teammate: I see it There is a guy running inside there There is a knocked guy behind, what’s going on? I didn’t see this guy Teammate: I saw him but i didn’t win against him Teammate: What the heck, number 1 has killed 19 players Teammate: You’re too good No, i’m not Last one Teammate: Someone is aiming at me [Teammate talking] Teammate: Beautiful, it’s beautiful Teammate: What the heck Teammate: Bro, can i add you as friend? [Teammate talking] Bro, i’m gonna play on my own So i’m not gonna play with you guys



    من يحب الله لايك 💕 مين ايصلي كل صلات في وقتها لايك٠💕 لاالاه الي الله

    المصريين هنا والعرب اتمنى منهم يشتركوا في قناتي ويعطوني رأيهم تختص القناة بمحتوى بابجي

    6:57 😂😂😂😂
    Guy: *asking about his birth place and age
    BQR: *answers all questions "I dont like male"

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