Copywriting Skills: How To Get Better & Still Make Sales While Learning (W/Copywriting Examples!)

Copywriting Skills: How To Get Better & Still Make Sales While Learning (W/Copywriting Examples!)

– So you’re trying to
build an online business, you’re taking action but the sales just aren’t flowing quite yet. Well no matter what you’re doing online, if you don’t learn at least some basic copywriting skills, you will continue to struggle to make sales. So in this video, I’m gonna teach you the fundamentals of copywriting, and how to apply it to
your specific business, along with exactly how
to continue to get better and better and how to still make sales before you get really good at copywriting. Hey, this is LeahRae Getts,
from and if this is your very first
time finding our channel, we created this specifically to help you, the online entrepreneur,
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the bell for notifications. Now copywriting is the ability
to use words to move people to take action and it
is truly a core skill for any online entrepreneur. A well-known copywriting,
Blair Warren, said: “People will do anything
for those who encourage their dreams, justify their
failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions,
and help them throw rocks at their enemies.” That in a nutshell is
what we do in copywriting. Now obviously this is a powerful tool. So you really need to
only use this for good. You should only use these
skills to truly help people. So the main theme behind copywriting is what’s in it for me, or WIFM, if you’ve heard that acronym before. In the grand scheme of life, even the nicest people only really care about how it directly impacts them. All of your messaging
needs to not talk about you or what you want to do, but instead, needs to speak to the
listener and tell them exactly what they are
going to get out of it. Now that sounds really nice, but how exactly do you do that? Well you start by
breaking down your message into three different parts. First, the features which are fact-based and tell you what something is. Second, the benefits, which tells a listener what it does for them. And third, the hidden
benefits, which are really the benefits of the benefit. So let’s look at what
this is with an example of a meal service that delivers healthy, calorie-portioned meals
directly to your door. What is the feature, facts, or what is it? Healthy, pre-made,
calorie-portioned meals. What are the benefits of this service, or what does it do for the customer? It allows you to eat right without having to count
calories, meal plan, or cook. What are the hidden benefits or the benefits of the benefit? What can you do because of what it does? This should fulfill a need. So you can get back to pre-baby weight simply without the stress and headache of spending a ton of extra time or energy. So after years of self-esteem issues, you can finally feel hot
and rock a bikini body this summer without having
to upend your entire life to have time to do it. Now with your messaging,
you really want to get to the hidden benefits, as that is what will move people to buy
or take the next step because people make decisions
based on emotion first and then justify that emotion
with logic afterwards. Believe it or not, while people may think they’re making logical
decisions, in reality they are just simply making decisions based on emotions and
then they back that up, they try to back that up with logic. So we have to get to that emotional level to create an emotional
response with our message and you typically do that most effectively with number three, the hidden benefits. So in order to do that,
you really truly need to understand who you are marketing to, what they want, what do they fear, what causes them pain
or give them anxiety. Understanding your target
audience will allow you to answer these questions. And it is crucial to
creating great copywriting that will move people
to take the next step or make the next purchase. So a pre-cursor to writing great copy is knowing your audience,
more specifically, identifying your target
audience and answering some key questions about them. If you aren’t crystal clear
on who your target audience should be or how to narrow
down your target audience from the general populations
or what questions you should answer about them,
we just published a video that will walk you through this process. In the upper-right corner of your screen, you’ll see a little i for an info card, just click on that little i
and you can watch that video for help identifying, and getting to know your target audience. You can watch that as this video ends. Now whenever you sit
down to create content, to create a landing page, a sales letter, whatever you’re doing
that requires copywriting, you need to get into your audience’s head. What are they thinking at the
moment that they’re seeing your content or your information? Once you know that,
you then simply join in on that conversation that’s already going through their head
through your copywriting. So start by asking yourself,
what are the thoughts or maybe concerns that they
