Digital Marketing Elite Training by – Nov 2018

Digital Marketing Elite Training by – Nov 2018

’10x’ everything! What does ’10x everything’ mean? Not only your income’s ’10x,’.. But also your business’s ’10x,’.. If everyday, you… …keep posting bad mood
status on social media,.. How could you set up your
social media to be ’10x’? As an “Elite Marketer,”… Your job is not selling “Product!” That’s called “Elite Seller,” okay! As an “Elite Marketer,”
your job is… …designing the
“Customer Journey!” Your job is building
a “Disneyland!” How a “Disneyland” is? Enter the gate and pay! Wonder surround it,.. Keep paying,.. Get out only when it’s dark,.. Exhausted,.. Or running out of money! Though running out of money,… …but get out satisfactorily,… …and told other people
that they must come too,… …since the event is so awesome! Your job is building
such a “Disneyland!” “Designing the Customer Journey!” That’s your job! Initially, I just tried it out! From the willingness to
run an online business.. I’d like to know how to start it,.. Somehow it didn’t work! I wondered if there’s something wrong,.. I finally often opened Youtube,.. And I saw Koh Denny
Youtube channel,.. I finally found it out,.. I only read his book a brief,.. And I decided to join DM-Elite! And in each session,… …we have arranged it well… …to make it all get connected! High risked,.. Low risked,.. Amazingly,.. So, Jessica has already
explained it all, okay! There’ll be plenty new things
you’ve never done before! Initially I was doing my
own problem solving,… …it’s sort of an internal matter! Well, I’ll start to change it! My mind starts to open! I’ll apply some of what Koh
Denny told since yesterday! That’s why I’ve always stressed
out the “Mindset” all the times! I’ve met a lot of people.. And most of them who failed,… …were having internal problems! So, it’s not the business,.. Not the digital,.. But the person was the problem! Hey, there’s a good seminar here,… …that changes the mindset,… …that also changes the
way of learning,… …and also gives insights since
there’s too much to be learned,… …about “Digital,”.. …about “Marketing,”.. We’d be left far behind,.. If we don’t come after it,… That would be a shame! You can create many “Persona!” Many target markets! That’s possible! Digital Marketing for MLM,.. Digital Marketing for E-Commerce,.. Digital Marketing for Insurance,.. All’s possible! I’d like to have a feedback
from all of you here, okay! So, you just answer
“Yes” or “No,” okay! Now,.. Raise your hand if today’s
your 2nd day in DM-Elite! If you feel superior.. Alright,.. Raise your hand if today’s
your 2nd day in DM-Elite! Alright?! So,.. How many of you think that these
2 days have been mind blowing,… …with so many insights? – Yes or no?
– Yes! Yes, alright! In fact, how many of you,… …who ever came to the
events like DM-Elite,… …but instead, this more
ecxeeding to the others? – Yes!
– Yes? Okay,.. Awesome, awesome! Very happy! Well,.. How many of you,… …who knowing that if
you apply all these,… …into actions,… …it will change your lives, guys? Yes! Alright! Now,.. How if I offer you,.. To you all,… …refund 100%,… …with condition… …that no one of you apply
anything from these 2 days? – Yes or no?
– No! Alright! – 200%?
– No! – 300%
– No! Alright, thank you so much, guys! For your all positive responses! Thank you so much! See you again when you’re
on 10x of your businesses! Thank you, guys! Okay, let’s give a big
applause for Denny Santoso!


    Halo ko deni, dibeberapa bagian dari videonya kok ada audionya yang kurang jelas , untuk saran ya ko di tambah subtitle biar lebih jelas

    Salam dari jogja koko… Digital marketing bisnis baru orang melenial. Mungkin kalau gak ada internet bingung mau bikin bisnis apa. Koko deny salah satu guru saya di dunia maya😉

    Thanks for sharing. Digital marketing & SEO work. Most people don't have the patience or take the time to learn it, let alone wait for the results. It's like planting seeds and farming.

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