Content Marketing Video Production – The Secret Sauce – Barnes Creative Studios

Content Marketing Video Production  –  The Secret Sauce  –  Barnes Creative Studios

Content marketing, or inbound marketing. I’m Steve Barnes. Before telling you more about this modern approach you must truly understand how traditional outbound marketing works. For old school marketers the center of the process is the marketing message you want to spread out to your potential customers. Cold calls. TV or radio advertising. Direct mail. Or newspaper ads. I’m not telling you these methods don’t work. They do. But they have so many disadvantages unlike content marketing. You need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to get your marketing message to people. Second, not all of these people are actually your target audience. So, only a part of them will react. Lastly, these days people are bothered by outbound marketing also known as aggressive advertising. Content marketing or inbound marketing on the other hand is an entirely different story. The center of the process is Guess what? Content. It’s all about creating something interesting. helpful enjoyable. An article, blog, video, infographics. Something that your prospects might be naturally attracted to when browsing the web or social networks. It’s a lot cheaper more effective and non aggressive. To be honest, you’re watching content marketing right now. So how can Barnes Creative Studios help you? We will identify the right types of content for your business. optimize it for search engines to help you get ranked higher. Promote your content on social media channels. And finally, improve the conversion rates to turn even more visitors into customers. Wait no more. Your content marketing plan awaits. Barnes Creative Studios dot com.

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