Content Marketing for Photographers – Busting a Myth

Content Marketing for Photographers – Busting a Myth

– In this video I am busting a myth about content marketing
that I hear from photography business owners all the time. So stay tuned to hear why
you might be thinking about content marketing all wrong. When it comes to the subject
of content marketing, I often hear photographers say things like “I really don’t have enough
interesting stuff to say”. Or “There’s only so much
content I can create “about my photography
and does my dream client “really care enough
about what I do to bother “reading my email or watching my video?” But there is this huge
limiting belief at play here. Who says the content you create and share should be photography related? Yes, some of your content should
be linked to your services. In fact, you really must
create persuasive content about what you do and how you do it because
that’s the content that actually tips someone
who’s thinking about hiring you over the edge and gets them to book, yeah. But here’s the thing. The vast majority of people are not thinking about hiring you. They’re not in the market
for a photographer right now, but it’s highly likely
that sometime in the future they’ll want or need one. And you need to be on their radar, so that when that time comes, you’re the only photographer
that comes to mind and you can’t do that
if all you talk about or write about is photography because, remember,
they’re not bothered yet! So what content marketing
should you be creating for all these potential ideal clients who are not looking for your services yet? It’s easy, you think about
what they are bothered about and you create content about that. But we need examples. So let’s talk about Dove. Women all over the world
are in love with this brand. Not because they create content about soap and moisturiser and shampoo. I mean, they do create
content like that, of course, but that’s not what makes
us fall in love with them. We love Dove because they talk and write about women’s self confidence and their body image. They start conversations
around emotional topics that their ideal customers
care passionately about. Guaranteed that if all Dove’s content was about beauty products
they would not be the beloved household
brand that they are today. But that’s a huge, global
company, I hear you say. You know, I’m just a small,
local photography business. I hear you. So let’s go smaller and talk
about my friend Alasdair. Now, he runs a small accountancy firm here called Ashton McGill and his ideal clients are
modern, forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, creative business owners. Now Alasdair could create
content about accounts and budgets and profit and loss. And he does have that
content on his website because when someone’s actively
looking for an accountant, they’ll want to see some of that content to help them with their decision. However, is that what his ideal
client is passionate about? No! So, Alasdair started a
podcast called Never Settle and he interviews, you guessed
it, modern, forward thinking, entrepreneurial and
creative business owners about their business journeys. Accountancy is hardly even
mentioned in the podcast, but this is the content that brings his ideal client into his world. You would not believe how
this small firm has grown in just a matter of a couple of years. So please, if you’re stuck
staring at a blank screen because you have nothing interesting to say about what you do, then stop. What does your dream client care about? What does she worry
about and struggle with? Because when you know these things, you will never run out of
content to create for her and she will love you for it. So if you’re a family photographer, create content about the
highs and lows of parenting. If you’re a boudoir
photographer, be like Dove, create content about body
image and self confidence. If you’re a wedding photographer, create content about quirky wedding venues and planning ideas. You’re a photographer. That doesn’t mean you have
to be a photography bore. Be like Dove. Be like Alasdair. Now, if this has sparked
something, then please do come and spend an hour with me for free and I will walk and talk
you through creating an amazing marketing strategy
for your photography business in just 60 minutes. You can sign up at I would love to see you there! And I’ve also put a
link in the description. And if you have any questions or you want to share some ideas, then do please hit me up in the comments. I try to reply to every single one.


    This is exactly the dilemma I am having. I listen to Gary Vee and he says all the time you need to be doing videos, lots of content. I am a male 28 year old wedding photographer.. I love shooting weddings but I wouldn't say I am in love with the industry, so I find it so hard what type of content to create!

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