EVE Online – The Market [Tutorial]

EVE Online – The Market [Tutorial]

Becoming a hotshot EVE Online financier might not be for everyone, but the primary tool for interacting with the game’s economy, the Regional Market interface, certainly is. Whether you need a new weapon for your ship, or plan on decimating your enemy’s bottom line, knowledge of the Market can reap huge dividends. You can bring up the Regional Market window via the Neocom, or by pressing ALT-R. If you know what you’re looking for – a Neutron Blaster for example, simply type in the Search window and it will hopefully be available close by. Alternatively, you can browse through the item categories until you find what you need. Selecting listed items will bring up all the active buy or sell orders, listed in order of price. You can also arrange it by jumps, which is the distance
you’ll have to travel to collect your purchases, the quantity available and the time until an order expires. You can get more information, such as how prices
compare to the regional average, by double clicking the order. In addition, you can right-click to ensure you’re not being sold
goods from dangerous locations. If you’re satisfied, enter the required quantity and hit Buy. Congratulations, you now know enough
about the Market to net a bargain, and, as soon as you’ve browsed enough market orders, you’ll quickly develop a trader’s sense
of what sells where and for how much. There are though some useful options to consider
that will reduce the number of hasty acquisitions borne of poor judgment. Clicking on the icon in the top-right of the Details panel, you may want to exclude all orders
from potentially dangerous low-sec systems. Or you can limit them by, say, those that are
proportionately below the average asking price. Just mouse over the filter options to see how they work. If your desired item isn’t available for a price that’s worth your while, click Place Buy Order and set your own parameters. If a sell order is then posted that fulfills them, the system will process the sale on your behalf. Before spamming the Market with cheap orders, it’s worth remembering that the number you can have active is limited, as is the distance over which you can automatically trade. Luckily, there are skillbooks to increase the range, volume
and frequency at which you can buy and sell, and others to reduce the fees and taxes
the New Eden market skims from every transaction. As we have an extra Trade skillbook in our Item Hanger,
let’s put it up for sale. Unfortunately, we’re in a solar system close to career agents, there’s no shortage of them on the market. Since it didn’t cost us anything, however,
we can afford to undercut everyone, even the NPC vendors. All we have to do is right-click on the item
in our Inventory and select Sell This Item. Once you enter a price, the system will tell you
how it compares to the regional average, and the length of time the item will stay on sale,
hit Sell and wait for the money to roll in. That’s pretty much the basics covered. Taking things a stage further and becoming a dedicated trader
will require you to level up your Trade skills, practice safe navigation, find established markets, and to keep one eye on the news and the other on the competition. For now though, there’s nothing stopping you getting what you want from anywhere across New Eden – assuming that the price is right, of course.


    eve really needs a separate tutorial channel, there is a lot to this game, and a lot of explaining that needs covered

    and remember folks, jita 4-4 is the cheapest place to buy and don't forget to place plex in your cargo hold when you leave!

    Хорошая цепочка понятных обучающих видео от первоисточника.

    Good job at teaching me absolutely nothing I didn't already know. The real question is more "How the hell do I make this fun" and the answer is you can't, not without help.

    Am I just def or did I just watch an Eve training vid on the market in Eve without any mention at all of the quickbar?

    So, now that you explained how to buy and sell skillbooks, can you please scrap your idea of being able to buy skillbooks through the character-sheet and destroying the skillbook-reselling-market? (no i am not a reseller myself, but just remembering a simple phrase from the past where ccp said they don't want to influence the player driven market too much – which they'll obviously do with such kind of a change). The reason of being too confusing how to acquire skillbooks should now be obsolete…

    No group bitches more than EvE players. Jesus yall are a bunch of spoiled brats. This is a good video. It's good they are doing this.

    It will help retain new players. Jesus, look beyond your immediate selfish needs….

    LATE by YEARS! All day every day! I dont craft for profit , I craft cause i have no life and too much EVERYTHING in game. So the only logical thing to do is set up a bot to craft and undercut everything in the market! I dont run 8 bots all day for nothing meng! O7 0/

    ссылка на стартовый бонус https://www.eveonline.com/signup/?invc=a553012c-2945-4c89-8083-b99021ea5dc0

    I remember the days when it cost only 300 mil to plex your account. Back then, it was worth paying for a years sub and get a few accounts rolling and get them to plex after. but now, you gotta buy the sub. sorry. but that is a FAILED business model. Thats why CCP no longer owns Eve Online.

    Seems to me, your "working as intended" model, has failed us all, because those who dont want to pay 15$ a month simply leave the game with a smile knowing Star Citizen is right around the corner and you dont have to pay per month. If they would only help to secure a meet in the middle grounds for players who either have tons of alts and provide a discount at least for alts, or balance SP Farming items thus plex … I can see Eve Online outlasting and maybe even directly competing with SC… seriously. Cause Eve is rather unique and has a rather niche playstyle. But that aside, I think its rather disappointing management at CCP has let Eve Online scrap the bottom like this. Its the bots, and the scammers, the serious ones I mean. ITs the toxic help community who troll for fun it seems. I get it though, I participated in all activities in Eve. But to live on it and like, kill the game for others? thats where I draw the line. Its nice to see Eve Online still dwindling downward. 🙂 If I were a serious gamer looking at Eve Online for the first time, Id take a look at Star Citizen instead. Eve Is rather run down and used up like a street whore. I know plenty of guys who like to play with women like that, but me, I not only disassiociate with those types of guys, but also the women as well. I mean, I deserve better CCP. and tbh, you are fucking everyone who plays, voluntarily of course. because we send you our money 🙂 No hard feelings here, Eve was like, the best game I ever played. buts thats just it,. WAS… and that was years ago. and its changed. and with that, I simply bring an honest review of Eve online. Its gone. Its sad. IT was great!!! but its shit now. SC is way more immersive, as a space explorer, … where eve is better for people with behavior and social issues. toxic mentalities. 🙂 Its trhives here. and that is all that EVe has to offer now.



    I don't understand wherever I go I watched people buying things in low price but sell price in market is higher than that. The question is if anybody want to buy anything in low price, the seller has to buy it lower than that to make profit. But the price is already higher than buy orders. Sell orders are always higher as I saw at every station. Now As I know Eve is all about players actions, then who is buying things at high price and selling it lower? And if I can buy something in low price by placing a buy order then why would I buy it in higher price from a station? I'm totally confused here and station trading in Eve is totally out of my reach. 😑😑

    i porpouse to you to not use market or use it, less as possible, it is veary easy way to get free perma ban, becouse ccp people have bot paranoya, and they evrywhere see bots and macros and perma ban normal people.

    Just remember to fill up your Hauler with very expensive goods when you exit Jita Station and to sit there at the exit for at least 10 seconds before you go somewhere else. This gives older members the opportunity to properly greet you and welcome you to the true eve.

    Do not play this game, it is running out and hundreds of players are leaving the server. EVEONLINE is coming to an end; thanks CCP.

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