Every Emerging Trend Has Something in Common

Every Emerging Trend Has Something in Common

– I get excited when something can become the next YouTube or Facebook. Whether TikTok goes on and
becomes the next Instagram or not is irrelevant to me. The ability to market right now, to Gen Z at scale is real. – Hi everybody Ilyse Liffreing with Ad Age and I’m here with Gary Vaynerchuk and he is chairman of VaynerX
and CEO of VaynerMedia. I thank you for being with us today.
– Thanks for having me. – So, basically I was looking
at your Twitter account today and noticed you mentioning an update on https://winetext.com. – Yes!
– Curious about what that is, and what’s coming with that. – That’s a really good,
Ad Age does it right, very observant. I believe that text is a very important emerging marketing platform for all of us. I think for the last decade plus, we as humans have not let brands and companies into our texts. You know, we let them into
email, they ruined it, and we’ve been very cautious. Over the last year I’ve noticed
that more people are open to giving their phone
number to be marketed to, to be sold to. And so, about two, three months
ago for my dad’s business I started something called Wine Text, said dad you gotta do this,
I helped him architect it, the team built it, and it’s a deal a day on text and it’s going super well and it’s really lead me
to believe that 2020, 2021 is gonna be a year where brands are not only gonna sell on text, but if you’re a Fortune 500 brand, the kind of content that you put out on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, the ability now to
deliver that in text form and having customers be okay with that and actually want it as long as you do a good job
in giving them good value is gonna become a big topic
in these halls in 24 months. So I like doing things early so that I have something
to say in 24 months instead of guessing. – Okay, that makes sense. You’ve recently invested in Esports too, tell us why, why is that important? – I joined up, me and the Minnesota
Viking owners, the Wilf’s, have bought one of the
Call of Duty franchises in Minnesota for the upcoming league. I did that because of the
same reason I do text, and the same reason that I
have the resume that I have, which is, I observe the world, I don’t think anybody
in marketing is confused that Esports is real. Like I’d be flabbergasted if
somebody’s like, it’s a fad and it won’t be here in a year. I like to do and get my hands dirty, owning a team was not only something I thought has potential big
return on the investment in my quest to buy the New York Jets, but I would learn about that because that is my goal
and more importantly, I would get even deeper in the ability to help a lot of my brands crack the code on Esports marketing and
things of that nature. – Great! So, there’s been kind of
a controversy if you will, going around Twitter lately about you holding up a
sign (laughing) that said– – Yes, that has been the last 96 hours. – Yeah, I would love to–
– Yeah, very simple. – Get your take on that. – Really poor execution
by me in not understanding that a picture, so I wrote
this blog post around the idea of strategically working for free, right? Like DRock, who’s standing here, made a video for me for free, it launched his career, I continue to do a ton of things for free, I get paid a lot of money, I spoke downstairs for free because I value the exposure
within our industry. Obviously in the creative industry, a lot of people push against free work. Know your worth, it’s bad, it’s demonized, I have empathy for that, I do not think I’m
right on using free work as a strategy to get to somebody, I just think it’s a viable option that I’ve seen millions
of people use for success in the same way that I’ve seen people, and I understand that I have
empathy that they don’t. The problem is, I wrote a very detailed article around if your parents are paying for it, or don’t collect 150000
dollars in college debt, maybe you go and work for somebody, the problem was, the
picture was self explanatory within the post where it said, “Do you wanna be miserable
at 100000 a year?” “Would you rather work for free?” And I don’t even recall the third one, the problem is, somebody took it off, the article without a link to the article or any context, posted it, and I have empathy, in a snarky way, a lot
of people jumped on board I’m not the least controversial guy so people look for opportunities to get, I understand that as well, and it is, those moments are difficult for me because unfortunately, you know look, I don’t agree with a lot
of things with people in this industry but I never
go into personal name calling or mean, you know, Twitter
can get very interesting, people are interesting on
Twitter, or everywhere, what’s really hard for me in those moments is when strategists or
creatives from great shops that I respect get into comparing
me to awful human beings or say I’m a psychopath or
other things, that hurts, I also then have to spend
hours engaging in conversation cause I want to create clarity, because I want to be liked, I want to have good
relationships, I don’t, I’m loud and have conviction, but the words coming out
of my mouth are something I’m proud of which often are different than the words coming out of other loud and aggressive people and so it was a very
interesting weekend, yes. – (laughing) And now we’re
on advertising your weekend, everything’s better probably. – You know what it is,
you’ll appreciate this, I think we’ll all appreciate this and this might be good for all of us, it’s fascinating to watch
how people interact with you in real life versus what they’re
willing to say on Twitter or LinkedIn, right? It is better because this is
where context can be formed, this is where relationships can be formed and I already ran into two or three people that were incredibly difficult
