DAZN Streaming and Why it’s Taking Over On-Demand Sports Content

DAZN Streaming and Why it’s Taking Over On-Demand Sports Content

D-A-Z-N. Otherwise known as DA ZONE is the first global pure sport live on-demand streaming Service as its told on their website. The service is owned by British sports media company Perform Group It was created in 2015 and launched in 16 in some European countries. Its arrival has been called as disruptive and its business model simple and straightforward As soon as it got media exposure it was referred to as the Netflix of sports But the chief revenue officer replied saying that DAZN’s approach was much more complex because their service includes livestream video More than just archive footage. The number of subscribers has kept growing. They expect to have 20 million subscribers by 2022 Expanding the service to nine countries launch airing in Austria, Switzerland and Germany then Japan in 2017 Canada 2018, US And Italy and now they’re arriving to Spain and Brazil. But how did they make it simple… ish? buying broadcasting rights of worldwide known sporting events like the FIFA World Cup and the way of a championship matches and Domestic competitions like English Premier League and Spanish La Liga for most of the covered areas The NBA is available for some European countries, NFL for most of the countries They cover Canada included where of course the NFL has a massive amount of fans They also have the right to some regional competitions only for the countries involved Like in the case of Copa Sudamericana, that is just for Brazil also They have invested in focused a lot in combat sports Like boxing and MMA, as the platform strategy to make a successful entry to the US But the list as you can see is quite long and it includes minus sports events or sports popular only in certain countries as well also They have agreements with sports celebrities to join them as brand ambassadors to increase their brand status people like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jose Mourinho, Canelo Alvarez and Paolo Maldini have lined up for that team but with the Mexican boxer Saul Canelo Alvarez They decided to make one more step. Signing at $365 million contract for the next 11 fights in the coming five years That contract has been called “the richest contract in sports history” It’s 33 plus million dollars per fight a little bit more than $2 per second The zone of course will stream the fights disrupting the market so hard that HBO known for broadcasting the major boxing events in the last 45 years has quit the boxing business altogether. And It doesn’t stop here for the fight between Canelo and Rocky fielding, DAZN produced its first episodic program. “Canelo vs. Rocky” Showing the behind-the-scenes of both boxers training for the event The show was also aired on DAZN’s platform YouTube and some mainstream TV networks as You can see there was a lot of money invested here before the platform was released most came from Leonard Blatvanik The chairman of Access industries who owns Perform Group who owns DAZN. Blatvanik is the 48th wealthiest person in the world with a net worth of 20-plus billion dollars Most of his fortune comes from the petrochemical and oil industries The platform fee is $9.99 per month with a free one-month trial. Of course You need to be located in one of the countries we mentioned before to enjoy that content, which changes depending on where you are DAZN has gotten mixed reviews from magazines and blogs and reading some comments and opinions from users They don’t seem to be too happy with the streaming and the service in general Customer service included. It’s quite easy to find a lot of comments about the streaming problems with the NFL games in Canada for example, most complaints were around pre-match information and Failure with the audio and the very low resolution when you’re streaming in the lower quality. There’s a Twitter account called @DAZNSucks where users can just complain about the service and Upload videos about the platforms fails like screens with the spinning wheel or frozen screens during the stream. On the other side all of us Know that an unsatisfied customer is much prone to writing about review then a satisfied customer is to write a good one. Anyway, if you’re considering joining it would be smart to take a look at those reviews yourself and test the service thoroughly during that month trial so you can be Sure, it’s worth your money The zone is supposed to work on multiple devices from laptops or computers to video game consoles tablets and smartphones the app works for Android and iOS If you’re a current the zone subscriber vote in this poll about how you rate the service Let us know in the comments how your experience has been and if you’re John skipper the DES owns two, man Leave a comment saying hello and share this video, please it will be helpful for us By the way, this is the cliche moment asking you to subscribe or comment on this video. I Guess we’re done for now. Stay fresh


    The quality of this channel is amazing. Wish that one day it will see the attention it deserves so much.

    DAZN is a complete waste of money. It's always buffering and the presentation is horrendous. They also increased their price by 100% after only 4 months since their debut. It is not like Netflix at all. Netflix is worth the money and is only half the price of DAZN. Watching live sports on an app that freezes and buffers the entire event does not work.

    I'm in Canada ,the service for soccer games (UCL ) is good but streaming on demand stuff kinda sucks as it usually defaults to SD not HD so it's super blurry but it has never frozen in the 6 months I have used it . … hopefully they also introduce 4k streaming for those with capable TVs

    Listen 👂🏻 here at what I want to say about all those that are talking all negative things about the app and what exactly you get for your money 💰💵… and after checking out every single thing you get if you subscribe to it and it’s 💯 WORTH EVERY PENNY THAT THEY ARE ASKING FOR…!!! Plus you get a HUGE AMOUNT OF CLASSIC FIGHTS THAT MADE HISTORY…!!! So now we could watch every single fight if you want to see some of them…!!! And as a DIE HARD BOXING 🥊 FAN I LOVE EVERYTHING SO FAR… always remember that every app that it’s on top right now had to go through all these struggles at first but it’s going to continue getting better and better as we go on with it…!!!

    Can I pay the year subscription with a pre-paid credit card, those you buy at walmart? I want to have control of my finances, I hate when subscriptions renew automatically,

    I wanna get my Hockey games on here or forget it. I'm old school not into MMA. Boxing is great. If they don'thave hockey games I'm not in.

    I can't watch English premier league in Canada on tv anymore because of these cunts. I might have to subscribe to watch my favorite team weekly.

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