Ep 7. 천국의 빛 | Analog Trip (아날로그 트립)

Ep 7. 천국의 빛 | Analog Trip (아날로그 트립)

Well, I didn’t know that. It hurts me a bit. I should stay next to him more often. I don’t know.
I didn’t want to show it myself. We are here! Shoot! It’s so deep! -Shoot!
-Why? -My feet…
-Be careful here. Is it a swamp? Yeah, they said it’s a swamp. It goes so deep. You should step on rocks,
otherwise it goes down deep. -Be careful.
-What is this? Hold my hand, please! -Hey!
-I’m stuck in the mud! What is this? Here, here. The ground was a complete swamp
and covered in mud. It was just unbelievable. I really hated it. I’m experiencing all kinds of things here. It was humid, and I couldn’t see much. -Please cross it carefully.
-Yeah. It’s not easy. Definitely not easy. I’m 100% sure somebody will fall here. Like this? Wait, all the mud got in my shoes. Let me hold you, SHINDONG. It’s no joke! -How should we go?
-Everything gets in the shoes. -This happens when things go wrong.
-I should go slowly. Go to the middle. It was so deep.
I went down all the way to the knee. It would be possible to go waist high. -Be careful.
-Okay. Step on the other’s exact steps. Let’s shine a flashlight on the steps
for the next person. It’s here. EUNHYUK, remember where I stepped. While walking
and shining a flashlight to go on, we also shined a flashlight in the back
for someone behind us. -You can step on there.
-Okay. -Wait a minute.
-Okay. -Let’s go.
-Okay. Wait, go slowly. We left U-KNOW behind. Come here in one step. That’s right. It’s so much fun. -It’s fun.
-What is this? -What’s that?
-Wait. Oh, boy. I don’t want to fall. Slowly. Okay, let’s go. I cannot even look ahead… -Exactly.
-…while looking at the ground. I could only think of one thing: we are walking as one
although we are six individuals. I think I was moved by the fact
that we are living our lives together. Here it is! Here! We arrived! -Here it is.
-What was that sound? Please. Please. -So, this is it?
-Yes, this is it. This is it? This is it? This is it? Yeah, this is it. It cannot be true. No way. There was no light. I was like, “What is the light of angels?” So, we had to wait to see it.
Wait, is it really worth waiting? This is it? It’s very disappointing. Is it for a shower or what? Falling water looks awesome. It’s so pretty. I felt like I should apologize to say,
“Yes, this is it.” And it was weird. -It can be not so great to see in person.
-It’s awesome. But I’m satisfied with the fact
that we came together. Who knows when we would come here? That is not from raining, is it? Honestly, it was really cool. How is it
possible that there is a hole in the cave? The water falls this way, and winding stones
were eroded from the water. It’s very clear and sparkly. I want to remove the mud from the boots.
It’s crazy. It should be fine. -Look at this.
-I saw that. I saw you go in deep. You didn’t step on the stones. He actually complains a lot
when something’s uncomfortable or dirty. He complained that mud got into the boots. All the mud got into the boots. SHINDONG . I thought you were wearing the boots. -You’re done.
-You’re done. I was thinking of only one thing:
do not fall down. People have to pick clothing wisely
to come here. I’m wearing white pants. You got poop on your pants. It really looks like poop. Okay, let’s go. Hurry. Should we go this way? We will see here? -We have to go up.
-Going up? Water keeps coming like this? Falling water looks so awesome. -Are you okay?
-It’s so cool. It’s cool? I’d like to put my hands in the water
now that we came all the way here. It’s so cool. I love it! It’s cool. Wash your hands, too. It’s really cool. Put them in the water. You cannot go up with the shoes. We cannot go up there with the shoes on. We have to take them off to go up. Without the shoes. But we are not going up there, are we? -We have to go up without the shoes.
-Then everything will get soaked. Yes, LEETEUK. I was thinking of what to do,
and then I think, LEETEUK… -Socks, too?
-Okay. I took off the boots and socks there. And I went up there under the rain. It’s awesome. I admit that I complain a lot,
but I’m the happiest man once I get there. Please take a picture of me.
