Day 3 | Drop Servicing $0 to $1000 CHALLENGE | 2020

Day 3 | Drop Servicing $0 to $1000 CHALLENGE | 2020

yo what’s up guys if you really know me
nice to see you again if you don’t welcome to the channel in
today’s video we’re gonna be completing part three of the zero to 1000 dollar
drop servicing challenge if you haven’t seen the previous episodes yet I
definitely recommend that you go back and watch those I’ll put a link up there
to part one and two so you can go back watch those and then come back here but
to summarize what we’ve done in those episodes in episode 1 we found what we
want to sell which is a 3d ebook mock-up bundle for people who sell courses and
ebooks we assess the competition of that niche and we found that the competition
was lowered which meant that it was a green light for us to keep progressing
we then set up our Karcher account which is the funnel building software like
click funnels and prepped everything ready for when we actually built the
funnel in episode 2 we did just that and build a sales funnel
I made some graphics made the logo for the website found which name I’m going
to use and all those little details I decided to use the name mock-up Kings to
the website and considering that we’re selling a mock-up bundle I think the
name fits pretty well but now without wasting any more time let’s get into one
of the most important steps of this challenge advertising today we’re gonna
be setting up Google AdWords campaigns to start driving traffic and hopefully
sales to the website so let’s get it ok let’s get into this got my trusty hat on
pay-for proven steps now alrighty to jog your memory of what we’ve already done
this is the sales funnel that we built last episode so it’s mock-up Kings where
it’s selling this 3d mock-up bundle that we got from Fiverr so I’ll show you the
fiber page so I’ll design 3d cover mock-up bundle its what the core sellers
used to sort of put their program on the physical item to make it look better on
their final I guess so we’re selling that service where we will put your
program on a physical item just like this so I built this funnel in episode 2
it’s pretty basic it just says sort of the features of the product and looks
decent enough in my opinion it’s not the best that it’ll do pricing plan here
we’ve got the starter kit which is 80 mega bundle 150 and the probe under for
300 so we’re obviously gonna try and sell the most Pro bundles if we can
because we’re gonna make the most money on those but hey if someone wants to buy
the starter kit for 79 I’m not gonna stop them it’s fine with me
30 days money back guarantee yeah yeah whatever whatever okay so now at the
moment you have all been waiting for it’s time to actually get into Google
Ads this is the part of the challenge where
we’ll actually start to generate traffic and hopefully sales with that as well so
without wasting any more time let’s get cracking on the Google Ads baby to do
this we’ll be using something called Google AdWords which is a platform where
you can target search queries and add your product to those search results for
example if I was to search up men’s clothing all these results that come up
that say sponsored next to them are paid for by the company so the company will
pay Google a certain amount and if I click on one of these results they’ll
get charged so this is what Google AdWords does and you can deal with
images like the search results or you can do it as a link so you’ve got a
little bit of freedom in how you want to display the ads for us in particular
we’re going to be running ads which are just links like this not images because
it’s not sort of a physical product so link is gonna be a lot more effective
for us I’ll surprised how many of you believe me last episode because I ate a
lemon but joke’s on you you actually brought my own this time so that sucks
all righty so I’ve just gone into my Google AdWords account this is one of my
older accounts that’s why it’s got blue campaigns running at the moment but this
is what we’re going to use to create today’s campaigns so let’s get into that
firstly what does our main advertising goal we obviously want to get more
website sales because we don’t really have a physical location and we don’t
mess around with cold calling we aren’t grant cardone and Tai Lopez who just
love cold calling so if someone says they’re not I have to scale from zero to
ten what interest level do you have none that is a level so what business do we
want to advertise we do want to start a new business so this is going to be
called mock up Kings we don’t actually have a domain as it is right now so we
need to go ahead and get that okay I’m actually gonna have to use a different
domain and not tell you guys because last time I told you guys my domain you
absolutely flooded the website with traffic and really messed with my
metrics so I’m gonna have to keep this domain a secret for you guys
unfortunately but in the future I’ll let you know what it is when I’ve stopped
running ads okay so I’ve put my domain in now I want my ad to appear in I think
four area we’re just gonna start with the United States just to keep it simple
and hit next which language do we want to advertise in English of course what
is your business category what is your business category I’ll say sales funnel
what specific products or services do you want to promote so ebook lock up did
you to lock up okay okay next I’m not gonna use any of these suggestions
because I don’t really think they match our product so I’ll hit next let’s write
your ad okay so for the headline we have to really think about this because this
is what the customers going to see when they search the phrase
and my link is gonna pop up under their search results so let’s have a good
think about this headline one ebook mock-up service headline – Digital
