Content Marketing Strategy – Benefits over Traditional Ads

Content Marketing Strategy – Benefits over Traditional Ads

Hi there Dawn Damico from
Let’s talk about Content Marketing Strategies I was reading this morning a press release
and it said “Now that content marketing is recognized as the underpinning of successful
sales effort…” And no, that wasn’t the press release that
I wrote. But what they were actually talking about is companies in healthcare industry.
They were actually finally noticing that content marketing have some value, have some benefits
over traditional advertising and now as you can imagine, a business as that usually just
went to an advertising company and pay for ad campaign and kinda let them do everything
that was involved with putting on an add right? But here is the problem with that, not really
a problem..but here is one of the downfalls of that is when you have advertising campaign,
once you stop paying’s done that’s advertising stops now with content
marketing, when you do your content marketing campaign that keeps going on for days, and
weeks, and months and years after your checks have been cash. So the other thing that they
‘re finding is that content marketing was a little bit more difficult than they had
originally anticipated. So, why is content marketing so difficult
for some people? Now, if you naturally are able to write well, it’s not a problem but
there was a report that was out in a few months ago that was saying that a lot of corporate
writers were not really up to snuff so to speak..and it’s not really surprising because
a lot of people when they going the choose their career of choice they are someone specialized
and they concentrate on the skills that required for that job that they have chosen. And less
that job requires writing you probably are not going to pursue that or need to perfect
that in your spare time and there’s just no reason for it. And the bottom line is you
dont need t o write well in order to succeed. There’s a lot of very successful people
that really are not that good a writer. So, that part doesn’t really matter.
The difficulty comes first some of these companies in a fact of realizing that “oh my gosh
if I do a content marketing strategy, I’m actually kind of becoming a publisher” and
this is true for offline businesses and this is also true for the small entrepreneur online
business. You do, you become someone of a publisher. You kinda got a..put on that publishing
hat and put on that editors hat and decide what to write or what to film or what to produce
for your content and that kinda scares some people and it makes them stop and makes process
very difficult for them. How can you make content marketing easier?
Well, really this is how you can break it down to make your company’s successful . You’ve really only need three things.
First of all, you need to look at the product or the service that you’re offering your
potential customers. Is it awesome? Is it excellent? Is it what they need? You should
already done what your market research and decided what you’re going to offer that
your customer actually need. So that is number 1, get a solid product.
Second, is far as your marketing goes, when you look at your content marketing strategy
really just need some solid seo optimize content and once you have that you can build over
that content for your marketing campaign and they can give you a lot of … it can really
get out there and work for you as that virtual 24 hours sales force.
And then the third thing that you need is you need away to publish and syndicate that
content and that can be done by your team you know, an employee, a VA or some being
good on that line. Now, you as the CEO of your business, the
part that you need to concentrate most on is item number 1. you need to make sure that
what’s your building your business on to that product to that service is excellent
and if you’re doing a digital product you might creating that product, if you are in
an offline business or an offline service or some sort just make sure what you have
that you’re building your whole company on is very solid. And now here’s the other
thing you know you don’t really have to create that part of it, sometimes you just
have the idea for it and you find people that can go ahead and implement that.
So, to break it out down and make your content marketing very simple. Oustsource it! You
don’t have to write. You don’t have to create videos. You don’t have to create
those infographics or the books or whatever. There are people out there with phenomenal
skills that are looking for work and with love to help you grow your business because
at the same time they’re growing in their business. It’s going to win win situation
and in end your customer wins because all those ideas that you have end up getting out
in to the world. So, what the things I highly highly encourage
is outsourcing. It’s a great way to start specially if you’re a small company and
you don’t have a big budget, face it even the big guys they’re outsourcing so you
can too. And it doesn’t have to cost you a … I outsourced in my business and the
companies, the business that I helped, we outsourced.
What I like you to do now is click below. I’m gonna give you a link for an outsourcing
presentations so you can get kinda of real good general idea of what outsourcing is all
about and learn about it and decide if it’s right for your business. It’s a great presentation
and you will learn a lot so be ready to take notes and I’ll help you make in that next
step in your business so you can go back to wear a CEO hat and really concentrating on
what that number 1 priority is for your business and not get kind of all the model of content
marketing in seo and social marketing and all these kind of stuff.
Just keep it simple. So, click that link below. Check out the outsourcing presentation.
Thank you so much for stopping by. Once again this is Dawn Damico from
I will see you next time.


    Great Points Dawn. I love content marketing as a solid method of promotion. I like how the content keeps working for you 24/7 for the rest of your life. No need to hire a personal assistant.

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