in their comment of me and we had a very nice chat
and like I think even energy, I think people can feel, but yes, I’m wildly aware as a
large, independent shop, with a loud mouth and heavy convicted CEO, that these things are
gonna pop up occasionally and I never judge it. I understand it. I love being a part of this
community, but I believe, you know I believe in the things I say. I do think there are many circumstances where strategically
doing something for free catapults your career because
the exchange of just money is not always the transaction. But I also respect, you know, I respect somebody who
thinks the number one way to do a commercial, marketing
today is to do a commercial. I do not, but that doesn’t
mean I don’t get to be right, the market plays out
and so I love being part of the community for that reason. – Speaking about like platforms and trying new things
beyond like commercials, you’re talking to TikTok this week. What do you think about the platform? Obviously you’re a big believer in it. – I always get excited
about when a platform starts hitting tens, if not
hundreds of millions of users, there’s actual attention on it and I’m never scared if it’s young or if it’s something else. What’s ironic is the other thing I’m most excited about
right now is LinkedIn. I don’t care that it used
to be a recruiting job board or platform or SaaS product,
it now is a content hub. I get excited when something can become the next YouTube or Facebook. Whether TikTok goes on and
becomes the next Instagram or not is irrelevant to me. The ability to market right
now to Gen Z at scale is real. Now, if you’re selling
concrete to 80 year olds, TikTok doesn’t have to be for you, the reason somebody who’s
selling to 55 year old women as a CPG needs to look at it as one, those Gen Z kids may influence
the purchase behavior of that 55 year old and two, if it becomes a big platform, it’s a place that you’d
like to know strategy and creative about to take advantage. Whether it becomes Vine or SocialCode, or it becomes Facebook or
Instagram, I don’t know. But its hit the scale
and the consciousness that it now deserves attention and making for it to learn
the strategies and nuances of the platform that will allow you to become a strong
marketer and storyteller when it hits your demographic,
if it hasn’t already. – Okay, great, awesome! Now this is a fun one, what has been like the
most ridiculous thing that has happened to you at a conference? Any crazy, funny stories that you can leave us with basically. – I’m in a really fun
spot in my career where because I’ve produced so much awareness, I just, the funniest things happen is when I am so uncomfortably humbled by somebody saying things like, there was a kid that said
they took a bus for four hours to be here and like I sit
there and think about, like honestly it feels
funny and ridiculous because I don’t see myself in that light and I also think I like it because I think it’s a bigger
compliment to my parents, I’m just a byproduct of them. So you know, like that kind of stuff, like the flattering stuff that comes along with being one of the people that’s known. Funny like, I don’t know, like
little things make me smile like I love when I speak
when somebody sneezes, I really enjoy when I say, like bless you, that feels very natural to me, I think people find that funny. I also find it funny in a different way that a lot of people get, you
know, I’m very competitive but I’m very unconfused by
the abundance in our society, I’m watching a lot of people
actively on the way here be cold to each other
cause they’re competitors without realizing there’s
enough for everybody. And so I find it funny
that people don’t realize human relationships are
the most important thing and you don’t know if you’re gonna be on a different company the next week and when you were a jerk to Karen cause you’re competing right now but in a month she’s
your client or your boss, like I find it funny that
people don’t lean into kindness and humility and so that’s another thing I find funny at conferences. – Now so, you give a lot
of advice to entrepreneurs starting out on their own, young men looking for their
start in the business world, what is the most like
common piece of advice that you end up giving? – You know, when I talk
to emerging entrepreneurs when I talk to her or him about
what they’re in store for, a, it’s really funny
even hearing you say it, it’s funny that I don’t
think about it as advice, I think about it as
observations, an hypothesis, I really do, I find, I’m really trying to almost maybe this is why I’m saying it, hedge against this notion that
I know or that it’s advice, I do have experience and
I do have a track record that maybe gives it some value, patience. The number one thing
people need is patience. People think they’re gonna start a company and it’s gonna be a 100
million dollar exit in a year, having the number one
thing that is patience, and eliminating, trying to get them to contextualize judgment. I think a lot of entrepreneurs
struggle with judgment so, patience and lack of judgment and being fiercely
consumer centric, fiercely. I actually think that’s the
biggest issue in our industry. I do think that we are not
consumer centric enough. And, so those are three things. – Okay, great, well thank you so much–
– Thank you so much! – for joining us today.
– Thanks for having me. Bye everyone, have a good week.


    0:30 – WineText update
    2:10 – Gary's esports investment
    7:20 – Thoughts on TikTok
    9:00 – The most ridiculous thing to happen at a conference

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    One thing that Gary said here that I often have to remind myself of is that there's enough for everyone. Someone else's success does NOT mean my failure 🙂

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