Great, let’s do it. I’m always like that. That’s my style
when I travel. I was born that way. Come up here, U-KNOW.
We came all the way here. Oh, man. -I’m coming.
-Coming! Come over here! Let’s go up there. -I can feel a good energy.
-Let’s go up. Everything’s wet, anyways. Let’s get soaked! Let’s go! We were about to give up.
We decided to get wet and take a picture there at least. We decided to take a picture
before leaving, and then… What? -Wow!
-It’s the light! It’s the light! All of sudden, the light came in. Wow, this is the light of angels. All of sudden, I got goosebumps.
It was phenomenal. It was so pretty,
as if the angels were coming down. It was so surreal to see the light
coming down like that all of a sudden. Angels were in the cave.
They didn’t clock out and they waited for us. And they were welcoming us.
That’s what I thought. Stand there quickly. Can you see in the camera? -Can you see?
-I got a good one. Hurry up and go stand there. Hurry, but be careful. Everyone’s super excited. -What’s that?
-We have to be there? No, we have to hurry. It was chaos since nobody knew
when the light would be gone. It’s so cool. Awesome! -Okay, I’ll hurry.
-Hurry! Let’s take a picture of each one alone
and then all together. LEETEUK! I got a good one. It’s great. We should take a picture here. -Okay, you go there.
-Wait. You have to be here. That way? That’s right. That’s it. -That’s a good spot.
-Here. Two, three. Next person! -Next person!
-Next! It’s so cool! I want to do that. It looks better here than there,
so I asked each of them to stand here. It was cool, so I took everyone’s photos. -Next person!
-Next! Go there. -Here?
-Yes, that’s right. One, two, three. Next person! We have to hurry before the light is gone. Next! -Next!
-Next person! -Okay, go.
-Me! -Oh, great.
-Michael Jackson. -It’s awesome.
-Awesome! -Hey.
-Let’s go up. Let’s take a picture all together. There’s a reason why people stay here long
to take pictures. After that, it was time
to take a picture together. Let’s do it together. -Oh, no!
-No! -No!
-No! The light was gone. It was disappointing, honestly. -Let’s sit down.
-It’s too dark to take a shot. It’s not broken, is it? -Awesome!
-Fantastic! It’s awesome! I don’t know what I was trying to do.
I wanted to do something, but… In the picture, I wasn’t sure about my pose. I wanted to do something,
but I wasn’t certain. I didn’t feel that way at first.
I didn’t know. At some point, I had a really bad headache. So, I tried to figure out why it hurt. It’s so slippery. -It’s really slippery.
-This is it. Cool. Let’s go. Let’s go. I felt slightly dizzy. But at that moment,
I didn’t want to acknowledge that. U-KNOW, let’s go. You are doing well, now. I thought, “What is this? Why do I feel sad?
Why does my heart beat so fast?” I actually have a trauma. I almost died once. BEVERAGE TERROR ATTACK U-KNOW,
a leader of the famous boyband TVXQ! was hospitalized after drinking a beverage
from a fan in her 20s. There was glue inside the beverage. Last night, during the break from the program
a woman in her 20s handed a beverage to him. A glue was mixed in the bottle, and U-KNOW drank it and was
hospitalized right away after vomiting. It reminded me of that trauma
because of a similar atmosphere. I felt some familiarity
as the color and the location were similar. I felt like I couldn’t breathe
since I was swept up by that trauma. But it was so dark and everything, and I thought
it wouldn’t be great to tell them. -I don’t think I see U-KNOW.
-U-KNOW? He’s there. He’s not talking much. U-KNOW, are you tired? Do you think I’d be tired
just because of this? You look tired because of this, though. I’m helping you from behind
without saying anything. They asked why I didn’t talk much. DONGHAE also asked why I didn’t talk. We arrived. Now it’s bright. I kept thinking positively, saying, “I’m okay. I can do it.” I thought so because they were there without saying anything. They all became a guide for me. All of us are trying to achieve the same goal
and feeling sympathetic. We are all friends. Having them next to me made me feel grateful. So I tried to do better. I think I am so lucky in that sense. -I like this kind of stuff.
