Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

Depression Isn’t Always Obvious

(alarm beeps) (water runs) (horns honk) – Good morning. – Hey Ricky – [Voiceover] Yeah? (crunching) (horns honk) – [Voiceover] What’s up man? (rattling) (alarm beeps) (water runs) – Good morning. (horns honk) (rattling) (alarm beeps) (horns honk) – Good morning. (phone rings) (rattling) (alarm beeps) (horns honk) – Good night. (rattling) (alarm beeps) (beeping, honking, rattling) – Hey, um I just want to let you know that Ricky took his life last night.


    this shows how depression isn’t about sadness. some people can be miserable, you can look sad and messy like the world against them but they are not necessarily depressed.

    depression is more to clueless, numbness and losing hope. you can look happy, laugh a lot, care a lot about people, eat just like a normal people, have fun like there is nothing wrong

    but deep inside, god knows how you are breaking inside. how you keep holding on to stay alive even you cant see the reason to do so.

    what happens on the inside isnt really correlate with the outside. its what depression is

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    I've been suffering from this for the past 9 years and no one notices unless they get close enough for me to tell them. I'm always the guy who cracks the jokes or lightens the mood but I'm dead inside.

    It's just a cycle. We are all slaves to the system. Brainwashed by the media, corporations, government, etc. We are born into bondage.

    Depression to me is like having someone put a vacuum in your brain and whoever everything out until you feel like a shell

    Im right now so lost. Im missing this one girl that i met on vacation as she lives in a different countrey and i just feel so sad and empty from time to time.

    You BC an try so hard to be okay. You can lie to yourself that your okay to trick yourself into trying to be okay. But nothing’s okay and you don’t know how to fix that. Because there’s no fixing that pain and trauma. There’s only finding a way to live with it. Finding a way to feel it and bear it. Finding a way to accept what your don’t want to be true. Accept the abuse that and neglect that fills you with guilt and shame. You didn’t ask for any of it and you don’t want any of it. So you try to smile like every thing is okay. Your fooling everyone except yourself.

    Is constant, 24/7 suffering "normal" guys? Not extreme pain, just a mild perpetual sadness that never goes away mixed with sleep deprivation, absolute lack of any positive feelings, in a dream-like state where nothing feels real and you feel detached from the world, not feeling "all there" in almost every moment, etc.

    I kind of got used to it and simply assume it's normal experience for everyone, and everyone else is also faking it, but perhaps it's not. The good thing is that I am mentally prepared to live the rest of my life like this, just struggling to get by. There are worse things to be honest

    As thoughtful as this video is, that girl was WAY too casual about announcing a co-workers suicide.
    “Hey, man. How was your weekend? Good? Good. I didn’t get up to much. I watched some T.V. and went dancing with some girlfriends, it was pretty basic. Oh, by the way, Ricky offed himself last night – can I get you a coffee?”

    Chester Bennington is a good example. He was so cheerful and smiled all the time in his last days. Maybe knowing it will be all over.

    "… Ricky took his life…"
    0:56 But still Ricky's computer is on to work that's spooky or we can say he loved his job😄

    How do people do this for the rest of their lives? I'm honestly surprised it wasn't the main protagonist that killed himself

    Tbh I don’t if I am depressed or not. One night I smoked my life away and in the peak of the high suddenly my brain hit a switch and went from happy to what I think is depressed and I’ve felt like this for 6 days now and have quit smoking since then.

    Would have been cool to see how though. Bullet went exploring his brain or went skydiving off the Golden Gate Bridge. 🤨🤔

    My mom met a guy at a wedding who was the highlight of the night. He was laughing and smiling and got along with everyone. Last week he committed suicide.

    Basically we all thought it was the guy with the headphones that was depressed but really it was Ricky.. the guy that said good morning everyday sounding all happy and cheery.. it’s not as obvious as we think

    It really isn't, and I am trying to understand it, so I can recognize it in people. I lost 3 friends this year, one hanged himself at 11th of January, second at 19th of May, also hanged himself and third jumped in front of train recently at 1th of November. What's common for all 3 of them is highschool. We all went to same highschool, best highschool in my country for progressive math, physics, programming students. First 2 went to my class. Third I knew from work. I really hope there won't be more of them.

    I call bs that dude was getting it on with that lady in the office and was loving his job, she thought people would find out about them so she killed Ricky. He just got done beating cheeks by the look on his face 0:24

    Depression can eat you alive. I hope no one has to go through these but its inevitable. The most annoying thing is also incompetent ignorant people giving advice like stop being sad. Oh I never thought of that. Instant depression cure. FFS.

    A commercial that truly hurt my heart. Ricky was probably just looking for a response most of those days to lighten up his mood. God this is hard

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