have running through their head right now that you can validate? People have a need to be
right, so, let them be right. Validate their thoughts
because it makes them feel understood, and once they
feel that you understand where they are, you
can persuade them to go wherever you want them to go. So in the example of healthy
pre-made food delivery service, you can validate things
like no one has time to spend hours at the gym. Or it’s crazy to
expectation people to count every calorie they put into
their mouths, meal plan, grocery shop, cook, just for them, when they already have to
take care of their families. Or it’s just too hard
to have to read through a bunch of recipes to
find something healthy that sounds palatable
that really, you’re family isn’t gonna eat anyway
and at least half of will end up in the trash. So you’re right, what’s the point. These are all ways to validate their thoughts and their feelings. Now let’s look at a short ad
to put this into perspective. The headline of the ad:
“Clinical study reveals the most effective supplement for people over 40 to lose 30 pounds or more.” And it has a testimonial: “XXX helped me to lose 36 pounds. I feel great, I don’t need a
nap in the middle of the day anymore and it’s rekindled
our marriage” – Sally. Let’s break this down. What is it, or what are its features? It’s a supplement for people over 40, very specific, that is good. What are the benefits of the product? Weight loss, and what’s even better is that we’re seeing this as a testimony which ads social proof
which is also very helpful. What are the benefits of the benefit? Feeling great, not having to take a nap, and helping to improve their marriage. Pretty simple right, when you
stop and you break it down. So to get better at
copywriting, you should be studying commercials,
Facebook ads, YouTube ads, magazine ads, whatever type of advertising that you come across. Try to identify the features,
identity the benefits and identity the hidden benefits of each and every single ad that you see. Then whenever you work
to create a sales page, a sales webinar, a landing page or ad, you need to pause and write out those three things for your offer. Number one, what are the
features of your offer, from a facts perspective, what is it? Number two, what are the
benefits of your offer? And finally and most
importantly, number three, what are the hidden
benefits, or the benefits of the benefit for your offer? Don’t skip this step. Remember that people make
decisions based on emotion and justify it with logic. And that emotion typically comes from the hidden benefits of your offer. Once you have these
three things listed out, you can use them to create
a killer landing page, sales letter, webinar, or
whatever you’re working on. Now let’s look at one of our landing pages and identity the features, benefits, and the hidden benefits. What-is-it feature. It is a three-stage blueprint. What benefits does it offer? Learn to generate your first commissions. Learn how to scale your
business with leverage and automation, those are the benefits. What are the hidden benefits? Being able to retire from
your job in your 30s. Now practice and study will
make you a pro in no time. So put something out there
and track your numbers to see how it performs. If you are split testing landing pages or whatever you’re working
on, the numbers won’t lie, you will quickly learn what is better copy but what performs better
with your audience. Now how do you make sales before
you’re a master copywriter. Well, it takes a lot
less skill to get someone to opt into a landing
page than to get them to actually make an automated sale through a sales funnel. So, that simply means that
you should be requesting phone numbers and yes, calling your leads. Just have a conversation with them and see how you can help them out. I did a training video a while back to help you with this, to
learn how to work leads and to make sales on the phone with a script and everything. So in the upper-right
corner of your screen, or at the top of the
description, you should see a link to that video. Click on that now and watch that one next so you can start making
sales as soon as possible. Again, this is LeahRae,
from and I’ll see you soon.


    I don't know if I've ever heard it referred to as the hidden benefits, but it is a great way of explaining it. I think those hidden benefits are the true yearnings in their heart, they really speak to the persons WHY and what they really hope the end result of their choice will be. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    I haven't heard that acronym before. Definitely need to push out what others will get rather than what you're getting from them buying. Great tips for boosting sales and learning copywriting skills. Hidden benefits can tip the scales for sure.

    Thanks for the massive value here Leah. I am just learning about copywriting it is a great skill to master – thanks for the detailed examples!

    Yea this was a nice intro to copywriting 101! And agree that its a fundamental skill that funny enough many entrepreneurs dont even realize lol

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