-I like it. It’s a lot comfier to go up than to go down. We can learn a life lesson from here. If you work hard
on whatever you want, you can go up, whereas when you go down,
you have to be very careful. Be careful! If you fell, everyone behind you would die. I want to take a cold shower. -I’d like to go rafting right away.
-Me, too! This is it. I became silent all of sudden. -You are a human.
-No. -You are not a robot, after all.
-I focused on something. I just focused on something. Even energetic U-KNOW became silent. I’ve never seen U-KNOW that silent. U-KNOW, are you tired? Do you think I’d be tired
just because of this? -Yes, you are.
-No. -Come back. That’s not the spot.
-This way. -Sir.
-Hey, it’s this way. I was surprised at that,
because I’m usually not like that. Go first. You go first. Two leaders go first. -Go ahead.
-Yeah? Okay. When we decided
who would go up first with the ropes, although he usually yields to everyone,
saying, “You guys go first,” this time, he didn’t mind going up first. Bye-bye. Take your time coming up! See you later! It’s the first time in 16 years
that U-KNOW went first, cutting in line. Hey, it was not a car. It was people. It’s crazy. As soon as we went up there,
what I saw in front of my very eyes was… Down there, I thought it was a car. People were pulling us like this.
They were even smiling while pulling. I felt like I was arrogant. I thought I overcame the trauma. Let’s help them. Let’s do it together. I wanted to overcome everything here. Go for it! -What’s happening?
-It was pulled by people. Wow, it was people who were pulling? Great, I can do it. We can do it! I was so grateful. They helped me realize it, so I was able to
overcome it earlier than I expected. I loved it so much. U-KNOW had a really hard time back then.
That’s right. Wow, he experienced that. Listening to what you said… It hurts me a bit. I should stay next to him more often. I didn’t expect
exploring the cave would be this difficult. GOA JOMBLANG
EXPLORATION ENDED I’m sleepy. I’ll sleep a bit
since I didn’t sleep much last night. LEETEUK, what time did SHINDONG go to bed? He fell asleep right away without showering. -Got you!
-No shower? -You didn’t take a shower yesterday?
-We will go in the water today. -I’m hungry.
-I’m so hungry I could eat a horse. We arrived. Please get off. It’s so cool. Great. -Kalisuci.
-This is Kalisuci? -It’s Goa Kalisuci.
-What is it famous for? -For rafting.
-That’s here? We can eat here. Let’s eat first. Nice! We were hungry, so we ate first. I was so hungry,
so without hesitation, just… But U-KNOW got out of the car last. Hurry! I thought, “I can finally play a major role,”
and I prepared a lot of stuff. I wanted to show up
as someone in charge of food. I prepared everything. Awesome! Shall I open it now? Please distribute the food. First of all, it was a lunchbox. It looks so good. It looks great. It has a lot of stuff. It’s good. -Is it good?
-Yeah. And then Korean cup noodles… It’s the best. A little bit more, more… It smells so good! -That’s great.
-It’s done. What about kimchi? That’s right. -I knew you would ask that.
-Awesome! I prepared a perfect portion
that we could finish. -Perfect!
-It’s perfect. -And then…
-This is so good. It’s not done yet. Here’s the seaweed. I’m even nervous now. It’s so good. It’s perfectly salty, right? Cup noodles are really good. I rarely eat the cup noodles,
but back then, it was… I love the wind. I love it. With that cool breeze,
we were eating the cup noodles together. And those were the best noodles ever. -SHINDONG must have been hungry.
-Why would you say that? I don’t like cup noodles that much. If I did, there’d be no cup noodles left
in the world. Let’s put rice in the soup. You are a genius. -Put the rice in and mix it well.
-Exactly. I’m so happy. It tastes good. I was proud of myself and grateful
to my friends who ate so well. I did well. I ate so well. How can we go rafting now? SHINDONG, you are scared of water, right? Do you think you can overcome the fear
after this? -Where’s SHINDONG?
-SHINDONG! SHINDONG, are you okay?


