Comment avoir ses skins Apex sur Kovaak’s + Ma routine training

Comment avoir ses skins Apex sur Kovaak’s + Ma routine training

hi friends i hope you go
well and i meet you today for a short video which will concern
pc players and especially those who use Koovak’s trainer …
lately with youtube i have less in less time to play and even if
I do not complain that the chain is develop there is one thing that
bother me is that mechanically I drop level visibly
since I play a lot less and I have been thinking a lot since
a few days on that I thought so put it a little more seriously to
kovaak’s and I thought I could you make it a video where I you
will present all the maps I work and you also share a
discovery that I made recently in passing on the Cyqop stream. So for
those they don’t know it’s a excellent French player who
part of the BDS team, team that moreover qualified for the majors who
will take place in texas soon. therefore for those who want to find out I
you put the link of his Twitch in the description.
so i said i passed on her stream is I saw him training on
kovaak’s with the Wingman skin as a cover of crossair .. immediately I threw myself on
the net and I looked for how to do it to import apex skins into
kovaak’s, so a priori there are not 36 ways to do it you have to go through
photoshop to cut the skin and then import it into the files of the
Game so if we combine that with the video that
I did lately on the sensi in ADS, I also put the link to you
the screen right now for those who haven’t not seen, well there is a way to
work on kovaak’s with the same FOV and the same sensitivity and the same skin as
on apex, clearly the fire !!! so in addition from my kovaak’s routine I’ll
show how I got around to cut my skins in photoshop.
so I’m not a photoshop pro so I did my best, but free to
you to make your own skins and for those who are lazy I will put you
in descriptions a little link for download what i have already done
even know wingman without sight wingman with red dot Wingman with DT
with x 2, r 99 in Hipfire with holo and with red dot … before you
show all that i would also like to take your opinion on a particular point
I received a lot of twitter messages following the video where I talked about Goldstar2K and gamer coach and you are not bad to have asked me if I
intended to teach on this site because you would be interested … like I
told you, with youtube I have little time for that but above all
I find it quite contradictory with the fact that I make videos
accessible to all and the opinion of my community being more important than
money I would sincerely like your opinion
as long as they stay constructive
as i say i want to stay transparent with you so I have nothing
decided for the moment and I would like that you left me your opinion in
comment on what you think of I give a few lessons
once in a while to those who ask me well I think we went around
buddies so i find it right away for the tutorial ok so let’s start by seeing how
cut your apex skins in photoshop for that you just have to go to
lightning mode and select the weapon which then interest you so that the
cutting out be fairly simple I would you advise to come and place yourself here and
to look at the ground and then put your full game options to have a
maximum detail and then made your screenshot .. so personal for those who
ask i take my screenshots with greenshot a small software which
allows you to select which party of the screen you want screen and you can
after saving it directly on the office or
just copy it paste to put it in a discussion on discord by
example and so it’s super practical I you put the link in descriptions so
once the screen is done i will save on the desktop and I open
photoshop, I then created a new project in 1920 by 1080
I’ll get my picture on the desktop and I drag them onto the new project
now that it’s done we’re going select the rectangle tool from
selection and come and frame the skin then a small pasted copy, so
CTRL C, you click down at right to create a new layer and
on this new layer CTRL V now that it’s done you go
be able to hide all other layers except the cut that we just make
and we will be able to start erasing so if the eraser doesn’t work make a
right click on your layer in the layers window which is by
default bottom right and select pixelated the layer, so I tried to
cut out and with the magic wand or with the quick selection tool but
clearly it didn’t look great at all so this method may not be
the most opti and the fastest but as I told you my
Photoshop knowledge is limited that’s what i found best
to get a correct result so if you did your
screenshot where I showed it to you well it’s going to be fairly simple to do
your cutout since it goes now have to delete all
orange squares that surround the skin and which actually represents the sand around
gun … for that you have to start with enlarge the size of your gum by
top left in the options bar and transfer a maximum of material then
always in your eraser options you will be able to delete the detail
by changing the shape and size of the rubber. I personally use the
pencil shape that I put in 4 pixels and as you can see in
this moment allows you to go get in the details and for all the little ones