mock-ups of your ebook okay so for headline three your design on physical
items place your ebook on physical items and add professionalism to your sales
funnel description – 24-hour delivery okay so this is what the final ad is
going to look like when someone searches up our desired phrase so it’s gonna say
eBook mock-up service Digital mock-ups of your eBook your design on physical
items so I think that really represents our product quite well and shares what
it’s doing in quite a short sentence so I think that’ll do for now we’ll hit
next set your budget now I think I’m gonna start with 10 US dollars a day
which is about 15 Australian dollars per day so it’s a little bit below our
competitive budget range but considering that we haven’t actually run ads to this
product yet we don’t know if it’s gonna sell the competition research we did an
episode one would indicate that this is a pretty good niche to get into but you
never know until you test so in order to minimize our risk we’re gonna test it a
long amount of money which is ten US dollars per day so 15 dollars a day
we’ll set that as the budget and we’ll click Next so the estimated performance
will be three to six thousand impressions per month an impression is
when someone actually sees the ad not click on it so if you’re scrolling
through Google and you see the link that counts as an impression you don’t
actually have to click on it eighty to one hundred and thirty four clicks per
month so I think that’s not too bad for fifteen dollars per day so we’ll see how
that goes campaign goal is indeed to take an
action on our website in our case that is purchased the service location we’re
gonna keep it in us like we did before and I think the ad looks good there okay
our budget is 15 dollars per day and four hundred and fifty dollars per month
so that’ll do okay this ad is now pending so Google will go ahead and
confirm that everything I’m doing is within their guidelines and if so they
will confirm the ad and that’s when we’ll start spending the money alrighty
so that is great we have set up our first campaign if you’ve done
dropshipping before only use Facebook or Instagram ads your mind is probably
blind watching me do this because this is so unbelievably simple compared to
Facebook and Instagram and Google Ads is actually very effective so the way
they’ve set this out is pretty amazing in saying that though
Tomas station you have access to in Google ads is quite a bit lower than
what you get with Facebook and Instagram so that’s the trade-off you get with the
ease of use to get less customization okay before we chat about the next part
I’ve actually had an idea to go and buy my mom the vacuum she wants she’s been
telling me how good this new vacuum is that just came out so I think let’s go
do something nice and let’s go buy that so what you saw was your wrap what was
your pitch back then hey guys like a fish I go back if you
guys have been following along with every episode of the challenge you’d
know that we haven’t actually done that much work job servicing is really
similar to drop shipping in the fact that one product can change everything
for us the product we chose is the e-book mock-up under which I’ve showed
you just before but we don’t know if that’s actually going to sell on art
we’re gonna have to wait for the results of these ads come back to see if you’ve
done drop shipping before you’d know that the product is absolutely
everything and the same goes in drop servicing you can have an amazing sales
funnel amazing ads but if your product is terrible no one’s gonna buy it on the
other hand if you have a really good product that’s in demand and low
competition and your sales funnel and ads are a little bit subpar the
likelihood of you making sales is still quite high you don’t need to have the
world’s best sales funnel the world’s best ads but one thing you do need to do
is your product research it is hands-down the most important step of
drop servicing this is a new business model and down the track as we get
better at it we’re gonna have a better eye for what products are going to sell
but while we’re still in the early stages it’s pretty difficult to tell
without running any tests so my piece of advice to you if you want to start your
own drop servicing store is to really go hard on the product research don’t get
too wound up about the sales funnel and the ads because those will fall into
place once you have a killer product for me after doing this entire process I
still prefer drop shipping I have had countless DMS from you guys asking me if
I prefer drop shipping or drop servicing and in this point in time drop shipping
is still my favorite online business I explained this in detail a few videos
ago but simply put drop shipping is actually getting easier I think when
these little side hustles like job servicing come about the competition
spikes but if you look at drop shipping which has been around for years and
years the competition is slowly going down a lot of people underestimate how
much work actually does go into drop shipping and I personally feel like the
same is gonna happen with drop servicing just
not right now right now everyone’s learning about it and everyone’s getting
into it as the months go by and people realize that drop servicing isn’t as
easy as they thought it was there’s gonna be a lot of people quitting which
is exactly what happened with drop shipping and for that reason it’s gonna
be a lot easier of a business to get into
less competition is always easier I’m not gonna be a faker and tell you that
all these businesses that you can get into easy because they definitely are
not you’ve probably been advertised to course to drop shipping or even drop
servicing at this point which is gonna change your life but news flash that
doesn’t actually happen the faker is prey on people who are
