Curtin | Behind-the-scenes | Leading in Digital Marketing Innovation

Sarah Moffat is the Director of Marketing
Analytics and Platforms within the Corporate Relations portfolio. She has
an exciting and challenging role of driving digital marketing innovation at
Curtin to enhance our student recruitment and global brand building
efforts. In terms of results for the University, our Curtin website attracts over eight
million visitors throughout the year, from all over the world and that’s now
in a responsive template that looks fantastic on any device, and it represents the global University that we are, so that’s an
amazing result. And the work she’s done around analytics and marketing
automation has enabled us to better convert students that come to us and
that’s helped reach our 50% market share target that we’ve recently achieved.
She loves solving complex problems and she works across the University to
integrate systems, processes and people to solve those problems. But really
importantly, she’s a fantastic leader and that’s what this nomination is all about.
She’s built a really high performing, capable, happy and empowered team that
are just delivering outstanding results.

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