    11:14 when they’re all about taking pic together and the sun light was suddenly gone “ANDWEE” 🤣🤣🤣

    Btw gue deg2an pas Leeteuk kecewa dan blg “begini doang?” Sedih ngecewain mereka haha tp alhamdulillah akhirnya sinarnya muncul 😆

    I made me cry to see how that horrible incident still traumatized Yunho until today. No one deserve to go through that, just imagine how much fear and panic Yunho, his family, his members, his friends and fans had suffered at that time. And even though he got panic attack due to the similar atmosphere in the cave, he did not say anything to avoid negative effects on people during the trip.
    The moment he helped local people with the rope is so precious. He has a great heart, postive attitude and put his heart and soul in everthing he does. I trully hope he get all the love and care to make up for what he went through.

    Yunho's situation really hits me. I knew about the incident, but for a bystander like me, it was like, "well, that happened, let's move on."

    I didn't realize that someone really suffered from it. And to think that he's still traumatized until now, I was such an ignorant person.

    I hope this experience really helped him overcoming his trauma.

    Nonton analog trip, trkdg buat aku tersenyum, tertawa ngakak dan terkadang menangis.. Ya ampun pling suka lihat anak tvxq ama suju bersama seperti ini

    Terrible lo que le pasó no lo sabía, cuando lo contaba lloré, que bueno que esta bien y que cada día luche para superarlo, no puedo creer que exista gente muy mala como esa fan.
    Él es una persona amable y que siempre muestra una sonrisa a pesar que a lo mejor no este bien.

    Beautiful featured Analog Show .I love it💗💖💖💖
    Kudos to the team for sharing such a beautiful place to the world😍
    Great job😘Greetings from Cebu, Philippines🇵🇭💯💃


    I’m confused it said two months ago when i was watching ep 6 that the rest of the eps were premium so I couldn’t watch them but now i can watch every episode exept 11 ? Can someone tell me whatsup haha

    this ep made me cry, i had trauma, it always haunt me on specific moment that i dont know

    thanks analog trip, i overcome my trauma, even it's scary, as ling as u believe in you and ppl that support u, just do it, try and try again until u feel okay


    Dibalik kerempongan mereka, aku terharu ternyata mereka kagum dengan budaya gotong royong kita dan mau membantu teman2nya untuk menarik dari gua

    I feel bad bcs of Yunho. I think his sasaeng fan or hater really cruel with him. I believe karma will go to that sasaeng fan.

    They ate noodles with rice ㅋㅋㅋ
    It turns out they're the same as the Indonesian people who eat noodles with rice too :)))

    An old story tell about some goddes down to earth to take a shower… Maybe they go there in the light to take a shower 😁

    ههههههههههههههه لمن راح الضوء كلهم صرخوا لااااااا ههههههههههههههه مضحك

    SUPER JUNIORも大好きになりました。

    Wooow realmente cada día los amo más súper Junior 💙💙💙 ahora Max y yunho los adopto también ❤❤💙❤💙❤💙❤💙

    Dong-hae : "Wah…… Tidak ada cahaya"
    Me. : "Gleekkk"
    😆 So Funny
    angels come with the light of heaven.

    This is INDONESIA
    Welcome to our little paradise

    Yunho has gone through so much but he always stands out as a cheerful person~!! I hope people would support him for the person who he is

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