looking to get rich quick and for that reason they can really show you on these
courses that claim to be so amazing but are actually piece of shit so all I’m
saying is be wary I’m sure there are heaps of amazing
courses out there but there are also a lot of bad ones so really be careful
with that now because running google eyes didn’t actually take very long and
for that reason this video is quite short I decided to ask my Instagram
followers if they had any questions which I would answer in this video so
now let’s do that question number one from our boy how you do sin what’s
something you wish you had learned before you start at the drop ship that’s
actually a really good question the number one thing that really held me
back when I started a drop ship was my emotional attachment that I would get to
products if you come across a product that you think is a winner and you think
in your brain that that’s gonna be the life-changing product that’s gonna make
you 100k and make all your dreams come true if you start running ads to this
product which you think is amazing but in reality actually isn’t and surprise
surprise the ads aren’t profitable the likelihood of you still pushing money
back into this dead product is really high and because you built the
perception in your head that this product is going to change your life
you’re a lot more likely to keep testing it what I didn’t know back then but I do
know now is to never get attached to a product even if you’ve done extensive
product research and this product is ticking all of your boxes it doesn’t
mean it’s gonna sell the only way you can find that out is by testing and if
you test and it’s not profitable just do yourself a favor and kill it
don’t get attached just keep testing products on a consistent basis and I
guarantee that you’ll find a winner oh boy Matthias asked I use a descendant
of ty Lopez I think there’s only one way to work that out hey Siri Who am I
you’re Baxter but since we’re friends I get to call you the descendant of ty
Lopez okay I think that answers your question I am indeed a descendent of how
Lord our Savior ty Lopez the king of the fakers
king of the sales funnel king of dropshipping that’s our boy right there
our man M 35.0 how much have you made with drop
servicing so far this challenge is the first time I’ve actually tried drop
servicing so that’s far I haven’t made any money with it I have high hopes for
these ads though so I’ve set you guys on my Instagram if they’re profitable and
I’ll let you know if we complete our $1,000 goal if there’s a lot to talk
about I’ll make an entire episode for of this challenge but if not I’ll just
update you on my Instagram Patti con Baxter our boy Jack asks why did the
chicken cross the road this is hands down one of life’s most complicated
questions and even though I’m a professional scientist myself the only
logical explanation I have is because the chicken was going to buy fish from
Grant Cardone you can’t blame the chicken though grant
Cara is a killer fish salesman I got fish yeah I just caught him you want it
alright I’m the last question today before I sign off is from max which asks
where are you from if you couldn’t tell from my absolutely gorgeous accent I am
from the homeland downunder Australia and yes the room is a true art well at
what it does actually flush the other way around and it is haunting it’s like
living in a nightmare when you flush the toilet it’s been the other way and it’s
just it’s just scary okay I think it is time to wrap this up I know today’s
episode didn’t have a whole lot to do with drop servicing but that’s simply
from the fact that we did most of it in episode 1 & 2 once again though I have
actually received a lot of DMS from you guys telling me how much you loved the
last episode and I just want to say thank you because it doesn’t mean a lot
I do put a lot of effort into filming and editing these videos so when you
guys blessed me with those kind words I really do appreciate it so thank you
speaking of DMS if you do have a question you can go ahead and contact me
on instagram at econ baxter i reply to every single DM and love talking to you
guys so send me a message also make sure you go ahead and Hulk smash that like
button it really helps the small channel like mine thank you to the legends who
have stuck to the end of the video but for now I’m signing off but I’ll see you
in the next one peace hello got a fake gurus here congratulations you made it
to the end of the video before you go though Baxter was wondering if you could
like the video and subscribe to this channel don’t forget to turn
notifications on now down to go ride in my rented Lamborghini bye


    Road to 1k subscribers! I’m sure you’ll blow up very soon to 300k at least. I hope you remember us than, the ones who were there at the beginning. Loving your content!

    Dude, you're hilarious! Love your editing! Oh and once you get big enough, would be dope to bring both of our heroes, Tai and Grant to a round table to see which is the better fisher! 😉 Keep it up bro!

    Last time I was this quick to an Ecom video was 2 seconds ago… coz damn I couldn’t wait to see some more amazing content

    Great talk at the end. This method is not easy and way harder than dropshipping. You will have to deal with revisions and time differences between, you, client and the freelancer once a revision requested. Cancelations happen in everything so I'm not gonna mention that but it's easy to scale a dropshipping store and make a killing because you can pretty much sell a product to an infinite amount of people if it's good. but Only a few people buy online services and %90 of them are aware of websites like Fiverr. Your customers are less and more aware of things.

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