nooks just go down the thickness of your eraser at one pixel
so silly it just takes arm yourself with patience and do like
it’s your skin’s turn … a detail however the viewfinder
so here I found a little tip you create a new layer and you
come on select the pencil tool if you want it to be right like
for example the cross of the viewfinder in hipfire the brush tool for for example
make the red dot of the red dot viewfinder or the ellipse shape tool to make
a circle like the hollo viewfinder .. a once selected you click left
on the little colored frame and you normally have a small pipette which
will allow you to select the color you want to apply next
with your brush so where you select directly
the color on the viewfinder where you can even manually adjust a red well
farting, that’s what I did by the way and then you go on the new
layer that you created for reproduce your viewfinder so for
straight bars like the one in viewfinder in hipfire for example there you
just go back over them existing pixels as you see
now for the red dot just click multiple times
in the same place until you get the desired thickness and for the circle
of the holo viewfinder choose the tool ellipses, once it’s done you
press and hold your click left to start drawing the
circle then press and hold your shift key what will you
allow to create a perfect circle make it thin enough to wedge well
above the existing viewfinder circle then once it is in place
you just have to increase its thickness and change its color within
options which is in the bar options
once your viewfinder is reproduced all you have to do is check
that it fits well on your image original then you can erase the
existing viewfinder on your capture basic screen … here you are with a
beautiful skin all well cut and a viewfinder that will really look good on
kovaak’s .. before sending all this to the game select your background layer by
double clicking on it and in the window that pop check the box
color inlay and select the black color which will allow you
to see if you forgot any details to erase … when everything seems perfect
all you have to do is hide your backgrounds and extract this image at
png format !! well now we will put this image in kovaak’s folder which
will allow us to select the skin in game and for that you need to
go to the installation folder so by default it gives local disk c /
program files / steam / steam apps / common / fps trainer / fps trainer again then
you click on the crossair folder and you paste your image in there
now that it’s done we launch kovaak’s and we go to the game options
you go to the weapons category then by clicking on crossair you will
be able to select your skin, a once it’s done of course
the skin is the right color and for that you just have to
select the white color for have the skin in its original color
finally to check that your viewfinder well calibrated check the hitmarker box
then you go to the map 1wall6 Targetssmall and you shoot
on targets to see if it hits just .. here are the friends if you have
additional questions you ask me that in comment but clearly there
nothing complicated as you have could see it
now i will show you the maps that I like to work remember that it’s worth
better make short sessions daily than big sessions of six
hours once every two weeks but before you start remember to
adjust your kovaak’s based on what you want to work
if for example you want to work your sensi in hipfire you just need
adjust your FOV and your sensitivity as in Apex and of course if
you choose to put a skin you have to put on a hipfire skin like
here where I work on close long strafes invincible with the R99 .. well if you
want to work in ads I invite you to go see my video where I explain
how to transfer the correct FOV and and the good sensitivity on kovaak’s according to your
apex settings so i put you for that the link
in the description so the best is to give you a little
notepad on your desktop with your sensitivity and your FOV in Hipfire and in ads and like that at kovaak’s launch you can make a
small quick copy and paste depending on the type workout you want to do
so to organize your training you start by seeing the time
you can tune in every day and make you a little program
daily training of that … to do this we will divide the
maps in two big categories those who will work on your tracking and
those who will work your flick shot, it’s up to you to distribute your
time through its different maps ideally try to do
ten minutes per map so if you only have 30 minutes per
day for training kovaak’s you can very well make a
flick day with three flickshot maps then a day tracking with
three maps tracking then new ones flickshot with three different maps
this time etc … so I don’t have infused science and
I am not a pro neither on kovaak’s nor on Apex I repeat but I will
show you what according to research I have done and my own
experience I find the most interesting to work all this … for maps that
will work your flickshot you can download tile frenzy
180 which is relatively simple and that’s perfect for beginners
it does not require enormous precision and it’s still effective for
start to appreciate the distances with your mouse then then you can
