Cord Cutting – Streaming Service with Largest Local Channel List and AT&T In Debt To Sale Streams

Cord Cutting – Streaming Service with Largest Local Channel List and AT&T In Debt To Sale Streams

AT&T is billions of dollars in debt does
anybody give a damn about that the way they’ve treated their customers in this
video we’re gonna talk about AT&T and some of the other latest and greatest
core cutting news I found over the last week in this video what’s good YouTube you’re back in the
building with the all-knowing all-loving all feeling I’m saying all powerful just
damn all everything does sexy as hell host of this life games channel bringing
you more cook or cutting news excuse me about that that can help you save money
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that 15 minute conversation walkthrough so I guess the first biggest news on
this thing is that AT&T has a 10% stake in Hulu and they’re thinking about
selling it because a tMT’s ass’s is a hundred and seventy five let me make
sure I got that right million dollars in debt a hundred and
seventy five million dollars that’s probably sweet chin music for some of
y’all considering the way AT&T has treated customers the reason why AT&T is trying or
thinking about cell is because they’ve got other things other apps that they
want to do in the future but a lot of their their board members and owners are
thinking that they should stick to Hulu because Hulu has done something that I’m
gonna talk about in this next portion of this video that shows promise for them
in the future now right now Hulu is not doing as well as people would like for
them to do but they’re showing a lot of promise because Hulu just expanded there
are live local TV channels they probably got the biggest expansion of live local
channels that you’re going to find anywhere on any streaming app the only
problem I have with that is if you’ve got antennas at your home those great HD
antennas you can get your local channels in crystal-clear 4k and not be paying
anybody so I don’t know if that’s gonna be a good bankable look for Hulu or not
but they do have that and that’s what they’re banking their bread and butter
on now back to AT&T with them being so far in debt and then having to get out
of that debt they’re trying to do other things in the future they are even
trying to invest in 5g technology do you think it’s a good idea for them to go
ahead and sell their state in Hulu or should they hold onto it and ride the
Hulu wave as it grows now Hulu has over a million subscribers they’re
forecasting to be doing more next year because if as you guys know Disney’s get
ready to take over Hulu and they’re going to be the majority share owner in
Hulu and Disney is going to be doing a couple of streaming apps and putting
more money into all their streaming apparatuses so you know you’ve got a lot
of stake holder said that maybe AT&T should hold onto them but if you guys
were sitting at that board table tell me what would you do would you say elf
nough Sweeney to get out of debt and sell your 10% stake in Hulu knowing
Disney is going to be pumping money into it or would you just
humph her on down and see how hulu grows see they’re gonna make you that money
back last thing that was a little bit of a drama i don’t know where the drama is
at but the company that makes the roku TV is called TCL well it was rumored
that they’re not going to be making the roku TV anymore ladies and gentlemen x
that out it was it’s not true what TCL is doing they’re a growing company they
made some great leaps and bounds and they’re just splitting their company in
the two different groups one is still going to be making those type of
electronics your tv’s your other electronics that they make and then
they’re going to be going in a different direction with the split in the company
so if you love roku TV and you still got it don’t worry about it it is still
gonna be there TCL they’re still gonna be making it for
you you ain’t got nothing to worry about on that for the most part ladies and
gentlemen that was all the cool cutting rumblings I could get my hands on this
past week but you guys leave me comments on how you feel about 80 possibly
selling their stake in Hulu do you use a roku TV currently are you all by are you
all streaming devices and do you use Hulu and do you see the point using who
them for live TV when you damn there can get that with a good antenna that’s
gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video comment and subscribe
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    2019 Brings a new year of streaming and trends. So far, it is not looking good for AT&T in the streaming world.

    If they're smart, which I see absolutely NO indication of, they'll ride it out. In the meantime and in between time, they need to come up with a really good promotion that delivers better service and lower prices or drop the prices on some of the services currently offered. It's time to lick the customer's butts. LOL!

    AT&T stock is giving you a great opportunity to invest in 5G and content for the future right now. 5 years from now, Nobody will remember the price under $30 dollars except the people who made money at these prices. Buy the stock now, Count your dividends, Don't pay attention to people who don't understand Buy Low, Sell High.

    I don't know why they just don't offer an OTA TUNER BOX with apps? That way you can add an antenna for LOCAL CHANNELS and add whatever apps you need. The Amazon RECAST is the closest thing we have to that. Soon I'm sure they will add the 4k Fire TV inside and then it will be a wrap for CABLE BOXES! QUIT CABLE!

    You know what sexy idc if ATT goes belly up after how they treated me with the cellular plan. I also think Hulu is alright and with Disney backing them they'll do ok. But I think there to high for what they offer and I'll not pay big money for local tv. That's my 2 cents sexy as hell 😂😂😂 for what it's worth bro. But keep up the great work I know I appreciate it. As I'm sure everyone does. Here in Oklahoma I'll see you next time.

    I think At&t should ride the wave and hold on to Hulu if they let Hulu go it may be a bad move and they may see it after they sold it.

    F*** AT&T and DirecTV too, at&t has horrible customer service, DirecTV is shady AF, changing dates on customers contracts, extending them!!

    Welp I'm a at&t wireless subscriber and stock holder and will be buying more shares in the near future 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    If At&t wants to get out of debt , all they have to do is invest in brother Lemont Tyson. This brother speaks the truth all day long. As always if you ain't sexy as hell you ain't living peace !!!

    Dunno but att cable can burn in heck with a 250 gig data cap and unreliable satellite dish.As far as old 30 plus year old shows to watch I don't need 60 dollars plus cable subscription when I got free tv across over the air tv

    AT&T should sale & invest more money into their internet service & directv now apps. TCL do sale roku 4k tvs, but they are selling some 2018 4k hdr tvs with Android OS.

    I don't realy care what happens to AT&T. I personally never had a problem with them but I don't like the way they treat people. I think they would be stupid to get out of Hulu knowing Disney will have controlling interest. I've had a TCL Roku TV about 2-3 years now & I'm glad I purchased it

    yes thats true
    21st century is fox
    so it would be
    fox /nbc/abc / directv
    at&t on the books look like they are in the red
    when we all know thats
    paper and it means absolute
    nothing . At&t
    is making big money
    more than we can ever amagine. dont think the shareholders are in a panic state . not that team

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