pass on tile frenzy 180 strafing which is the same map
but with movement .. once comfortable on that you will be able to pass on
all 1wall … so I recommend for example to
start with 1wall 6 target TE and as I had already explained in a
previous video don’t try to fart your score at
each session at first really tried to apply yourself so
not to take bad habits the goal is to get movement
clean smooth and most of all that don’t ask no correction, the speed it
will come with time !! once you are comfortable on 1wall6target you
can go to 1wall 6 target small which is a very good map for working
your accuracy, you also have microshotspeed which
is not bad for working small adjustments like when you try
to shoot an opponent a wingman, you also have bounce 180 which will allow
to work with movement and for finish mccoyfrozentrack or it will take you two shots to kill the bot and a hit if you get to touch
then head for the tracking
you can start by working on a 1wall 9000 target, so certainly it is a
map where you have to put small flick but the bots are so
closer together that in the end you go more be on a fluid movement that reminds
that of tracking and that’s why I put it in this section ..
there again applied you and let the time bring you speed! just
then a map that I really like is CATA IC Long Strafes that will
allow your tracking to work distance that we find very often
in fight in Apex. Precision counts to get a good score most of the
time on kovaak’s so there’s no point in keep the left click pressed all the way down,
apply and release the click when you lose sight on your
target… you also have bounce 180 tracking
which is the same version as I have you presented before but you will need three
balls to drop the bot. then once you are comfortable
with these maps there you can go on slightly more complicated maps like
vertical long strafe that will work your tracking on a vertical line,
you also have fuglaaXYlongstrafes. another map that I really like
but which is particularly complicated Air no UFO no SKYBOTS,
so you will see that this one is quite hard but like the rest over time
you will be more and more comfortable finally a particularly complicated map
but which I find very effective for the tracking is Thin aiming Long invincible,
I’ve already talked about it in other videos you will see that the target is very
slim and it’s very complicated to stay stuck on it but it’s perfect for
then work on tracking for the hipfire here are two map that I recommend
Ground plaza easy and Close long strafe invincible…
so clearly i think it’s the maps in kovaak’s that made me the most
heat the arm and I leave you find out for yourself however
before you put it on be sure to put your hip sensitivity back
fire as well as the FOV that you have of base in Apex !! so that’s it for them
maps friends to organize depending on the time you have,
just try to stay consistent in the way you do it and for those who
have really little time to train what can i get you
advise is to record the times where you lose a duel and you know
that the main reason why you lost is that you missed
all your balls, you then pass the slow motion replay and try to find
what’s wrong then you are going to work on kovaak’s on a
map that you think is suitable for the weakness you noted earlier.
anyway i will probably make a video specially for kovaak’s in
some time but I think you already have plenty to do with
this one and I admit that I have a lot videos and tutorial planned but the
assembly time is super long and that’s for that reason i can’t
satisfy all the requests that you make me a comment,
but know that I’m working on it … If the video you guys liked do not hesitate to
let go of a little blue thumb and you subscribe if you haven’t already and
especially don’t forget to give me your Gamercoach Reviews
comments or just to give your feedback on this video you can
also if you wish me support by watching for free
some ads on Utip and you find the description link for that
so the link for dl all the maps i
introduced you to this video .. it’s time for me to leave you I
quickly find again for a new video and by then I wish you
good games to all ciao


    Au pire tu pourrais stream tes cours avec tes clients et nous le mettre sur YouTube pour que les gens qui ont les mêmes problèmes que le clients voient des conseils personnalisés

    au top comme d'hab , j'espère que mon conseil de regarder " rocket jump ninja " par rapport a ton changement de souris t'aura aider 😉

    Merci pour cette vidéo mais ça va pas me servir a grand chose vu que je suis sur console 😝😝😂😂😂 mais encore merci

    Un mec m'a dit sur le stream de CrizX que kovaak's c'est "useless". Si s’entraîner c'est useless je me demande pourquoi les Ronaldo, Messi, Nadal, Albralelie et moi même se faisons chier la bite à s’entraîner

    Je trouve que c’est bien pour les gens qui débute sur kovaa’s moi aussi je suis débutant sûr pc grâce a tes conseils je peux bien m’améliorer merci mec 👍

    Hello, y a t'il un moyen simple de savoir comment évolue la FOV et la sensi en fonction des différents scopes ? (Formule mathématique par exemple)
    super vidéo

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